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OPTEL's medicines verification and decommissioning software is now available to purchase online for pharmacies to comply with the EU’s anti-counterfeit legislation.
12/02/2019 0 News
Philip Galt: This scanning technology will have huge benefits for patient safety in the long term
Despite reports of system crashes and missing barcodes, the first weekend of the EU’s medicines scanning law landed like a “damp squib”, pharmacists have told C+D.
11/02/2019 4 News
There are currently very few FMD-compliant medicine packs for pharmacy staff to scan
Pharmacies have been told to keep dispensing medicines despite expectations of “many” false alerts, ahead of the EU scanning law coming into force tomorrow.
08/02/2019 22 News
MHRA: We intend to work with stakeholders to help them achieve compliance
Saturday’s deadline to comply with the EU’s medicines scanning law should not be viewed as a “cliff edge”, the regulator has reassured pharmacies.
04/02/2019 4 News
Despite the looming deadline for compliance with the EU's medicines scanning law, The Contractor is still unprepared – and unconvinced of its benefits
04/02/2019 9 Views
Just 17 Rowlands pharmacies will be live with the FMD on February 9
There are “considerable logistical and staff issues” to address before all Rowlands pharmacies start decommissioning under the EU’s medicines scanning law, the multiple has said.
29/01/2019 2 News
Some Boots and Lloydspharmacy branches will be FMD compliant by February 9
The "majority" of Boots branches and some Lloydspharmacies will not be compliant with the EU’s medicines scanning law when it comes into force next week.
29/01/2019 27 News
GPhC: Pharmacies may face criminal prosecution for the most serious, persistent breaches
The GPhC will be responsible for ensuring community pharmacies are compliant with the EU’s scanning law as part of its inspection process, the regulator has confirmed.
18/01/2019 8 News
Two thirds of contractors were unprepared for the EU’s scanning law at the end of 2018, while the MHRA has since confirmed a no-deal Brexit would kill the directive.
04/01/2019 12 News
"Whatever 2019 brings, C+D will inform, champion and support pharmacists and pharmacy staff"
C+D’s editor highlights some of the biggest issues hanging over the sector this year
02/01/2019 1 Features