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E.g., 18/11/2019
E.g., 18/11/2019
One pharmacist said his patient was “ecstatic” that they did not have to go back to their GP
The first SSPs were issued by the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) on October 3, granting pharmacists the ability to supply an alternative...
17/10/2019 2
Bruce Warner (right): We need to understand what CVD service elements can be scaled up
Detecting undiagnosed CVD is one of the services that will be piloted and could be funded as part of the five-year pharmacy contract, with referral...
17/10/2019 0
One of the images shared by a pharmacy superintendent
Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp) chief executive Leyla Hannbeck has exclusively passed to C+D a selection of images shared among...
16/10/2019 24
CMA: Manufacturer Aspen admitted to its part in the illegal arrangements in August
In 2016, manufacturer Aspen entered into an illegal, anticompetitive arrangement with rival manufacturers Amilco and Tiofarma regarding the supply of...
04/10/2019 2
The legal groundwork for a serious shortage protocol was set out in February
This is the first time pharmacists can dispense an alternative to a medicine suffering a shortage, rather than the prescription and without...
03/10/2019 25
An initial 18 prices for the month were announced on September 20, and a further 19 announced on September 24. Drug Strength Form Price...
01/10/2019 0
An initial 18 prices for the month were announced on September 20. Drug Strength Form Price Alverine 60mg capsules (100) £9.38 Escitalopram...
25/09/2019 0
Drug Strength Form Price Betahistine 8mg tablets (84) £1.65 Betahistine 16mg tablets (84) £2.99 Co-careldopa 12.5mg/50mg tablets (90...
24/09/2019 0
Topical capsaicin is licensed for symptomatic relief of pain in osteoarthritis
Zacin 0.025% and Axsain 0.075% creams, which contain the active ingredient capsaicin and are exclusively supplied by Teva, are out of stock until “...
20/09/2019 2
The new service will build on the existing Choose Pharmacy scheme in Wales
The service, which is based on work done by C+D award-winning pharmacist Dylan Jones, will first launch later this month in the three-strong...
05/09/2019 11