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From left to right: Professor Mahendra Patel, Dr Kailash Chand, Dr Rajeev Gupta
A member of the RPS English board has shared C+D’s data on pharmacist stress with doctors and physicians at a medical conference.
16/09/2019 0 News
PSNC: It was announced in July that MUR target patient groups would change
Pharmacy owners now have two weeks to update their standard operating procedures (SOPs), after which 70% of MURs must involve high-risk or hospital discharge patients.
16/09/2019 0 News
Boots' plans to close up to 200 branches while transforming its other pharmacies could lead some patients to migrate to independents, predicts The Contractor
16/09/2019 2 Views
A community pharmacist, contractor and pharmacy body explain the reality of workplace pressures in the sector
13/09/2019 0 News
The GPhC will meet with five schools of pharmacy to discuss their low pass-rates
The University of Central Lancashire and the University of Wolverhampton recorded pass rates below 50% in the June pre-reg exam, according to the GPhC.
13/09/2019 28 News
In a heartfelt article, community pharmacist Harpreet Chana explains the toll depression and insomnia took on her personal and professional life – and why she now helps others
13/09/2019 4 Views
Students witnessing the increasing workplace pressures in community pharmacies are being “put off” joining the sector, the BPSA has told C+D.
12/09/2019 21 News
GPhC: Training providers were concerned students might lose their pre-reg salary
Respondents to a GPhC consultation have broadly welcomed the proposal to combine the pharmacy degree and pre-registration training.
12/09/2019 10 News
In the first of a new series, C+D gives you the key takeaway points from the latest Nice guidance
12/09/2019 0 CPD
Struggling with what to talk about in your first peer review discussion? Hear an example from two community pharmacists
11/09/2019 0 Features
Julie Cooper and Jeff Smith pledged their support for the #GoGreen4PS campaign at Monday's event (Credit: Brendan Foster Photography)
Pharmacists could have a wider role in the health service if they were not "bearing the brunt" of NHS pressures, MPs have told C+D.
11/09/2019 0 News
Steve Double MP: I've already had a positive meeting with the pharmacy minister about the sector
A Conservative MP – who was recently appointed to the DH – has explained to the pharmacy minister that the sector needs to be better resourced, he has told C+D.
11/09/2019 1 News
An anonymous contractor is inspired by C+D’s parliamentary event on pharmacy pressures to describe how tough life has become for her family business
11/09/2019 20 Views
Zameer Choudrey: I look forward contributing to the continued advancement of our great country
The chief executive of Well Pharmacy’s parent company Bestway Group has been appointed to the House of Lords.
11/09/2019 1 News
Teva UK has launched a website to support patients with chronic conditions as part of a visual identity change that includes a new logo.
10/09/2019 0 News
C+D and Pharmacist Support gathered MPs, sector leaders and pharmacists at a parliamentary event to raise awareness of the growing pressures on pharmacy teams.
10/09/2019 4 News
The charity Pharmacist Support is “bracing itself” for an increase in its workload, as 61% of pharmacists responding to its survey call for help with stress at work.
10/09/2019 5 News
Read editor James Waldron’s full speech from C+D and Pharmacist Support’s parliamentary event yesterday to raise awareness of growing pressures on pharmacy teams
10/09/2019 0 Views
Mr Shah: Contractors struggle to manage their finances under the existing reimbursement scheme
It is “crucial” that every contractor responds to the government’s drug reimbursement consultation to ensure the survival of community pharmacy, a wholesaler has stressed.
09/09/2019 13 News
Boots is set to close 200 loss-making pharmacies over the next 18 months
Boots has confirmed four branches in Belfast, Brighton, Coventry and Yorkshire will shut before November, following June's announcement it will close around 200 in total.
09/09/2019 2 News
Mark Bather: Reducing volume in branches will help free up pharmacists to provide more services
Moving the preparation of medicine trays from branches to a central, automated system “has been a challenge”, Rowlands managing director has told C+D.
06/09/2019 1 News
Boots also plans to pilot a private version of the service in its London Liverpool Street branch
Boots will trial an NHS service in one of its pharmacies that allows patients to have GP consultations via video, before launching a private version in another branch.
06/09/2019 4 News
Mark Bather: I'm not a pharmacist, but that's not my job
Rowlands’ newly appointed managing director Mark Bather talks branch sales, automation and transforming the UK's fourth largest pharmacy chain
06/09/2019 0 Features
The new service will build on the existing Choose Pharmacy scheme in Wales
Pharmacies could be paid up to £220 a day to prescribe treatments for minor illnesses, including UTIs and impetigo, as part of an initiative in North Wales.
05/09/2019 11 News
PSNC has just released its guidance for the national flu service 2019-20. Do you understand the requirements for the provision of the service?
05/09/2019 0 CPD
A Muslim parent is concerned that her child will be receiving a vaccine containing pork gelatine. What advice can you give?
05/09/2019 0 CPD
High-dose statins could be reclassified to enable pharmacies to supply them without a prescription, NHS England has announced.
05/09/2019 13 News
Community pharmacies should return to their chemistry roots by dispensing safe chemicals to encourage young people to carry out experiments, says Malcolm Brown
05/09/2019 14 Views
The government should recognise the essential role pharmacies play in communities by repaying their business rates, says the National Pharmacy Association's Raj Patel
04/09/2019 6 Views
PSNC: Urgent negotiations on the distribution of funding are still ongoing
Pharmacy owners will have to make some “difficult decisions” to adapt to the five-year funding deal, including the possibility of closing or merging branches, PSNC has warned.
