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Ms Bull (centre) has set herself the target of becoming an area manager for RP Healthcare
Victoria Bull was dubbed ‘The Wolf’ – after the Pulp Fiction character – by her superintendent Ravi Patel due to her reputation as ‘the fixer’ at RP...
11/12/2018 3 Features
L-R: Technician Helen Blackett, pharmacist Katharina Elliott and superintendent Dawn Cruickshank
When C+D visited John Low Pharmacy in Consett, County Durham, the person standing behind the counter wasn’t a counter assistant, technician or a...
07/12/2018 0 Features
More than 320 employee pharmacists from the UK's three largest multiples completed the survey
For this interactive data tool, C+D only analysed the results of the 327 branch managers and second or non-manager pharmacists working at Boots,...
06/12/2018 0 Features
Please note that while C+D's calculator contains information from the 1,916 respondents to the survey, the sheer number of possible criteria...
05/12/2018 0 Features
Owner Stuart Frost and manager Noha El-Gamal say housing a local surgery protected the pharmacy
“There was going to be nowhere else local to put the surgery, so I thought: ‘Why not relocate [it] into the pharmacy?’”. Mr Gale, the owner of...
29/11/2018 3 Features
C+D clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart spoke to Babir Malik, community pharmacist, teacher practitioner and social media guru (find him on Twitter @...
26/11/2018 4 Features
The MHRA is keen to improve yellow card reporting in community pharmacy
For a medicine to be considered safe, its expected benefits should outweigh any associated risks of harmful reactions. All medicines undergo safety...
23/11/2018 0 Features
The following question relates to the ‘calculation’ sections of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registration assessment framework. It is...
22/11/2018 7 Features
From left to right: Pharmacist manager Nanda Ghanta, accuracy checking dispenser Pramod Thatikonda, director of pharmacy Sandeep Khosla, accuracy checking dispenser Vinod Kumar
Sandeep Khosla is the first to admit that being the director of pharmacy at Medipharmacy – a family-owned business founded by his parents, who now...
20/11/2018 10 Features
NHS's fraud organisation claims pharmacy is one of 13 areas which cost health service £1.29bn
The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has declared war on fraud within the NHS in England. Last month, the government announced a crackdown...
16/11/2018 10 Features