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One pharmacy dealt with the aftermath of flooding, snow, and power failures to keep its doors open every day for almost seven decades
15/11/2019 0 Features
A group of Boots pharmacists are “proud” to have kept a pharmacy open to supply emergency medicines to customers of a shopping centre closed due to flooding.
15/11/2019 0 News
Manufacturer Crosscare has updated the packaging of its Colief range for babies and young children.
15/11/2019 0 News
Lloydspharmacy's automated dispensing hubs use over six million prescription bags a year
All prescription bags used by Lloydspharmacy's automated dispensing hubs in Bristol, Ruislip and Warrington will be 100% recyclable from January 2020, the multiple has said.
15/11/2019 3 News
The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) has launched a trade association and introduced a quality charter for CBD manufacturers.
14/11/2019 0 News
One motif to represent the community and pharmacy could boost public recognition of the sector, Malcolm Brown argues
14/11/2019 14 Views
Can you differentiate between the different types of cough and determine whether it is self-limiting or should be referred?
14/11/2019 0 CPD
It would be "counterproductive" for the GPhC to enforce a set number of pharmacy staff for each premises, the regulator's chief executive has told C+D.
14/11/2019 13 News
Do you know what standard operating procedure to follow in the event of a methadone spillage?
14/11/2019 0 CPD
The supply shortages of ranitidine are having an “immense impact”, one pharmacist said
Batches of ranitidine are being investigated for contamination, so how are manufacturers, pharmacy bodies and pharmacists responding?
14/11/2019 6 News
From vocal exercises in the dispensary to being "nerdy" about prescriptions, C+D’s Pharmacy Team of the Year reveal the secrets of their success
13/11/2019 3 Features
The 2019 C+D Awards winners at the London ceremony in June
The C+D Awards 2020 open for entries today, with three new categories to reflect the changes taking place across community pharmacy.
13/11/2019 0 News
Boots UK's owner is reportedly looking to take the company private
Boots’ parent company has been approached by private equity firm KKR in what could be the “biggest-ever leveraged buyout”, media outlets have reported.
13/11/2019 4 News
Digital healthcare is part of the solution to bricks-and-mortar pharmacies’ capacity challenges, not a threat, says Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor managing director Andy Sloman
12/11/2019 2 Views
GPhC: We have served 12 enforcement notices since August, all for online pharmacies
The GPhC has restricted the practice of a further nine online pharmacies after raising concerns about their supply of controlled drugs and high-risk medicines.
12/11/2019 5 News
Jay Patel: Huge variety of products and sizes makes automated dispensing complicated
Large-scale, centralised dispensing is “absolutely not” what contractors need to become more efficient, Day Lewis executive director Jay Patel has said.
12/11/2019 8 News
The party has said it will recruit 6,000 more GP "support staff", including pharmacists
The Conservative party has pledged to recruit 6,000 more pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapists to work in GP surgeries by 2025 if it wins the general election.
11/11/2019 21 News
Canabis-based medicines can only be prescribed by “specialist doctors”
Two cannabis-based medicines, Epidyolex and Sativex, are the first to be recommended by the National Institute of health and Care Excellence (Nice) for use by the NHS in England.
11/11/2019 0 News
Flu vaccinations are no better when delivered by GPs, but if surgeries don't deliver enough they may not be able to afford to offer the service at all, says GP Toni Hazell
11/11/2019 33 Views
Bruce Warner predicted pharmacists having a portfolio career are going to become more common
The speakers at C+D’s careers sessions at the Pharmacy Show showcased the range of work environments available to pharmacists, ranging from industrial pharmacy to healthcare policy
08/11/2019 1 Features
Labour: We will unwind internal privatisation of NHS services
The Labour party wants to bring hospital pharmacy services “in-house” if it wins the general election, it has clarified following comments from shadow chancellor John McDonnell.
08/11/2019 4 News
Global demand and packaging issues are among a raft of reasons why MMR vaccines, alogliptin with metformin and misoprostol cannot leave the UK, the DH has told C+D.
08/11/2019 1 News
Leyla Hannbeck: No competition in the market cannot be a good thing for pharmacists or patients
Having worked for a state-owned pharmacy in Sweden, AIMp’s CEO said the shadow chancellor’s ambitions to nationalise pharmacies in the UK would hinder patients’ choice.
07/11/2019 2 News
Boots' parent company is exploring the possibility of a buyout to become a private company, Reuters has reported.
07/11/2019 6 News
After burglars drove through the door of Xrayser’s pharmacy three times in a bid to steal toiletries, he learned a lesson about fear that he applies to the new pharmacy contract
07/11/2019 0 Views
PharmaDoctor has launched a free migraine service package, which includes an online consultation platform, a patient group direction (PGD) and marketing support.
07/11/2019 0 News
Community pharmacy teams are well placed to start a conversation about asthma symptom control and inhaler technique
06/11/2019 0 CPD
A clinical nurse specialist reiterates the importance of good inhaler technique among younger patients
06/11/2019 0 CPD
John McDonnell was responding to a question from LBC journalist Iain Dale yesterday
The Labour party wants to bring pharmacies “in-house” if it wins the general election, the shadow chancellor has said.
06/11/2019 41 News
Rising employment and drug costs combined with poor remuneration have led to an overall loss of £7,000 a month for one disillusioned owner of three pharmacies
06/11/2019 8 Views
Toby Anderson : Pharmacies should be recognised in the business rates system, as GPs are
The CEO of Lloydspharmacy and the CCA have welcomed MPs’ recommendation that the government reform the “broken” business rates system.
