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GPhC: Reduced capacity means some people will have to travel longer distances than they wish
Some pre and provisionally registered pharmacists will have to travel hundreds of miles to sit the March registration exam, they claim, after a “chaotic” booking process yesterday.
26/02/2021 4 News
NHSE&I is asking for vaccination sites to make use of "a large number" of places of worship, such as (pictured) Salisbury Cathedral (Credit: Salisbury Cathedral/Ash Mills)
NHSE&I has invited pharmacy-led COVID vaccination sites to partner with places of worship to host “temporary” clinics – as part of a drive for wider coverage.
26/02/2021 2 News
Lexon was accused, along with two other wholesalers, of colluding to keep nortriptyline prices up
The Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has dismissed Lexon (UK)’s appeal of a CMA fine and investigation, which said the company broke the law over the supply of nortriptyline.
25/02/2021 0 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following six items for February 2021 prescriptions.
25/02/2021 0 News
With the COVID-19 pandemic creating news at breakneck speed, C+D presents all the essential information on the topic to help pharmacists manage the crisis
25/02/2021 7 News
PSNC chief executive Simon Dukes: The government expects pharmacy teams to be tax collectors
The charge for a single NHS prescription will increase by 20p – from £9.15 to £9.35 – from April 1, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has said.
24/02/2021 2 News
A small pharmacy chain is reportedly “massively” worse off since the introduction of the CPCS, with net earnings of just £4,913 in over nine months, C+D has learned.
24/02/2021 1 News
Cathy Harrison: New education and training for pharmacists mark a fundamental and exciting shift
Northern Ireland’s chief pharmaceutical officer has welcomed plans to overhaul pharmacist training, making way for “new cohorts of pharmacists with enhanced clinical skills”.
24/02/2021 0 News
DH: The PPE portal can provide 100% of COVID-19 PPE requirements for community pharmacy
Less than 0.4% of personal protective equipment (PPE) items made available to wholesalers by the DH over a 10-month period were “released” to community pharmacies in England.
24/02/2021 3 News
The GPhC told 10 online pharmacies they must not sell or supply codeine linctus after intelligence-led inspections identified “serious risks to patient safety”.
23/02/2021 4 News