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PSNC: Medicines shortages are impacting contractors' cashflow
As one of the UK’s largest generics manufacturers, the suspension of Bristol Laboratories’ licence in 2017 prompted severe shortages, which the...
05/06/2019 0 News
The £3 million marketing campaign began in June and will continue until September across TV, social media and screens at outdoor events, GSK said....
04/06/2019 1 News
Mr Bather joined Rowlands Pharmacy as retail operations director at the start of 2019
Mark Bather joined the multiple at the start of the year as retail operations director, following just under three years at TUI, two years as head of...
04/06/2019 12 News
NHS England will also develop a new foundation training programme for newly qualified pharmacists
NHS England’s interim people plan – published yesterday (June 3) – outlines how the commissioning body will invest in its workforce over the next...
04/06/2019 4 News
Vaccinations will be administered by trained pharmacists
The multiple first piloted the service in 40 branches in July-December 2018, and it is currently offered in 77 pharmacies – around 10 of which went...
03/06/2019 4 News
An initial 27 prices for the month were announced on May 23 and a further 15 announced the following day. */ Drug Strength Form Price Alverine...
03/06/2019 0 News
Mr Black served as commercial director and then managing director of Rowlands
Steve Anderson, managing director of the Phoenix UK group, which owns Rowlands, confirmed to C+D this morning (May 6) that Mr Black has left to...
03/06/2019 10 News
Nitin Sodha: I'm stepping aside with immediate effect so the NPA isn't distracted
Mr Sodha will hand over his chairman duties while “allegations of collusion against a company in which he owns shares, Lexon UK, are investigated by...
03/06/2019 4 News
Richard Bradley: No plans to install express lanes beyond the 600 stores already selected
Boots unveiled plans last week to transform its pharmacy offering, including a free online prescription service via the Boots app and website, “...
31/05/2019 26 News
The hospital-only medicine contains 10mg arsenic trioxide in a 10ml glass vial, Flexipharm Austrading announced this month (May 20). The product is...
30/05/2019 0 News