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The Sheppards pharmacies are mainly located in south Wales (© 2021 Google, image capture: November 2020)
Avicenna has bought 34 Sheppards Pharmacy branches for an undisclosed sum, retaining all 259 staff, the group has announced.
20/04/2021 0 News
Private electronic prescription company signatureRx has said it manages thousands of prescriptions per month.
20/04/2021 0 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following 13 items for April 2021 prescriptions.
20/04/2021 0 News
Pharmacy2U is “currently not able” to offer rapid lateral flow tests, but it is “working closely” with the NHS to be able to supply them “soon”, it has said on its website.
20/04/2021 2 News
"Over nine in 10 pharmacies" are now distributing lateral flow device test kits across England as part of the Pharmacy Collect service, health secretary Matt Hancock has said.
19/04/2021 0 News
Thea Pharmaceuticals is relaunching its successful Thealoz Duo eye drops TV advert to highlight how the product relieves symptoms of dry eye.
19/04/2021 0 News
Sana Masood, who died of COVID-19 on April 1
A fundraiser started in the name of a pharmacist who died of COVID-19 has raised two thirds of the money needed for a new school in Pakistan in just three days.
19/04/2021 0 News
Work on a five-year pharmacist apprenticeship scheme, which had already been paused two times, is now “on hold” again due to COVID-19, C+D has learned.
19/04/2021 7 News
Community pharmacists could achieve more funding through banding together, like junior doctors did in 2016, but without striking, says Reece Samani
19/04/2021 6 Views
The SNP could introduce a new body to source medicines, a pharmacy contraceptive service and legislative changes to let pharmacists vaccinate if it wins the elections next month.
16/04/2021 1 News
PSNC: The DH has not indicated a change in policy following rapid testing accuracy concerns
The DH is “delighted” at the level of interest from pharmacies in signing up to the new lateral flow device distribution service, it said, as the early sign-up fee expires soon.
16/04/2021 0 News
The Lancet: The number of stillbirths at one London hospital shot up during the pandemic
How has the infant mortality rate been affected by COVID-19 and what can pharmacists advise patients about it?
16/04/2021 1 Features
GPhC: Unreasonable to expect some prov-regs to carry on working in that role if they fail exam
Provisionally registered pharmacists cannot continue to work in this capacity after 9am on April 29 if they learn they did not pass the GPhC exam, the regulator has announced.
15/04/2021 0 News
The profession’s charity has unveiled a number of wellbeing partnerships, including a new counselling service, to mark 180 years supporting pharmacists.
15/04/2021 0 News
NHS professionals visiting adult care homes might need to prove they have had the vaccine
Pharmacists working in care homes in England and those who visit to provide “close personal care” might have to prove they have had their COVID-19 jab under DH proposals.
15/04/2021 4 News
DH: The issues “centred on suppliers’ interpretation of the new customs regimes”
Pharmacies in Northern Ireland have reported issues accessing at least three lines since the post-Brexit border agreement was enforced at the start of the year, C+D can reveal.
15/04/2021 0 News
A yearning for developing more clinical skills led pharmacist Paul Scott-Harris to move from the UK to Canada
15/04/2021 1 Views
Lloydspharmacy is also encouraging its prov-regs to book a day off on April 29
Well is offering a paid day off to its provisionally registered pharmacists who are expecting their GPhC registration exam results on April 29, C+D has learned.
15/04/2021 0 News
UKBPA president Elsy Gomez Campos reveals how she worked her way up in pharmacy after moving to the UK from Cuba in the latest A Coffee With...podcast
14/04/2021 0 Features
There are 325 pharmacy-led COVID vaccination sites across England
NHS England has asked pharmacies in several “priority locations” to register their interest in joining the COVID-19 vaccination service by this Sunday, April 18.
14/04/2021 0 News
Lloydspharmacy, Well and Boots are also offering the Pharmacy Collect service
Lloydspharmacy will introduce a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in-pharmacy test across its pharmacies “in the next few weeks”, it has told C+D.
