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The C+D Salary Survey revealed significant variation in pay and satisfaction across the UK
Over the past 11 years, the C+D Salary Survey has documented how the nature of life as a locum in community pharmacy has changed – whether that is...
11/01/2019 3 Features
Are you responsible for your pharmacist's behaviour at a work social event?
You recently organised a Christmas drinks evening for your pharmacy staff at a local pub, and put some money behind the bar. You left early, but...
08/01/2019 1 Features
Marisa Maciborka won her C+D Award – for Pre-registration Graduate of the Year 2018 – for her work at Bedminster Pharmacy in Bristol. But her path to...
04/01/2019 0 Features
"Whatever 2019 brings, C+D will inform, champion and support pharmacists and pharmacy staff"
Community pharmacy underwent such a dramatic journey over the past 12 months that it made England’s World Cup adventure look positively dull. While...
02/01/2019 1 Features
Haroon Mahmood: Going above and beyond doesn’t require you to be Superman
Haroon Mahmood is the first-ever Above and Beyond Award-winner. Mr Mahmood topped the online C+D reader poll early this year with his account of...
20/12/2018 2 Features
The C+D Salary Survey 2018 – which ran throughout October – revealed that 83% of contractors in England experienced a drop in their income in the...
19/12/2018 0 Features
Contractors in England say funding cuts were the biggest threat to their business in 2018
The C+D Salary Survey 2018 – which ran throughout October – has revealed that 83% of contractors in England experienced a decrease in their personal...
19/12/2018 1 Features
The restrictions mean pharmacies in England can only dispense gluten-free bread and mixes
From this month, pharmacy teams in England will no longer be able to dispense NHS prescriptions for any gluten-free items other than bread and mixes...
13/12/2018 0 Features
"I don't know if there will be any more pharmacy closures as a result of the funding cuts"
In September, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) asked pharmacy bodies to explain what steps they are taking to address inadequate staffing...
13/12/2018 3 Features
The C+D Salary Survey 2018 – the largest survey of community pharmacy, and the biggest in the survey's 11-year history – was completed by a total...
12/12/2018 1 Features