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E.g., 14/07/2020
E.g., 14/07/2020
Some pharmacies report that patient demand for medicines has tripled
Since the first wave of funding cuts in 2016, English community pharmacies have been under backbreaking financial pressure. Between November 2016 and...
09/04/2020 3
Mr Jetha predicts there will be another surge of patients into pharmacies caused by the knock-on health effects of halting of all face-to-face tests...
08/04/2020 2
Locums say the increase in rates reflects an increased workload
Pharmacies across the UK have faced staffing issues over the last few weeks due to the combination of a massive increase in demand for prescriptions...
06/04/2020 16
Beth Kennedy: Checking script exemptions is unnecessary bureaucracy during the crisis
Dear Mr Hancock, Firstly, on behalf of Chemist+Druggist (C+D), I would like to wish you a speedy recovery after having contracted COVD-19. I do hope...
01/04/2020 6
One patient smashed a pharmacy window in London after being asked to queue outside
Pharmacy professionals across the UK have been fighting to handle the massive increase in demand for medicines and other healthcare products in the...
27/03/2020 9
The evidence behind whether face masks can stop viral spread is mixed
Pharmacies across the UK have reported selling out of protective face masks as people buy them in the belief that they help to stop the spread of...
23/03/2020 3
Brierfield Pharmacy, Lancashire was in a deprived area. Credit: © 2020 Google, image capture: May 2019
Pharmacy closures adversely affect those who need them most. The more closures there are, the more problems are created for vulnerable patients....
12/03/2020 1
Contractor Graham Phillips says underfunding prevented investment in service development
The freeze on pharmacy funding is taking its toll on the profit margins of pharmacies. In some cases, this has been fatal. Summerhill Pharmacy in...
05/03/2020 34
Four items from the Evorel range were out of stock in February 2020
HRT shortages have been a headache for pharmacy teams for the last few years. Not only are patients affected when their medicines are unavailable,...
27/02/2020 9
Soenaid Anderson presented data on the sensors to Holyrood MSPs
Patients with type 1 diabetes have had to put up with painful finger-prick tests to monitor blood glucose for years. Pharmacist Soenaid Anderson...
27/02/2020 2