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The measures will increase access to controlled drugs amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Priti Patel said
Emergency measures have been proposed to give pharmacists the power to supply certain controlled drugs to patients without a prescription during the COVID-19 outbreak.
03/04/2020 3 News
With staff numbers depleted and the ability to run services drastically reduced, juggling salary costs is a pressing challenge for many contractors
03/04/2020 0 CPD
Walgreens Boots Alliance said the future impact of COVID-19 on the business is "uncertain"
Boots’ parent company has attributed a 2.5% drop in its adjusted gross profit to “lower retail sales and margin” in its UK pharmacies.
03/04/2020 1 News
PPE guidance: wear mask if "unable to maintain two metres social distance”
Pharmacy teams should wear fluid-resistant surgical masks if social distancing cannot be maintained, according to new guidance applicable across the UK.
03/04/2020 2 News
The government must take action to ensure community pharmacies survive the COVID-19 pandemic, says contractor Stuart Gale
03/04/2020 4 Views
Pharmacists say it's difficult to receive “an emergency delivery" of PPE within 72 hours
Pharmacists in England are reporting difficulties sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE) through the national supply disruption response (NSDR) line.
02/04/2020 5 News
C+D spoke to Dr Mahendra Patel about his experience working in a community pharmacy during the COVID-19 outbreak
02/04/2020 1 CPD
Pharmacists are war-weary from handling the impact of COVID-19 but their efforts may finally earn them recognition, says Laura Buckley
02/04/2020 4 Views
Pharmacy2U and Echo saw a jump in EPS nominations last week
The COVID-19 pandemic has seen electronic prescription service (EPS) nominations increase “significantly” for distance-selling pharmacies Pharmacy2U and Echo.
02/04/2020 4 News
How should you maintain social distancing practices for patients requiring supervised consumption?
01/04/2020 0 CPD
The NPA, RPS, AIMp and CCA have welcomed the government’s £300 million funding advancement, but said it isn’t enough to keep pharmacies afloat during the pandemic.
01/04/2020 8 News
Pharmadoctor has enabled pharmacists delivering its private clinical services to complete patient consultations remotely using WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype, due to COVID-19.
01/04/2020 1 News
Deprescribing medicines is an important aspect of palliative care that has scope for pharmacist involvement, says GP Toni Hazell
01/04/2020 8 Views
The prescription charge “places an extra administrative burden on the pharmacy”
As COVID-19 sees pharmacy teams overwhelmed with demand, C+D launches a campaign for the prescription charge in England to be dropped during the pandemic.
01/04/2020 5 News
The government should suspend the NHS prescription charge for medicines to help pharmacy teams care for patients during the COVID-19 outbreak, says Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran
01/04/2020 2 Views
Beth Kennedy: Checking script exemptions is unnecessary bureaucracy during the crisis
In a letter to health minister Matt Hancock, C+D editor Beth Kennedy makes the case for England’s prescription charge to be put on hold during the COVID-19 crisis
01/04/2020 5 Features
Community pharmacies in England will receive £300 million in “advance funding” over the next two months to alleviate cashflow issues caused by COVID-19, the PSNC has announced.
31/03/2020 25 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following 19 items for March 2020 prescriptions.
31/03/2020 0 News
A sign at Beautychem Pharmacy in London to help patients maintain social distancing
Regulators and pharmacy bodies are calling on pharmacies to consider how social distancing can be achieved at their premises.
31/03/2020 8 News
It would be an “absurdity” and “abuse of the regulatory system” to report locums to the GPhC for negotiating higher hourly rates, the Pharmacists’ Defence Association has said.
31/03/2020 28 News
The COVID-19 outbreak has triggered arguments from patients looking to stockpile as well as spontaneous acts of kindness, Xrayser says
31/03/2020 2 Views
Prime minister Boris Johnson has thanked “wonderful pharmacists” for their work during the COVID-19 outbreak.
30/03/2020 5 News
Michael Gove: The free antigen tests will help NHS staff return to work if their test is negative
Pharmacy teams in England will be tested for COVID-19 for free if they are showing symptoms, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has announced.
30/03/2020 2 News
If GPs direct patients towards a particular pharmacy, they will be both breaking their contract and could financially harm pharmacies, says legal expert David Reissner
30/03/2020 7 Views
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following 14 items for March 2020 prescriptions.
30/03/2020 2 News
One patient smashed a pharmacy window in London after being asked to queue outside
Pharmacy teams reveal escalating levels of abuse from patients during the COVID-19 outbreak
27/03/2020 6 Features
What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for pharmacy students and pre-registration pharmacists?
27/03/2020 0 CPD
Some pharmacy staff have been verbally abused since the beginning of the pandemic
Pharmacies and pharmacy bodies have highlighted an increase in abusive and aggressive behaviour by patients since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.
27/03/2020 31 News
The PDA has called for better advice for pharmacy teams on protecting themselves from COVID-19
The government must “ensure” pharmacies receive personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect against COVID-19, the PDA has said in a letter yesterday (March 26).
27/03/2020 6 News
The GPhC's emergency powers were used to reinstate pharmacy professionals onto the register
The GPhC has temporarily re-registered over 3,000 former pharmacists and over 2,000 former technicians to bolster frontline efforts responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.
