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E.g., 03/04/2020
E.g., 03/04/2020
The Boots study looked into the benefit of testing and treating UTIs in community pharmacies
Of 764 women who presented to 23 pharmacies from December 2018 to April 2019, a lower UTI was found to be likely in 75% of cases, according to a...
17/03/2020 2
Boots is restricting sales of hand sanitisers to ensure "as many people as possible have access”
A spokesperson for Boots said it is now the multiple's nationwide policy to only allow customers to buy two hand sanitisers per person “to make sure...
06/03/2020 0
Rowlands: 17 contracts are "completed" and negotiations "progressing well" on other premises
The company has signed contracts for the sale of 30 branches, a Rowlands spokesperson told C+D yesterday (March 3). Of these, 17 are “completed” –...
04/03/2020 0
The cancer unit is expected to treat around 80 patients a week once fully up and running.
The mobile healthcare unit in Guildford is designed to offer cancer patients the option of receiving treatment “without having to visit hospital”,...
03/03/2020 0
Rowlands: "Impact on customers will be minimal"
Around 75% of Rowlands branches in England are open beyond core contractual hours, which usually equate to 40 hours a week, and “that is a cost we...
03/03/2020 9
Boots hopes the pharmacies will continue to grow under new ownership
It is planned for the 44 pharmacy sales to take place before May this year, and form part of Boots’ larger consolidation plan to shut 200 pharmacies...
03/03/2020 9
The Boots branch in Pontypridd has been closed since Sunday. Ben Evans/Huw Evans Agency
The pharmacy has been closed since Sunday (February 16), and no members of staff were at the branch when the flooding started, a Boots spokesperson...
18/02/2020 2
Leyla Hannbeck: "Shortage of locum pharmacists will certainly cause unplanned closures"
The introduction of the new tax rules – also known as “off-payroll” working – could have a “deep impact” on medium-sized pharmacy businesses’ ability...
14/02/2020 3
McKesson says it will "monitor and evaluate" the community pharmacy contractual framework
McKesson’s European division, which includes Lloydspharmacy and the wholesaler AAH, had a "good" last quarter, the company’s CEO Brian Tyler said in...
11/02/2020 2
The Co-op Health app now allows patients to use their NHS login
The company has introduced the ability for patients to access a range of services, including repeat prescriptions, on the app using their NHS login,...
04/02/2020 2