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Raj Radia: Staffing will be affected in some way. Where do I cut?
One contractor warned they may be forced to make redundancies and another has said pharmacy’s service delivery will be hampered after yesterday's funding freeze announcement.
23/10/2018 8 News
Contractors will notice the real impact of the 3p drop in the single activity fee at the end of January, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has warned.
22/10/2018 7 News
Claymore Richardson (third from left) spoke on a FMD panel at the Pharmacy Show
The “unlikely” outcome of a no-deal Brexit would revoke the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), but pharmacies must prepare anyway, a government official has said.
10/10/2018 11 News
NPA said deal includes a software licence and support fee of £25 per month
The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has struck a deal with a software supplier to allow its members to comply with an EU scanning law for a £300 annual fee, plus scanner costs.
09/10/2018 2 News
The government has agreed to discuss the possibility of remuneration for pharmacies complying with the EU scanning law as part of the sector’s funding for 2019-20, PSNC has said.
08/10/2018 10 News
The CCA has called for “clarity and certainty” on the FMD as soon as possible
The organisation representing the largest multiples has questioned how long an EU scanning law will be relevant after the UK exits the European Union.
24/09/2018 1 News
NPA: The costs of regulatory burdens should be a matter for the government
Community pharmacies that are not prepared for the implementation of an EU scanning law risk hitting a "bottleneck" as the deadline approaches, suppliers have said.
13/09/2018 15 News
Boots: We are working through the MHRA's consultation on the FMD
Boots is “working towards” installing barcode scanners in its pharmacies in the “short time available” before EU legislation comes into force, it has told C+D.
30/08/2018 0 News
The largest ongoing costs of implementing the EU's upcoming medicine scanning law have been "overlooked" by many in the sector, Rowlands has warned.
30/08/2018 2 News
Day Lewis: We are well progressed in planning for FMD implementation
Lloydspharmacy and Day Lewis are preparing to trial barcode scanners in certain branches, ahead of EU legislation coming into force in February.
29/08/2018 4 News