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Over 3,000 pharmacies have joined the scheme so far, including 400 independent businesses
Despite criticism, thousands of UK community pharmacies have joined a campaign to offer the lifeline of a safe space to victims of domestic abuse
02/10/2020 0 Features
An "anti-influenza mask" advert from The Chemist and Druggist on January 18, 1919
C+D dives into its archives to reveal the parallels for community pharmacies between the pandemics of Spanish flu and COVID-19
24/09/2020 1 Features
Results from a C+D survey show how pharmacy professionals' ethnicity impacts how they think racism should be tackled in the sector
18/09/2020 1 Features
The owner of a small pharmacy group estimates his business paid up to £80,000 in extra costs due to excessive medicines prices in April
17/09/2020 2 Features
The pharmacy team at Williams Pharmacy after it closed in August 2019
A pharmacy was forced to close following government funding cuts, despite receiving a six figure sum in investment. C+D hears from affected patients
11/09/2020 5 Features
The option to remotely supervise a pharmacy in a crisis as a last resort could be helpful for pharmacists in some situations, says contractor Mike Hewitson
10/09/2020 18 Features
Pharmacies in England and Scotland reveal the cost of suspending their services due to COVID-19
04/09/2020 2 Features
Superdrug has sought to protect its pharmacy locums from COVID-19 as well as its employees, an executive said in a C+D podcast
03/09/2020 1 Features
As honorary consul for India, Raj Aggarwal promotes trade with Wales
A pharmacist received the title of honorary captain in the navy after helping a ship celebrate a Hindu festival with coloured lights
28/08/2020 0 Features
In the first of two follow-up podcasts since C+D’s anti-racism webinar, we spoke to Alima Batchelor and Mohammad Hussain to address further questions from the audience
27/08/2020 0 Features