14/04/2021 0 News
Ali Sparkes with Ray the robot in the Health Dispensary (Credit: Evolve Raybotix)
A pharmacy in south Wales has a new addition to its automated family: a robot that uses ultraviolet rays to deactivate microbes in the air and on surfaces.
13/04/2021 0 News
"Inhaled budesonide is the first widely available, inexpensive drug found to shorten recovery times"
UK pharmacies should maintain stock levels of inhaled budesonide to meet routine use as well as fulfil off-label prescriptions for the treatment of COVID-19, NHSE&I has said.
13/04/2021 6 News
Rishi Bhatia: "Care homes were crying out for PPE"
One contractor ran the equivalent of five marathons over a month to buy PPE for care homes
12/04/2021 0 Features
CPW: Attend the training and access the hardware grant “as soon as possible”
The NHS Wales Video Consulting Service has been rolled out to pharmacies in the country, but less than 140 out of the eligible 713 have completed the training so far.
12/04/2021 2 News
Bricks-and-mortar pharmacies should ensure they respond to patients’ needs, as rumours suggest Pharmacy2U is looking at “strategic options” for the business, a broker has said.
12/04/2021 13 News
The coroner has asked the DH to reconsider the legal status of some opiates
There are “ongoing” FtP cases, the GPhC has said in response to an inquest into the death by “excess consumption of codeine” of a former healthcare professional.
09/04/2021 0 News
Pharmacies are limited to providing four boxes of test kits per transaction
A pharmacy lateral flow device distribution service has been launched in England. C+D unpacks what the Pharmacy Collect service entails.
09/04/2021 3 Features
With the COVID-19 pandemic creating news at breakneck speed, C+D presents all the essential information on the topic to help pharmacists manage the crisis
09/04/2021 9 News
Data suggests there is a higher risk of extremely rare blood clots following the first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine
08/04/2021 0 CPD
Recreational drugs can be used enhance performance in a variety of ways. In this module we will consider the use of anabolic steroids and "study drugs" to improve performance
08/04/2021 0 CPD
The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHS CFA) is reviewing “some possible threats and vulnerabilities within the pandemic delivery service”, it has told C+D.
08/04/2021 6 News
Some customers may be concerned that getting the vaccine will invalidate their fast during Ramadan – what advice can you give them?
08/04/2021 0 CPD
Cameron Loadman pleaded guilty to damaging property at the Well pharmacy on Winchester Street, Salisbury (Credit: © 2021 Google, image caputure: September 2020)
A man who damaged items and a Perspex COVID screen in a Well pharmacy on two separate occasions last year has pleaded guilty to the offences.
08/04/2021 2 News
The use of the term “clinical pharmacists” risks dividing the profession, says primary care network pharmacist Harry Cotterill
08/04/2021 9 Views
Yasmine Haq has worked in pharmacies since the age of 16
A provisionally registered pharmacist reveals how starting her pharmacy degree two years after she originally planned was the right move for her
07/04/2021 2 Features
Pharmacy teams provided much needed support and advice for patients during the pandemic
From bespoke delivery services to running a food distribution hub from the consultation room, meet the pharmacy teams who became COVID heroes during the pandemic
07/04/2021 0 Features
Ms Gidley was previously chair of the RPS English pharmacy board
Sandra Gidley, the first woman to hold the position of president of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), has announced she will not be seeking re-election.
07/04/2021 1 News
Over two thirds of pharmacy professionals who responded to C+D’s snapshot poll believe that codeine linctus should be reclassified as a prescription-only medicine (POM).
07/04/2021 6 News
NHSE&I did not specify an uptake ambition for the 50-64 cohort for the 2021/22 flu season
Pharmacies will be reimbursed for an extra flu vaccine – QIVr – next season, NHSE&I has confirmed, as the sector's flu vaccination count reaches nearly 3 million for 2020/21.