27/03/2020 8 News
RPS: Dedicated shopping slots "a huge source of support and comfort to pharmacy teams"
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has asked supermarkets to make sure pharmacy staff can access priority shopping slots for NHS workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
27/03/2020 15 News
With the COVID-19 pandemic creating news at breakneck speed, C+D presents all the essential information on the topic to help pharmacists manage the crisis
26/03/2020 1 News
C+D spoke to Asha Fowells, pharmacist and freelance writer, about ways pharmacy teams can look after their health at home during the COVID-19 outbreak
26/03/2020 0 CPD
A £10.5m relief package to help community pharmacies deal with the pressure of the COVID-19 outbreak in Northern Ireland has been announced.
26/03/2020 2 News
Contractors may have to “use professional judgement” outside of standard operating procedures
Pharmacies need to prepare to close unexpectedly, "assess the risks of" remote supervision and operate flexible working hours, according to COVID-19 guidelines by pharmacy bodies.
26/03/2020 0 News
GPhC and PSNI: The exams could be rescheduled for “the end of this year or early 2021”
The GPhC and the PSNI have decided to postpone all of this year’s registration assessments following the outbreak of COVID-19.
26/03/2020 10 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following 19 items for March 2020 prescriptions.
26/03/2020 0 News
Pharmacies profiteering from the COVID-19 outbreak could face serious sanctions for unfair pricing, says solicitor Susan Hunneyball
26/03/2020 8 Views
Organisations said it is essential that systems are in place to support trainees and protect patients
As the COVID-19 outbreak gets worse, pre-registration pharmacists and pharmacy technicians may be required “to help with service provision”, Health Education England (HEE) has said
25/03/2020 5 News
Pharmacy teams are under strain during the COVID-19 crisis, so how can they look after their mental health during this time?
25/03/2020 0 CPD
Social distancing: AAH has introduced "staggered shift start times” in its warehouses
Wholesaler AAH has decided to move to a “predominantly once a day delivery service” to protect healthcare staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has announced.
25/03/2020 12 News
Xrayser questions how pharmacists and patients benefit from the GPhC, and asks what the proposed £103 premises fee increase would really pay for
25/03/2020 6 Views
Following the COVID-19 outbreak, 82 products were added to the list on which there is currently a parallel export ban on March 21 – including paracetamol, insulin and omeprazole.
25/03/2020 1 News
Ms Barai has put together, and implemented, a list of COVID-19 pharmacy action points
A community pharmacist has created a list of ideas to help pharmacies cope with COVID-19, with the document widely shared on social media by colleagues in the UK and overseas.
24/03/2020 1 News
A national community pharmacy medicines delivery service for England is due to start “in the next few days”, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has said.
24/03/2020 28 News
The Care brand has launched a website offering free training on minor illnesses to pharmacy team members in recognition of their “rising prominence”.
24/03/2020 0 News
Preparing a list of key phone numbers and limiting the sale of products like paracetamol are some of the ways pharmacy teams can combat the pressure of COVID-19, says Reena Barai
24/03/2020 6 Views
The evidence behind whether face masks can stop viral spread is mixed
Public Health England (PHE) does not recommend the public wear protective face masks, but pharmacy teams can share their effective use with those who ignore that advice
23/03/2020 3 Features
Pharmacies in England that are “under significant pressure” due to the COVID-19 pandemic can close to the public for up to 2.5 hours a day, including lunch, NHS England has said.
23/03/2020 4 News
What is the latest guidance for those who are pregnant that may be in contact with COVID-19 patients?
23/03/2020 0 CPD
Pharmacies can split “larger packs of paracetamol” and sell smaller quantities to the public, the GPhC has said as pharmacies report struggling to source the OTC analgesic.
23/03/2020 7 News
As self-employed contractors, locums are not entitled to statutory sick pay for COVID-19
Locums could find themselves in a vulnerable position if they are unable to work due to COVID-19, agencies have warned.
23/03/2020 6 News
Graham Stretch: "Disappointing" pharmacists were not explicitly named
Pharmacists have voiced their disappointment on social media that a list of “key workers” published by the Department for Education failed to mention the profession directly.
20/03/2020 25 News
The DH told C+D there is no shortage of the drug, which it has "stockpiles" of
Pharmacies have reported difficulty in getting hold of paracetamol in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, although the DH has said there is no shortage of the drug.
20/03/2020 6 News
Martin Sawer: Tote boxes are "essential" to supplying medicines safely
Wholesaler body the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) has issued a “plea to pharmacies” to return tote boxes quickly amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
20/03/2020 12 News
Despite the insult of being called a “distributer of medicine”, C+D clinical editor Naimah Callachand says she will overcome her concerns to return to work in a pharmacy
20/03/2020 12 Views
Pharmacies left without a responsible pharmacist or locum cover will not have to shut their doors during the COVID-19 outbreak, pharmacy regulators have said.
19/03/2020 24 News
The government is in “urgent discussions” with the NHS about commissioning new services
The government is “seeking to commission” community pharmacies to supply medicines without a prescription and deliver medicines to vulnerable patients, the PSNC announced today.
19/03/2020 16 News
Retailers in England, Scotland and Wales will be exempt from paying business rates for one year
Business rate “holidays” have been extended to all retailers to support companies dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced.
19/03/2020 0 News