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The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following 18 items for January 2021 prescriptions.
15/01/2021 0 News
CPW: Pharmacies who express interest should not be turned down
Fferyllfa H L Taylor Pharmacy in Llanbedrog, north-west Wales, is the first to have started administering COVID-19 vaccinations in the country, as part of a pilot.
15/01/2021 0 News
Potential domestic violence victims asking for ‘ANI’ will be led to a private space by a pharmacy professional
Domestic abuse victims will be able to use a coded message to discreetly alert pharmacy staff that they need help as part of a new government-backed scheme.
15/01/2021 0 News
The pharmacy team also has the chance to use the lateral flow tests before they start work each day
Pharmacies in Merton, south-west London, will receive £14 per COVID-19 swab test given to key workers – and a further £10 for a “public health intervention” – as part of a pilot.
15/01/2021 0 News
Nice has published a rapid guideline to identify, assess and manage the long-term effects of COVID-19, often described as ‘long COVID’
14/01/2021 0 CPD
Pharmacy staff are increasingly likely to see customers who have lost a friend, colleague or loved one to COVID-19. How can you support them in their grief?
14/01/2021 0 CPD
The government must rethink its “incomprehensible” decision to limit the number of pharmacies that can administer COVID-19 vaccines, says Phoenix UK’s Steve Anderson
14/01/2021 0 Views
Mrs Brenda Clegg was the first patient to receive her COVID-19 vaccination at Boots Halifax branch
Boots, Superdrug and four independent pharmacies are the first six of “hundreds” of community pharmacies in England that will start administering COVID-19 vaccinations from today.
14/01/2021 0 News
The Labour party is calling on the government to commission England's community pharmacies to help deliver a 24/7 COVID-19 vaccination programme by the end of February.
13/01/2021 4 News
Janssen's Pharmacy in Bedford had originally been shortlisted for the vaccination service
Contractors hoping their pharmacies would become designated COVID-19 vaccination sites have told C+D of the “disheartening” experience of being rejected from the service.
13/01/2021 3 News
Boots will open its first COVID-19 vaccination site in its Halifax branch later this week, with aims to begin vaccinations “before Friday”, the multiple has announced.
13/01/2021 0 News
A C+D petition demanding that NHSE&I removes the red tape preventing the majority of pharmacy teams from offering COVID-19 vaccinations has amassed more than 3,000 signatures.
12/01/2021 0 News
Pharmacies will play a “particularly important role” at a later stage of the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign, health secretary Matt Hancock has suggested.
12/01/2021 1 News
Two pharmacies reveal the details of the hard work behind the creation of their COVID-19 vaccination sites, which can start seeing patients from today
11/01/2021 3 Features
DH: The early community pharmacy sites will be able to offer significant numbers of appointments
Pharmacies are “integral parts of local communities”, the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has said, as it outlines its COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan.
11/01/2021 2 News
More community pharmacies will be involved in the national COVID-19 vaccination service “in due course”, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has said.
11/01/2021 2 News
GPhC: Prov-regs could help the national vaccination effort by taking on other roles
Provisionally-registered pharmacists must not act as responsible pharmacists (RPs) for the pharmacy-led COVID-19 vaccination sites, the GPhC has stipulated.
11/01/2021 0 News
Representatives from across pharmacy have asked the government to mobilise more of the sector to vaccinate in the fight against COVID-19
08/01/2021 2 Features
Boots' parent company has assured C+D that no pharmacy roles will be included in its plans to reduce the workforce by 6,500, or 11% in the UK.
08/01/2021 0 News
Knights Pharmacy and M W Phillips Chemists have confirmed to C+D that they are among the 200 pharmacy-led sites to begin COVID-19 vaccinations from next week.
08/01/2021 4 News
The £370m advanced funding helped to mitigate some of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
Boots’ parent company, Walgreen Boots Alliance, has attributed a 11.5% profit drop in the UK to “COVID-19 related impacts”.
07/01/2021 1 News
Here’s what pharmacists and their teams need to know following the reclassification of Allevia 120mg (fexofenadine)
07/01/2021 4 CPD
Yesterday's deal is worth nearly £5 billion (Image credit: Walgreens Boots Alliance)
Boots' parent company Walgreens Boots Alliance has sold the majority share of its wholesaling arm Alliance to healthcare company AmerisourceBergen for £4.7 billion ($6.5bn).
07/01/2021 3 News
C+D is campaigning to make it easier for community pharmacies to offer COVID-19 jabs
C+D has launched a petition urging NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) to let more pharmacy teams across England pitch in with national COVID-19 vaccination efforts.
06/01/2021 3 News
In an open letter to NHS chief Simon Stevens, C+D editor Beth Kennedy says that pharmacies shouldn’t have to jump through unnecessary hoops to join the COVID-19 vaccination effort
06/01/2021 3 Views
Three of the Pharmacy2U-managed vaccination sites are due to go live next week
Pharmacy2U will use 50 Morrisons supermarket car parks to administer COVID-19 vaccinations, C+D has learned.
06/01/2021 13 News
Michael Smith: "Go and have a look at the data, it’s quite good data.”
A hospital pharmacist describes how a little research allayed his apprehension about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine
05/01/2021 0 Features
The Welsh government has announced a service specification for the administration of COVID-19 in community pharmacies in Wales, setting the remuneration at “£12.58 per vaccine”.
05/01/2021 1 News
NHSE&I said it is considering how it can involve more pharmacies in the coming days and weeks
The sector is “ready, willing and able” to help deliver COVID-19 vaccinations to patients across the country, but pharmacists are concerned by their overall lack of involvement.
05/01/2021 13 News
NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) has pledged to resolve an issue faced by pharmacists applying to sign up to administer COVID-19 vaccinations.
