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Superdrug: Customers tell us they want treatments to be administered in a safe, private room
Superdrug’s Hammersmith, London, branch is the latest to offer a “skin renew service” – which includes Botox, dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle...
07/08/2019 0 News
Martindale: Physeptone tablets will be back on the market by the end of August
Martindale, the sole UK manufacturer of Physeptone tablets – which are sometimes used off-license for the treatment of opioid addiction* – informed...
07/08/2019 10 News
Boots pharmacy staff will be able to connect patients to translators live via the VOYCE app
Under the pilot, pharmacy staff can make use of the VOYCE app via iPads in five Boots pharmacies, connecting them and patients to interpreters on-...
06/08/2019 6 News
From early 2020, Day Lewis will become the first UK pharmacy chain to roll out a branded version of the MedAdivsor app – which allows patients to...
06/08/2019 7 News
The Well branch on Market Street has been closed since August 1 (Credit: © 2019 Google, image capture: June 2016)
More than 1,500 residents of the town of Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, were evacuated from their homes last Thursday (August 1), due to the risk of the...
05/08/2019 4 News
Lloydspharmacy in Weston Favell Health Centre will close in October (Credit: © 2019 Google, image capture: June 2018)
The branch in Weston Favell Health Centre, Northampton, will close at the end of October “as a result of NHS Property Services doubling our rental...
05/08/2019 9 News
The RPS suggested pharmacies should be included in the list of retailers to stock patches
For the first time, people aged 16 years and over will be able to buy Colourstart Test 65mcg cutaneous patches without a prescription or under the...
02/08/2019 0 News
Emerade is the only adrenaline auto-injector device available in 500mcg strength
Emerade 500mcg device is out of stock until August 28, and while limited stocks of Emerade 300mcg remain, it is expected to go out of stock from...
02/08/2019 4 News
Richard Brown: The contract will pay pharmacists more for delivering good patient outcomes
The new five-year funding deal presents pharmacies in England with an opportunity to “be financially better off” if they are successful in delivering...
01/08/2019 9 News