06/04/2021 1 News
Walgreens Boots Alliance: A recent YouGov poll put Boots’ reputation at a five-year high
A “top priority” for Walgreens Boots Alliance is to “turnaround Boots UK and return it to profitable growth”, according to the company's global chief financial officer.
06/04/2021 3 News
From booking confusion to reports of a few noisy invigilators, student Imani Asi says the issues with the March GPhC exam have made her cohort feel disenfranchised
01/04/2021 1 Views
Dr Gillian Ellsbury: The government should commit to an ambitious 10-year vaccination strategy
Community pharmacy should have a greater role in any future vaccine strategy, the medical director of vaccines at Pfizer UK has said.
01/04/2021 2 News
HMRC: Private organisations should provide a “status determination statement” for contractors
Locum pharmacist Tohidul Islam has written to the CCA to flag perceived controversial approaches taken by some multiples in relation to IR35 rules.
01/04/2021 0 News
Experts have investigated the safety of the vaccine following concerns published by the media
01/04/2021 2 CPD
Some Lloydspharmacy regional managers have accepted “alternative roles”
Lloydspharmacy’s parent company McKesson UK has announced that it has reduced the number of regional managers at the multiple following a reconfiguration of its business.
01/04/2021 0 News
Over-the-counter medication such as pseudoephedrine can be abused for its stimulant affects, but what do you know about common recreationally used stimulants?
01/04/2021 0 CPD
"Pharmacy sales increased 3.2% due to NHS reimbursement and stronger pharmacy services"
Boots’ parent company, Walgreen Boots Alliance, has attributed a 13.4% profit drop to “lower UK retail sales and pharmacy volumes” as a result of COVID-19.
31/03/2021 6 News
An NHS inclusivity plan should help to tailor pharmacy services more effectively to the needs of communities, says Dr Mahendra Patel in a C+D podcast
31/03/2021 0 Features
The Duchess of Cornwall receives a gift of facemasks and hand sanitisers from (left to right) warehouse manager Graeme Nott and staff members Zoe Hough and Jenny Milton (Credit: Kamsons Pharmacy/Samantha Pells)
The Duchess of Cornwall paid tribute to the continued work of pharmacy staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic during the opening of Kamsons’ new warehouse in Sussex.
31/03/2021 2 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following 14 items for March 2021 prescriptions.
30/03/2021 0 News
Details of Rowlands’ new pay structure have been revealed, including how the multiple aims to attract an ACPT to every branch and plans to award pharmacists “up to” 1% extra pay.
30/03/2021 2 News
PSNC: Public promotion of the service won't start until after Easter
Pharmacies in England could receive £450 plus VAT as set-up costs and a £1.50 service fee for each lateral flow device transaction* as part of a new advanced service.
29/03/2021 13 News
Lloydspharmacy said it is “satisfied with the findings” of an internal investigation into claims that the multiple briefly closed some branches even when locum cover was available.
29/03/2021 26 News
Hana 75mcg film-coated tablets could be switched from POM to P Credit: MHRA P mock-up labelling
C+D readers are split as to whether two desogestrel contraceptive pills – Hana and Lovima – should switch from POM to P, a snapshot poll has suggested.
29/03/2021 0 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following nine items for March 2021 prescriptions.
26/03/2021 1 News
Lloydspharmacy currently rents 12 sites from NHSPS
NHSPS is conducting a “full review” of the sites Lloydspharmacy leases from the organisation, after the multiple asked health centre landlords for a 25% rent reduction last year.
26/03/2021 6 News
Zeshan Rehmani approaching Chtaura, Lebanon on the border of Syria this year
A Manchester pharmacist reveals the steps of his journey to crowdfunding more than £125,000 for Syrian refugees
26/03/2021 0 Features
Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi receiving his first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 jab
Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi has chosen to receive his first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 jab at an Avicenna pharmacy in Lewisham, London.
26/03/2021 1 News
PharmaDoctor has partnered with healthcare insurer Lime to improve access to the clinical services offered by community pharmacies.
26/03/2021 0 News