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E.g., 19/04/2021
E.g., 19/04/2021
"Inhaled budesonide is the first widely available, inexpensive drug found to shorten recovery times"
Pharmacies will be notified of any supply issues and should continue to order supplies through their usual business routes, the UK chief medical...
13/04/2021 6
It can be tricky to keep up with the news about COVID-19. To ease the process, C+D has collected a summary of all its coverage on the virus’s impact...
09/04/2021 9
Of the 150 respondents to the poll – which ran on the C+D website from March 11–22 – 105 (70%) said they think codeine linctus should be reclassified...
07/04/2021 6
Dr Gillian Ellsbury: The government should commit to an ambitious 10-year vaccination strategy
Speaking at a Westminster Health Forum policy conference last week (March 24), Dr Gillian Ellsbury said that it was “absolutely vital” that momentum...
01/04/2021 2
Hana 75mcg film-coated tablets could be switched from POM to P Credit: MHRA P mock-up labelling
Fifty two (49%) of the 107 respondents to the poll – which ran on the C+D website from March 1-8 – said they thought Hana 75 microgram film-coated...
29/03/2021 0
An initial 23 items were announced on March 19. Drug Strength Form Price Duloxetine 20mg gastro-resistant capsules (28) £7.75 Eplerenone...
26/03/2021 1
Drug Strength Form Price Chlorpromazine 50mg tablets (28) £19.95 Ciprofloxacin 500mg tablets (10) £3.11 Duloxetine 30mg gastro-...
22/03/2021 0
Shelagh Cleary having a test at Priory Pharmacy, supervised by pharmacist Olutayo Arikwe (Picture credit: Dudley Council)
Since the beginning of the service in December last year, the 32 pharmacies that are signed up have delivered more than 20,000 lateral flow tests and...
19/03/2021 0
Announcing the roles yesterday (March 11) at the Celtic Conference, Mr Evans used his presentation to outline measures to have “pharmacy fully...
12/03/2021 2
MHRA: All opioid-based painkillers could be reclassified if necessary
The MHRA will consider the possibility of reclassifying all opioid-based painkillers as prescription-only medicines (POMs) “as necessary”, a...
11/03/2021 4