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Pharmacists would train as apprentices on placements hosted by pharmacy companies
Last week, C+D reported that a proposal for a five-year pharmacist apprenticeship scheme was under consultation, which was met by a sector-wide...
18/04/2019 12 Features
Patients with hayfever can download an app to track symptoms
Almost half of UK adults (44%) have at least one allergy, according to charity Allergy UK. The numbers are rising, with hospital admissions for...
18/04/2019 2 Features
Superintendent pharmacist Dipak Nandha outside Kanset Pharmacy in Ham, south-west London
In the fight against falling incomes, community pharmacies need effective ways to promote themselves, their products and services. Screens showing...
08/04/2019 3 Features
Ms Kennedy visited a pharmacy in her constituency in 2017. Credit: Joan Mary Burrows
Ms Kennedy was among 292 MPs who voted in March in favour of emergency powers to allow a pharmacist to dispense an alternative in the case of a...
05/04/2019 1 Features
“Type 1 diabetes is manageable, but this boy has a life-long condition to live with"
When a young boy and his mother visited their pharmacy to get passport photos, they were not expecting to receive some shocking blood test results....
04/04/2019 3 Features
Former pharmacy minister Steve Brine having a mock blood test for hepatitis C in London
The ever-expanding role of a pharmacist means new pilot schemes are popping up in community pharmacies throughout the UK, delivering care in areas...
29/03/2019 0 Features
Mr Brine visited a pharmacy delivering a hepatitis C service last year
Mr Brine was appointed pharmacy minister in June 2017, replacing David Mowat, who lost his seat in the general election. Following the news of his...
26/03/2019 1 Features
Researchers: Promote pharmacy services via national campaigns on TV and radio
There has been much discussion recently about community pharmacy’s potential to expand its role in the management of long-term conditions, with...
22/03/2019 7 Features
"The PDA Union has won a big prize with the outcome of the Boots ballot"
Boots pharmacists can now choose to be represented by a trade union that is independent of the company. Over 92% of registered and pre-registration...
12/03/2019 3 Features
Anna Maxwell: Embrace switches to encourage investment in pharmacy
Ms Maxwell has analysed over 30 medicine reclassifications, from prescription-only medicine (POM) to one available to purchase in pharmacies (P), she...
08/03/2019 3 Features