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E.g., 18/06/2019
E.g., 18/06/2019
The kit costs £9.99, while the follow-up consultation and prescribed medicines cost £14.99
The service allows customers to test for infection at home using a urine kit, following a consultation with a pharmacist or “pharmacy advisor”, Boots...
11/01/2019 6
Tamiflu can now be dispensed for flu treatment and prophylaxis
In a Chief Medical Officer alert issued on December 31, the Department of Health and Social Care said “surveillance data” had indicated an increase...
02/01/2019 0
The MHRA said pack sizes of lidocaine teething gels will be restricted to 10g
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said yesterday (December 13) that packaging with the P logo will be available in...
14/12/2018 2
Dr Ridge: Doctors, pharmacists and patients need to work together to address polypharmacy
The country’s chief pharmaceutical officer Keith Ridge has been asked to look into instances of “patients taking multiple medicines unnecessarily”,...
10/12/2018 4
NHS England: Any savings from implementing the proposals will be reinvested in patient care
The eight treatments are the latest in a range of medicines and services that NHS England has said should not be routinely prescribed, because they...
06/12/2018 0
The service includes a swab test if a bacterial infection is suspected
The 10-minute consultation service is delivered by a pharmacist and includes an initial assessment, a questionnaire, and a throat examination. All...
03/12/2018 29
Dorset contractor Mike Hewitson: We'll start to see rationing of more pharmacy services
Pharmacy teams will not be able to dispense NHS prescriptions for any gluten-free items other than bread and mixes from December 4, the...
03/12/2018 6
NHS England blacklisted headlice treatments from prescriptions in March
In March, NHS England published guidance advising GPs to “curb prescribing” for 35 conditions (see the full list here) including headlice – which the...
28/11/2018 9
Seqirus: It is usual practice to begin taking Fluad orders for the following season in September
Indira Panchal, owner of Meiklejohn Pharmacy in Bedford, told C+D that last week (November 20) she ordered around £1,500-worth of Fluad – currently...
27/11/2018 7
31% of respondents to C+D's poll submitted a yellow card report in the past year
Almost a third (31%) of 107 community pharmacist respondents to the poll – which C+D ran between August and September 2018 – said they had submitted...
23/11/2018 2