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Bernadette Brown has tackled staff stress with a daily team conversation
One contractor was so desperate to get back to her pharmacy before lockdown that she travelled for four days and nights from a holiday in Mexico to reach it.
05/06/2020 3 Features
Many pharmacy professionals say patients have verbally abused them
Pharmacy teams reveal why abuse received from patients has soared during the COVID-19 outbreak
29/05/2020 20 Features
Ajay Berry says his team handled what felt like "three Christmases" worth of patient demand
Pharmacies are feeling the brunt of patient frustration over medicine shortages and price hikes during the COVID-19 outbreak, says one contractor in the East Midlands.
21/05/2020 7 Features
Community pharmacy staff reported shortages across all 30 brands of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medicines included in a C+D survey between October 2019 and March 2020
21/05/2020 0 Features
Hitesh Tailor owns The Village Pharmacy in Harlington, west London
After stopping its medicine use reviews (MURs) at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak so it could focus on dispensing, one pharmacy is still recovering from the financial losses
15/05/2020 14 Features
Most pharmacies should not be at risk of being unable to dispense medicines after reaching their credit limit with wholesalers, according to the head of a wholesaler body.
07/05/2020 5 Features
Antibody tests are not currently recommended for use in the community by Public Health England
Pharmacy contractors should be aware of which COVID-19 tests they are legally allowed to sell to avoid inadvertently breaking the law
06/05/2020 3 Features
Shropshire LPC says many pharmacies are at "breaking point"
A pharmacy team in Shropshire has been stretched to its limit by staff shortages while managing unprecedented demand
01/05/2020 3 Features
C+D's letter highlights the ramifications of failing to recognise pharmacists
Raise awareness of community pharmacy teams not being among the healthcare professionals receiving a £60,000 COVID-19 death in service payout by sending a letter to your MP
29/04/2020 2 Features
In a letter to health secretary Matt Hancock, C+D editor Beth Kennedy questions why pharmacy teams aren’t automatically covered by COVID-19 life assurance for healthcare workers
29/04/2020 9 Features