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Independent pharmacies have told C+D that restrictions on purchases and stock shortages make it difficult to reach Alliance’s minimum monthly spend, leading to a £350 surcharge.
13/08/2020 7 News
Can you differentiate between different gastrointestinal infections presenting in the pharmacy?
13/08/2020 0 CPD
RPS: Government should confirm that pharmacy teams will have access to appropriate PPE
The NHS must have “robust plans” in place for this winter, with a need for pharmacy’s role to be “clearly defined”, the RPS has said.
13/08/2020 2 News
Accounts of racism in the pharmacy raised during C+D’s webinar highlight the urgent need for ways for victims to report racism, says Naimah Callachand
13/08/2020 0 Views
Well is aiming for its all its branches to be managed by pharmacists where possible
Well plans to remove the non-pharmacist manager position from its stores entirely, with all branches to be managed by pharmacists, it announced yesterday (August 11).
12/08/2020 145 News
C+D readers can now choose their favourite story of a pharmacy professional going the extra mile for their patients.
12/08/2020 0 News
The RPS supports “tougher sentences” for those who assault community pharmacy teams, its president Sandra Gidley wrote in a letter to the justice secretary last week (August 7).
11/08/2020 2 News
Experts from across pharmacy reveal how pharmacy professionals can assist victims of racism in C+D's webinar – catch up in full by listening to the podcast
11/08/2020 2 Features
The Coronavirus Act 2020 grants temporary powers to healthcare professionals to give vaccines
All community pharmacies in Scotland will this year be able to give out flu vaccinations under a national service, C+D has learned.
11/08/2020 0 News
Christie & Co: “[We] expect this general trajectory of increased activity to be maintained”
Pharmacy broker Christie & Co has registered a 46% increase in pharmacy buyer interest since the UK began easing lockdown after April 27.
11/08/2020 8 News
Lloydspharmacy’s parent company McKesson has reported a 300% revenue rise for its prescription management app Echo, compared to before the outbreak of COVID-19.
10/08/2020 8 News
How pharmacists should handle a coroner’s request for information about a death, revealed by Thorrun Govind and James Down
10/08/2020 4 Views
Giving pharmacists more freedom would help “prevent unnecessary delays”, the RPS said.
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has urged the government to allow pharmacists in England to make changes to prescriptions if there are medicines shortages.
10/08/2020 9 News
Educating the pharmacy workforce on racism is essential, speakers agreed
Representatives from across the sector unpacked how pharmacy professionals can handle racism in the pharmacy in C+D’s racism webinar
07/08/2020 5 Features
The Prime Minister has visited a community pharmacy in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency to hear about pressing matters for pharmacy and its role during COVID-19.
07/08/2020 7 News
Both Lloydspharmacy and Boots have opened their booking systems early this year
Boots has opened its winter flu jab booking early to meet increased demand, already receiving 80,000 bookings, while Lloyds has seen “thousands” of bookings, the multiples said.
07/08/2020 6 News
The GPhC restricted the practice of 17 online pharmacies in 2019-20 following concerns including unsafe working practices and their supply of high-risk medicines, C+D has learned.
07/08/2020 3 News
The CMA and GPhC have warned pharmacies against profiteering during COVID-19, says Susan Hunneyball
06/08/2020 1 Views
Pharmacists will vaccinate people living or working in these settings in “a single visit”
This year’s flu vaccination programme has been extended to enable community pharmacies in England to vaccinate care and nursing home residents and staff, it has been announced.
06/08/2020 2 News
Nice said certain drugs do more harm than good for patients with the condition.
Nice has warned against prescribing a number of “commonly used drug treatments”, including paracetamol and ibuprofen, for chronic primary pain as they have “possible harms”.
06/08/2020 5 News
COVID-19 pandemic had greatest impact on UK business, according to Lloydspharmacy's parent company
Lloydspharmacy is proposing to close a “small number” of community pharmacies following “increasing financial pressures” from factors including COVID-19, the multiple has told C+D.
06/08/2020 13 News
Suppliers should prepare for the end of the transition period by stockpiling six weeks’ worth of medicines as a “buffer” against “potential disruption”, the government has said.
05/08/2020 6 News
Now is the time to start a conversation in earnest around racial discrimination faced by many in the sector, says Beth Kennedy
05/08/2020 3 Views
Do you know the effects of long-term benzodiazepine use?
05/08/2020 0 CPD
75% of all respondents believe “more people need to call [racism] out when it happens”
Two-thirds (66%) of community pharmacy staff believe racist colleagues should face disciplinary action, a C+D survey can reveal.
05/08/2020 40 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following 15 items for July 2020 prescriptions.
05/08/2020 0 News
The service has been recommissioned for a month for areas affected by local lockdowns
The pandemic delivery service has been extended in parts of England affected by local outbreaks of COVID-19, NHS England and Improvement (NHSE&I) has announced.
04/08/2020 0 News
DH: Pharmacies can order “50 IIR masks, 100 aprons and 200 gloves (100 pairs) per week”
Pharmacies in England are now able to receive free deliveries from the government’s PPE portal after initially being excluded from the service, it has been announced.
04/08/2020 2 News
The new service in Scotland for treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) and impetigo could help pharmacists get recognised, says Rose Marie Parr
04/08/2020 2 Views
Nearly two-thirds of pharmacy team members have experienced racism from patients in the last six months, a C+D survey can reveal.
