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NI health minister Robin Swann: I am appalled by the completely unacceptable attack
A pharmacist in Northern Ireland has been physically assaulted for asking a customer to wear a face mask one week after the announcement of new funds to boost pharmacies' security.
15/02/2021 2 News
The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) is “exploring” proposals to make new NHS local system bodies responsible for local pharmaceutical services.
12/02/2021 1 News
Demand for locums – and in turn their rates – will surge in 2021 as more pharmacy-led sites go live with the COVID-19 vaccination services, Locate a Locum has predicted.
12/02/2021 2 News
Manufacturer Omnicell has introduced the Medimat robot for automating the dispensing of medicines in community pharmacies.
12/02/2021 0 News
The 69 international exam candidates will receive “a detailed response in the coming days”
The GPhC is “carefully considering” the points that overseas candidates made following its decision last week to cancel the March registration exam for some students.
11/02/2021 0 News
Vaccine minister: There are plans to involve pharmacies beyond the vaccination of 1-9 cohorts
Pharmacy-led sites in England have administered more than 350,000 vaccines since going live in January, the vaccines deployment minister Nadim Zahawi has revealed.
11/02/2021 0 News
Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi speaking to the Sigma webinar last night (February 11)
“Logistical difficulties” are preventing all pharmacies becoming COVID vaccination sites – but they will be part of the rollout's “next chapter”, minister Nadhim Zahawi has said.
11/02/2021 0 News
Manufacturer Zentiva UK has launched sertraline film-coated tablets in 25mg to offer greater flexibility to patients.
11/02/2021 0 News
NPA: The fact that strike action is talked about is a sign of how bad the situation has become
There is talk in the sector about “some form of protest” if the government does not waive the requirement to pay back the £370 million in COVID advance funding, the NPA has said.
10/02/2021 52 News
DH: Most pharmacies have been able to access general COVID-19 support packages
The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has responded to PSNC’s public expression of “deep frustration” over the ongoing pharmacy funding negotiations.
10/02/2021 13 News