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C+D clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart spoke to Babir Malik, community pharmacist, teacher practitioner and social media guru (find him on Twitter @...
26/11/2018 4 Features
The MHRA is keen to improve yellow card reporting in community pharmacy
For a medicine to be considered safe, its expected benefits should outweigh any associated risks of harmful reactions. All medicines undergo safety...
23/11/2018 0 Features
The following question relates to the ‘calculation’ sections of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registration assessment framework. It is...
22/11/2018 7 Features
From left to right: Pharmacist manager Nanda Ghanta, accuracy checking dispenser Pramod Thatikonda, director of pharmacy Sandeep Khosla, accuracy checking dispenser Vinod Kumar
Sandeep Khosla is the first to admit that being the director of pharmacy at Medipharmacy – a family-owned business founded by his parents, who now...
20/11/2018 10 Features
NHS's fraud organisation claims pharmacy is one of 13 areas which cost health service £1.29bn
The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has declared war on fraud within the NHS in England. Last month, the government announced a crackdown...
16/11/2018 10 Features
Superdrug has described a growing customer demand for anti-wrinkle treatments
In August, Superdrug piloted its ‘skin renew service’ – which includes Botox injections and dermal fillers priced from £99 – for over 25-year-olds,...
15/11/2018 0 Features
Increasing pharmacists' responsibilities has implications for insurance premiums
Pharmacists’ clinical role has rapidly expanded over recent years, with more individuals working in general practice, as independent prescribers, and...
01/11/2018 1 Features
Devon LPC is piloting GP appointments in two pharmacies (credit: Barry Barnes/
Updated NHS England planning guidance on improving access to general practice, published in February, called for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs...
31/10/2018 1 Features
You are aware a prospective pharmacy technician has a condition that causes severe vision problems
You have been interviewing candidates for a pharmacy technician post, and have a shortlist of two individuals. During their interview, one candidate...
30/10/2018 7 Features
MPs have scrutinised recent generics price rises (credit: Drop of Light /
The latest instalment in the sector’s long-running struggles with generic pricing started in September 2017, when the Pharmaceutical Services...
25/10/2018 1 Features