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Community pharmacists could achieve more funding through banding together, like junior doctors did in 2016, but without striking, says Reece Samani
19/04/2021 2 Views
A yearning for developing more clinical skills led pharmacist Paul Scott-Harris to move from the UK to Canada
15/04/2021 1 Views
The use of the term “clinical pharmacists” risks dividing the profession, says primary care network pharmacist Harry Cotterill
08/04/2021 9 Views
From booking confusion to reports of a few noisy invigilators, student Imani Asi says the issues with the March GPhC exam have made her cohort feel disenfranchised
01/04/2021 1 Views
An anonymous female hospital pharmacist shares her experience of reporting colleagues for sexual harassment
24/03/2021 2 Views
The CPCS has some way to go to if it is to fulfill its potential of becoming a vital part of the NHS puzzle, says Valeria Fiore
19/03/2021 5 Views
The CPCS could make a huge difference to patients with minor ailments but more GP practices need to use the service, says Sadik Al-Hassan
18/03/2021 5 Views
As triage systems like the CPCS are never perfect, it’s important that pharmacists feel empowered to contact the patient’s GP when necessary, says Toni Hazell
17/03/2021 3 Views
A plan to make pharmacy more inclusive has good intentions but lacks clarity, says Naimah Callachand
16/03/2021 0 Views
Manchester pharmacist Zeshan Rehmani has crowdfunded more than £125,000 to clothe, feed and house the Syrian refugees in Lebanon he met on a relief mission
15/03/2021 0 Views