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E.g., 14/07/2020
E.g., 14/07/2020
The DH recorded 178 medicine shortages in England from January – November 2019
Medicine shortages have been an everyday issue for community pharmacy professionals for years. Spending time hunting for items by calling...
17/01/2020 5
Superintendent pharmacist Emily Howlett has "amazing" input into GP prescribing
As my taxi pulls into a car park in a countryside village on a chilly November day, a large object assures me I’m in the right place. It’s a six-foot...
16/01/2020 3
Mark Donaghy (far right) and the Kamsons pre-reg cohort
With increasing opportunities for pharmacists to work in different settings, such as GP surgeries and care homes, community pharmacies are “crying...
09/01/2020 3
Some 87% of contractors said they would not recommend pharmacy as a career
With a new funding contract, rising medicine shortages and more pressure to offer services, the landscape of pharmacy has shifted over the past 12...
20/12/2019 10
Left to right: Eoghan O'Brien; pharmacist Diarmaid Graham; pre-registration pharmacist Andrew Dempster; pharmacy student Shania O’Boyle; counter assistant Louise McErlean; pharmacy student Catherine Carey
Community pharmacies can make a difference to national health problems when given the appropriate funding and responsibility. Bannside Pharmacy in...
19/12/2019 4
Some 72% of contractors reduced their own pay over the last year
Contractors took measures ranging from closing or selling a pharmacy (13% of respondents) to withholding staff pay rises (61%) this year to help...
16/12/2019 1
Bernadette Brown: Pharmacy needs to embrace the changing desires of the public
Community pharmacies can struggle to find the time to deliver additional services. Without extra funding, how can they manage a rising number of...
13/12/2019 6
The survey was completed by 330 employee pharmacists working at the three largest multiples
For this interactive data tool, C+D analysed the results of the 330 branch managers and second or non-manager pharmacists working at Boots,...
12/12/2019 0
Please note that while C+D's calculator contains information from the 2,556 respondents to the survey, the number of possible criteria combinations...
11/12/2019 0
The Salary Survey has documented workplace pressures, pay and job satisfaction for 12 years. C+D maps these across the UK to draw a detailed picture...
05/12/2019 2