05/01/2021 5 News
Well Pharmacy's Haroon Mahmood was awarded a BEM in the 2021 New Year Honours List
A C+D Awards winner, a dispensing technician and a CCG medicines management lead have all been recognised in the 2021 New Year Honours list.
04/01/2021 0 News
After receiving the first of his COVID-19 jabs, Xrayser ponders why pharmacy teams haven't been at the top of the NHS's list to receive their vaccinations
04/01/2021 1 Views
Pharmacies have to meet a set of requirements in order to offer the vaccination service
Pharmacies approved to deliver the local enhanced service (LES) COVID-19 vaccination programme will begin administering vaccines "from next week", NHS England has said.
04/01/2021 22 News
After an unforgettable year, pharmacy teams must recognise the positive impact of their work, says Laura Buckley
24/12/2020 1 Views
Simon Dukes: Getting adequate funding has been a big challenge for pharmacy in 2020
With 2020 almost over, C+D spoke to two leading voices in community pharmacy to find out what they considered the biggest highs and lows for the sector over the past 12 months.
23/12/2020 0 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following 17 items for December 2020 prescriptions.
22/12/2020 0 News
Jay Badenhorst: “Community pharmacy is perfectly located to participate in the PRINCIPLE study”
The first COVID-19 vaccinations are being administered across the UK but finding a treatment for those who contract the virus remains paramount
22/12/2020 0 Features
How much do you remember from the stories published on C+D this year?
As 2020 comes to an end, we look back at the top stories from a year that was dominated by COVID-19 and its impact on community pharmacy – both teams and patients.
21/12/2020 0 News
Mounting workload and staffing issues left Xrayser struggling to keep his head above water during the COVID-19 pandemic
21/12/2020 7 Views
After an extraordinary year, C+D's editor reveals what she would like Father Christmas to give pharmacy for 2021
18/12/2020 0 Views
Welsh pharmacies had given 30% more flu jabs as the end of November than the same time last year
Welsh community pharmacies have administered over 73,000 flu jabs since the start of the 2020/21 vaccination programme, already topping last year’s total by 15%, C+D has learnt.
18/12/2020 1 News
Shelagh Cleary having a test at Priory Pharmacy, suprvised by pharmacist Olutayo Arikwe (Picture credit: Dudley Council)
Pharmacies in Dudley have this week started offering free COVID-19 tests for asymptomatic residents as part of a national pilot scheme.
18/12/2020 0 News
Avicenna has expressed interest in delivering COVID-19 vaccines
Avicenna is training pharmacy technicians in its own branches and member pharmacies to offer vaccinations and has filed interest in delivering COVID-19 vaccines, C+D has learnt.
17/12/2020 5 News
Shilpa Shah: “Proud” LPC supported involvement of community pharmacy in COVID vax administration
Independent prescribing (IP) community pharmacists in Kent last week became among the first in England to help in the rollout of COVID-19 vaccination programme, C+D has learnt.
17/12/2020 1 News
If you are unsure how to approach dilutions and compounding calculation questions, try our worked examples to help you prepare for the exam
17/12/2020 6 Features
RPS: Concerns remain about the future pricing of Priadel
The RPS has sought assurances that the price of bipolar drug Priadel will not soar again once the five-year agreement between the government and the manufacturer expires.
16/12/2020 0 News
The GPhC won’t wait six years to introduce prescribing to pharmacists’ training
“Interim measures” could help foundation year pharmacists “move quickly into prescribing” after they qualify in 2022, the GPhC has told C+D.
16/12/2020 17 News
Former pharmacy minister Steve Brine says the intervention of chancellor Rishi Sunak in pharmacy’s funding struggle could make a “world of difference”
16/12/2020 5 Views
NPA: Community pharmacies faced “crippling extra costs of staying open during the pandemic”
A campaign calling on the government to waive the need for English pharmacies to repay the £370 million in advance COVID-19 funding has gained nearly 40,000 signatures.
16/12/2020 3 News
Binley Woods Parish Council has said closing the pharmacy would be "devastating" for the village
A Conservative MP has presented a petition in parliament to stop the closure of a pharmacy in the village of Binley Woods, Warwickshire after it lost its LPS contract.
15/12/2020 5 News
Fewer prescriptions for dementia drugs might be linked to shielding measures, NHSBSA said
The number of antidepressants prescribed in the first seven months of the pandemic rose by almost 5% compared to the same period last year, NHSBSA has found.
15/12/2020 6 News
The government has launched a scheme to provide vitamin D supplements to all those at risk of deficiency. Which patients are considered clinically vulnerable and therefore at risk?
15/12/2020 0 CPD
Pharmacy teams are still working under enormous pressures as the ‘second wave’ of COVID-19 continues, but building resilience can help
15/12/2020 0 CPD
Pharmacist expertise is crucial if the UK is to deliver tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccines, says lawyer Susan Hunneyball
14/12/2020 2 Views
Manufacturer Sanofi has launched BuscoMint Peppermint Oil 0.2ml capsules for treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
14/12/2020 0 News
95% said their workplace is “under financial pressure”
Almost half of contractors in England fear it is “likely” they will be forced to close their pharmacy “within a year” due to financial pressures, an APPG survey has found.
14/12/2020 9 News
Applications to register temporary pharmacy premises from which COVID-19 vaccines will be administered are likely to be prioritised by the GPhC, the regulator has said.
14/12/2020 0 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following 22 items for December 2020 prescriptions.
14/12/2020 0 News
Nathan Raymond says he has only had two days of holiday since February
Welsh pharmacies are “exhausted” after weathering the COVID-19 pandemic, despite being better prepared for the second wave, and are looking for more funding, insiders reveal
11/12/2020 5 Features