06/11/2019 0 News
MMR vaccines and diabetes tablet alogliptin with metformin have been added to the growing list of products that cannot be exported from the UK, the government has said.
05/11/2019 3 News
Making your online pharmacy safe while being user-friendly is a balancing act, but the CQC can help, says Frost Pharmacy Group’s managing director Stuart Gale
05/11/2019 0 Views
PDA director Paul Day: Our members clearly think a pharmacist apprenticeship is a bad idea
While the PDA welcomes the transparency of the revived pharmacist apprenticeship proposal, members are still concerned apprentices will “not be up to standard”.
05/11/2019 6 News
NHS England: 8,649 pharmacies in England have signed up to receive referrals from NHS 111 so far
One pharmacist is "surprised" at how few minor ailment referrals they have received from NHS 111, while another had SCR issues in the first week of the service, they have told C+D.
04/11/2019 21 News
MPs: Pharmacies in Northern Ireland have been underfunded by £60 million since 2011
Pharmacies in Northern Ireland need their own drug tariff based on the country’s “unique circumstances” to survive the “severe funding crisis”, a cross-party group of MPs has said.
04/11/2019 0 News
C+D clinical editor Naimah Callachand asked pharmacy professionals on both sides of the Irish border about the potential impact of Brexit on their businesses
04/11/2019 0 Views
PDA: Employees will be notified of their individual pay increase on November 14
Around 6,500 Boots pharmacists will receive a pay rise of up to 2% from this month as part of the first settlement negotiated between the multiple and the PDA Union.
01/11/2019 5 News
John Nuttall: Digital transformation was always part of our long-term plans
The UK’s third-largest multiple was prompted by Pharmacy2U’s “rapid growth” to “accelerate” its own digital plans, Well’s former CEO has told C+D.
01/11/2019 8 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following 18 items for October 2019 prescriptions.
01/11/2019 1 News
"I didn't start my pharmacy career thinking I was going to become a CEO, so I'm quite proud of that”
Ahead of his retirement after 17 years in the role, Well Pharmacy chief executive John Nuttall sits down with C+D to explain how the multiple has resisted closing its branches
01/11/2019 5 Features
Do you know the BTS/SIGN guidelines stepwise approach for the management of asthma?
31/10/2019 0 CPD
McKesson CEO: Our UK retail business experienced industry-wide underfunding by the NHS
Lloydspharmacy’s owner is expecting further category M price increases in England before April 2020, which will help towards “partial recovery” across its European business.
31/10/2019 13 News
NHS England aims to build upon pharmacy's contribution to seasonal influenza coverage
NHS England is considering whether community pharmacies should be commissioned to provide more vaccination services, including MMR jabs, in a bid to increase uptake.
31/10/2019 11 News
All unexpired stock of certain batches of ranitidine medicines have been recalled due to possible contamination. What advice should you give patients?
31/10/2019 0 CPD
Online pharmacies complicate communication between GPs and pharmacists and take much-needed footfall away from the community, says GP Toni Hazell
31/10/2019 12 Views
The government is extending its serious shortage protocols (SSPs) for fluoxetine 30mg and 40mg capsules beyond tomorrow’s planned end date.
30/10/2019 0 News
The decrease follows a 50% drop in profits for June-August in McKesson's European business
Lloydspharmacy’s parent company has blamed a “challenging retail pharmacy environment in the UK” for a 19% drop in profits across its European business.
30/10/2019 3 News
Intrepid intruders set the alarm off by breaking through the roof of a pharmacy not once, but twice, says manager Paul Knapton
30/10/2019 6 Views
NPA: Pharmacists said they are not always treated fairly by wholesalers
Pharmacists have a “high level of dissatisfaction” with the standard of service they receive from wholesalers, a survey by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has suggested.
29/10/2019 4 News
Boots has already closed 18 of the planned 200 stores
Boots is “on track” to close the remaining 182 of a planned 200 branches before September 2020, its parent company has said.
29/10/2019 9 News
An anonymous contractor explains how his pharmacy group went £1 million into its overdraft following the funding cuts, leaving him on the verge of bankruptcy and a mental breakdown
29/10/2019 6 Views
Walgreens Boots Alliance: The UK market remains challenging
Boots' parent company saw a 20.7% drop in profits for its retail pharmacy international division in the three months to August amidst a “challenging” market in the UK.
28/10/2019 0 News
The proposal is for a level 7 pharmacist apprenticeship, the equivalent to a master's degree
A new proposal for a pharmacist apprenticeship is in development, C+D has learned.
28/10/2019 21 News
In an exclusive article for C+D, Lloydspharmacy chief executive Toby Anderson explains the philosophy behind the rollout of the Echo repeat prescription app last week
28/10/2019 11 Views
C+D visited community pharmacies on both sides of the border in Ireland
With the potential for a hard border falling between Northern Ireland and its southern neighbour, C+D visited pharmacies located on both sides to hear their concerns
25/10/2019 0 Features
GPhC: 731 of 1,057 candidates passed September's registration exam
The pass rate for September’s registration exam rose by four percentage points this year, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has revealed.
25/10/2019 3 News
DH: There is now sufficient stock of fluoxetine 10mg, as well as 20mg
The government will withdraw its serious shortage protocol (SSP) for fluoxetine 10mg capsules on Friday evening.
24/10/2019 3 News