04/08/2020 3 News
Only 26% of white respondents have left or considered leaving a job due to racial discrimination
Fifty-one per cent of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) pharmacy staff have left or have considered leaving their job due to racial discrimination, a C+D survey has found.
03/08/2020 16 News
MHRA: Pharmacists should advise patients of the risks that emollients present
Emollient creams that are used to treat dry skin conditions can “easily dry onto bedding and bandages, making them more flammable”, the MHRA said last week (July 29).
03/08/2020 1 News
Pharmacy staff are not happy with the awkwardness of personal protective equipment (PPE), despite knowing its importance, says Xrayser
03/08/2020 1 Views
The C+D survey received 601 responses from BAME people from June 18 to July 27
Experiences of racism among pharmacy professionals changes between those from Indian, African and Pakistani backgrounds – C+D explores how
31/07/2020 9 Features
DH: Patients can still access medicines through the NHS Volunteer Responder Scheme
LPCs and pharmacy contractors in England are worried the pandemic delivery service ended with too “short notice” and that the decision has not been well communicated to patients.
31/07/2020 5 News
African respondents reported a high level of racial abuse from colleagues
56% of pharmacy workers from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds have suffered racial abuse from a colleague in the last six months, a C+D survey can reveal.
31/07/2020 25 News
Mr Hancock outlined the government’s intention to “burst bureaucracy” to support collaboration
The health secretary has praised community pharmacies for showing “how much more” they can contribute to the health service during the COVID-19 pandemic.
30/07/2020 13 News
A quiet, rural pharmacy in Devon shares how its team has fared during the COVID-19 pandemic so far
30/07/2020 3 Features
Community pharmacies in Scotland provide “advice only” to approximately 2,100 people every hour, a new study has found.
30/07/2020 3 News
Can you differentiate between ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease?
30/07/2020 0 CPD
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following eight items for July 2020 prescriptions.
30/07/2020 0 News
Mr Pessina is stepping down after five years as chief executive of the company
Stefano Pessina will be stepping down as chief executive of Boots’ parent company Walgreen Boots Alliance after five years in the post, it was announced this week.
29/07/2020 16 News
Newly registered pharmacists could qualify as independent prescribers when completing the one-year foundation training expected to replace the pre-reg year in 2021.
29/07/2020 26 News
The shift to 24-hour online pharmacy exams will help some students during a stressful period, says Chau Nguyen
29/07/2020 1 Views
Humankind, Change Grow Live, and We Are With You praised contractors' work during the pandemic
Three charities have opted to pay pharmacies the full fees for supervised consumption, even if they were forced to pause the serviced due to COVID-19, C+D has learned.
29/07/2020 6 News
The CCA is working to increase flu vaccination uptake from community pharmacies despite the accompanying challenge of COVID-19
28/07/2020 3 Views
PHE told pharmacy teams to “be alert” to the risk of people overdosing
Public Health England (PHE) has told pharmacies to “be alert” after evidence of hospitalisations, seizures and deaths linked to people taking illicit drugs sold as benzodiazepines.
28/07/2020 3 News
DH: Details on plans to help the nation manage its weight will be released later in the year
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has urged the government to make pharmacy central to its new strategy for tackling obesity.
28/07/2020 7 News
People need to “feel safe and be content” in their workplace, Mr McKeagney said.
It is key to ensure BAME team members “feel safe” in the pharmacy, including “getting people to be more mindful, Pharmacy Forum NI chair Sheelin McKeagney has told C+D.
28/07/2020 1 News
Indira Panchal (centre) with two members of the team outside her branch on Harrowden Road
One pharmacy found wholesalers were delivering the wrong medicines and refusing to take returns
27/07/2020 1 Features
An interim foundation pharmacist programme could be introduced in England from September
The pre-reg year could be replaced by a one-year foundation programme from summer 2021, NHS England and Improvement (NHSE&I) and Health Education England (HEE) have said.
27/07/2020 17 News
It is recommended but not mandatory for pharmacy teams to wear face coverings
It is recommended that pharmacy staff wear face coverings if social distancing cannot be maintained, Public Health England (PHE) said in updated guidance last week (July 23).
27/07/2020 9 News
Lloydspharmacy has introduced a weight loss programme designed to reduce rising obesity levels in the UK, the multiple has announced.
24/07/2020 7 News
The flu vaccination programme will open to people aged over 50
The government has expanded the flu jab programme to “ready the NHS” for winter pressures and a potential second peak of COVID-19 by extending eligibility for free vaccinations.
24/07/2020 7 News
Without locums, the NHS test and trace service could wipe out whole teams in pharmacies that have to stay open, says Laura Buckley
24/07/2020 6 Views
The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has approved proposals to increase pharmacy premises fees from £262 to £365, starting from April next year.
24/07/2020 22 News
C+D spoke to Mikin Patel, lead gastroenterology pharmacist at Imperial College NHS Trust, to learn more about the diagnosis and management of inflammatory bowel disease.
23/07/2020 0 CPD
What action can you take if a patient presents in the pharmacy with symptoms of a stroke?
23/07/2020 0 CPD
George Darwin-Welsby was praised for his work during the COVID-19 pandemic
A Cheshire-based pre-registration pharmacist has received a letter of commendation for his work during COVID-19 from the Queen’s representative in the county.
23/07/2020 8 News