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Some 45% of respondents said they had been subject to attempts at intimidation from patients
Demand for locum pharmacists rose and fell during a stormy year that took a toll on their mental health
04/02/2021 0 Features
Almost 200 locum pharmacists across the UK completed the C+D Salary Survey
Use C+D’s map to compare locum pharmacists’ average hourly rate, ability to find work and rate dissatisfaction levels in regions across Great Britain
02/02/2021 0 Features
Remote healthcare will remain a part of the GP pharmacist pre-registration experience after COVID-19, predicts a Health Education England regional facilitator
01/02/2021 0 Features
Avicenna managing dirrector Bharti Patel refers to the company as a "family"
The Avicenna chief tells C+D how she oversaw the company launching a series of initiatives during the horrors of COVID-19
29/01/2021 0 Features
Are you familiar with the structure of extended matching questions? Why not try our five worked examples
28/01/2021 0 Features
Simon Dukes says thousands of pharmacies should be administering COVID-19 vaccines
Most community pharmacies have been excluded from the COVID-19 vaccine programme partly because the sector is not considered an NHS family member, says PSNC CEO Simon Dukes
22/01/2021 13 Features
With the registration exam confirmed for March 2021, now is the time to practice calculations so you can be prepared for the exam
21/01/2021 0 Features
A cartoon published by the Anti-Vaccine Society in 1802 showing cows emerging from vaccinated patients. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
COVID-19 vaccine scepticism among pharmacy teams can trace its roots back to chemists risking legal action by refusing the smallpox vaccine, C+D’s archives reveal
19/01/2021 1 Features
Two pharmacies reveal the details of the hard work behind the creation of their COVID-19 vaccination sites, which can start seeing patients from today
11/01/2021 3 Features
Boris Johnson saying pharmacies are "vital" in COVID-19 vaccinations on January 6. Credit: Open Parliament Licence v3.0
Representatives from across pharmacy have asked the government to mobilise more of the sector to vaccinate in the fight against COVID-19
08/01/2021 2 Features