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Zeshan Rehmani approaching Chtaura, Lebanon on the border of Syria this year
A Manchester pharmacist reveals the steps of his journey to crowdfunding more than £125,000 for Syrian refugees
26/03/2021 0 Features
Naimah Callachand: I wish I had someone to instill in me more confidence in applying for jobs
Making the leap from locuming in Belfast to becoming a journalist in London was challenging but rewarding, says C+D's women's board advisor Naimah Callachand
22/03/2021 1 Features
Mr Kumwenda says balancing learning and wellbeing is important for exam preparation
Preparation, a positive mindset and problem-solving skills are key for preparing for the GPhC exam, says an expert on pre-registration revision
11/03/2021 0 Features
Pharmacies must stock emergency steroid cards before the approaching deadline to reduce the fatal risk to patients, Janice Perkins says
09/03/2021 0 Features
C+D has launched a podcast series on its community platform to mark International Women’s Day
08/03/2021 0 Features
Offices in Marlow, Buckinghamshire housing a pharmacy-led COVID-19 vaccine hub
Pharmacies have come up with inventive ways of making the required space to host a COVID-19 vaccine hub
26/02/2021 0 Features
BAME hesitancy about the COVID-19 vaccines has roots in myths that can be dispelled by pharmacists, a UKBPA member tells C+D in a podcast.
25/02/2021 0 Features
Employee pharmacists had the same average work-life balance at the largest three multiples
Compare the pay rises, bonuses, stress, work-life balance and workload at Boots, Lloydspharmacy and Well by clicking on the icons below
18/02/2021 0 Features
When should you use atomic weight versus molecular weight when approaching these calculations?
18/02/2021 0 Features
Stress wreaked havoc with pharmacists’ health due to increased workload in 2020
17/02/2021 1 Features