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London-based PharmaDoctor claims to be the “leading provider of clinically supported PGDs in the UK”, having helped pharmacies offer services for...
23/11/2018 0 News
31% of respondents to C+D's poll submitted a yellow card report in the past year
Almost a third (31%) of 107 community pharmacist respondents to the poll – which C+D ran between August and September 2018 – said they had submitted...
23/11/2018 2 News
Teams of healthcare professionals, including pharmacists and GPs, will be assigned to care homes, "where they will get to know individual residents'...
22/11/2018 10 News
*/ Drug Strength Form Price Amisulpride 50mg tablets (60) £5.09 Amisulpride 100mg tablets (60) £7.96 Amisulpride 200mg tablets (60...
22/11/2018 2 News
The DH made the decision to restrict gluten-free prescribing in February
The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) decided in February that “bread and [flour] mixes only” should remain available across England,...
22/11/2018 10 News
The CPNI had previously warned that the ongoing funding crisis was impacting contractors' health
The £11.1m funding includes £3m “in response to specific issues of concern” raised by contractors and to provide “extra support for pharmacies in...
22/11/2018 2 News
Pharmacist store manager Shezan Dar: We were working on top of each other before the refit
The Northenden branch – which officially reopened last week (November 16) – was “ripped down” and “rebuilt from scratch”, to increase the size of the...
21/11/2018 13 News
QIVc and TIV-HD vaccines are expected to be licensed in December
As well as the adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (aTIV) – which is the only vaccine pharmacies are allowed to administer to this age group this flu season...
21/11/2018 3 News
Pharmacists will also be able to prescribe antibiotics where necessary under a PGD
The service is available now in selected pharmacies across England, Scotland and Wales to patients aged over 18, the multiple said yesterday (...
20/11/2018 8 News
The 2018 C+D Awards winners celebrating in London
Entries for all 14 C+D Awards categories – including the new Locum of the Year Award – open today. C+D editor James Waldron said: “Locums are the...
20/11/2018 7 News