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E.g., 29/06/2020
E.g., 29/06/2020
Patients can collect a blood sample at home, and send the test off for processing in a laboratory.
The COVID-19 antibody home sampling kit, which costs £69 and is on sale from today (May 20), analyses a blood sample provided by the patient to test...
20/05/2020 8
Their accessibility means pharmacies are the best place for antibody testing, Ms Hannbeck argues
Ms Hannbeck has contacted health secretary Matt Hancock to lobby for pharmacy’s inclusion in future services such as COVID-19 antibody testing and...
14/05/2020 28
Ranitidine is under regulatory investigation for the potential contamination with a carcinogen
A supply notification issued by the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) last week (May 7), indicated that ranitidine 50mg/2ml injection is “...
12/05/2020 3
It can be tricky to keep up with the news about COVID-19. To ease the process, C+D has collected a summary of all its coverage on the virus’s impact...
01/05/2020 6
The Home Office last week set out its intentions to introduce emergency measures that would allow pharmacists to supply medicines in schedule 2, 3...
08/04/2020 7
An initial 23 products were listed on October 4 last year, with more added and removed since. All the products are at “high risk of parallel export...
25/03/2020 1
Ofcom: ITV “pretend doctors” comments were “within the likely expectations of viewers”
Despite the programme receiving 3,493 complaints, Ofcom has said the content was “within the likely expectations of viewers of this programme”, and...
28/02/2020 7
Two strengths of the anti-acid ranitidine are among the most recent price concessions announced.
An initial 13 price concessions were announced on February 19. Among the latest concessionary prices are two strengths of the anti-acid ranitidine...
24/02/2020 0
Food Standards Agency: "No new CBD extracts should be sold until they have necessary authorisation"
The CBD industry has been given until March 31 2021 to give assurances to the FSA on the safe use of CBD products if they are to be kept on the...
14/02/2020 0
Batch K84X of the Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray from GSK has been recalled
Healthcare professionals and wholesalers have been told to immediately stop supplying batch K84X of the Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray from...
13/02/2020 11