04/09/2019 12 News
A local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) has created a tool for pharmacy owners to navigate the “obscure” finances outlined in the five-year funding contract.
03/09/2019 4 News
Community pharmacists can join a healthcare nerd tribe on social media to promote the profession, but they must remain ethical, says Laura Dowling aka the Fabulous Pharmacist
03/09/2019 4 Views
The MediPAC system is currently assembling around 270,000 repeat prescriptions a month
Rowlands’ parent company has opened a new hub-and-spoke dispensing facility, which it hopes will be able to assemble 16 million of the multiple's repeat prescriptions a year.
03/09/2019 12 News
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has introduced the first adult pharmacy (P) medicine decongestant nasal spray to its Otrivine range.
03/09/2019 0 News
If the pilot is successful, it could be rolled out as an advanced service in 2021-22 (Image credit: CCA)
A pharmacy service to identify undiagnosed CVD is “still in the planning stages”, PSNC has explained following national media coverage of NHS England's plans.
03/09/2019 6 News
Pharmacies can sign up to provide the NHS 111 referral service from today
Pharmacies across England will receive £14 for each consultation resulting from a referral from NHS 111 under a new advanced service launching at the end of October.
02/09/2019 18 News
C+D's editor gives his initial take on the rollout of the latest advanced service for England's community pharmacies to deliver
02/09/2019 5 Views
As shortages of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products continue, C+D spoke to pharmacists from each UK country to understand the toll they are taking
30/08/2019 15 News
Seventeen Boots pharmacists have been appointed as PDA representatives
The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) Union has seen an increase in Boots employees signing up since it won the right to represent the multiple’s pharmacists.
30/08/2019 0 News
Pharmacists need mentoring and clinical experience to reach the necessary level of competence to provide services, says prescribing pharmacist Faheem Ahmed
30/08/2019 1 Views
PDA's Mark Koziol suggested pharmacist-led service could complement existing Brexit plans
The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has written to the chancellor suggesting that emergency Brexit funding could be used to commission a pharmacist-led medicines service.
29/08/2019 5 News
John Nuttall: Our use of hub-and-spoke dispensing gives us an advantage
Not only does Well have no “strategic programme” for shutting its own pharmacies, but it hopes to “mop up the extra volume of work” from any other closures across the sector.
29/08/2019 15 News
With more pharmacies considering reducing their services to survive, legal expert David Reissner sets out the issues to consider
29/08/2019 29 Views
Hemant Patel: Health checks need to be followed by health coaching
The plan to revamp NHS health checks is an opportunity for pharmacy, but it will be a "waste of money" if the checks do not lead to behaviour change, an LPC secretary has said.
28/08/2019 7 News
Greater Manchester LPC: While the referral numbers are low, the system is starting to work
Two pharmacists receiving digital referrals from GPs as part of NHS England’s DMIRS pilot have identified issues that need “tinkering with”.
28/08/2019 4 News
PharmaDoctor has launched a “suite of free clinical service packages” for every UK pharmacist.
28/08/2019 0 News
GPs must trust their receptionists to send patients to pharmacies otherwise the new referral service will fail, says Xrayser
28/08/2019 14 Views
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following seven items for August 2019 prescriptions.
27/08/2019 0 News
One pre-registration tutor was “caught off guard” by the low pass rate for June’s exam, while another was “surprised” by the result.
27/08/2019 0 News
Do you know the symptoms of keratosis pilaris and the treatment options and self-care advice you can give to patients?
27/08/2019 0 CPD
Do you understand the benefits and risks associated with vitamin supplementation and the consequences of deficiencies in fat-soluble vitamins?
27/08/2019 0 CPD
Professor Ley Sander: Shortages of epilepsy drugs have become a big issue
Epilepsy patients are stockpiling medicines as social media amplifies fear of further shortages, a charity has told C+D.
27/08/2019 1 News
The 200 Boots branch closures may be the start of more pharmacies shutting as the sector crumbles due to insufficient funding, warns pharmacist Laura Buckley
27/08/2019 6 Views
Pharmacy contractors in England will receive an extra 10p for every vaccination delivered as part of the national flu service, PSNC has announced.
23/08/2019 4 News
Toby Anderson: The government has made it clear it thinks there are too many pharmacies
There will “definitely” be more closures across the sector, Lloydspharmacy’s CEO has told C+D, but he could not confirm if this would include more of the multiple’s branches.
23/08/2019 13 News
The new five-year funding contract brings a welcome shift towards services, but its lack of investment in the sector will not ease staffing problems, says Nahim Khan
23/08/2019 0 Views
The survey on pharmacy financial pressures was completed by 238 contractors
The morale of independent pharmacy teams has dropped and pessimism is increasing in the face of ongoing financial pressures, analysis of an NPA survey has revealed
22/08/2019 7 Features
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following 20 items for August 2019 prescriptions.
22/08/2019 2 News
Sandra Gidley was one of 17 representatives to sign a letter to Boris Johnson on August 21
The RPS has joined 16 other health organisations in writing to the Prime Minister warning of the consequences of a no-deal Brexit and calling for provision for the flu season.
22/08/2019 19 News