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Community pharmacy contractors are fighting to stay in business as medicines prices force them to search for credit, an analysis of an NPA survey reveals
19/07/2019 5 Features
Pharmacists must use a DMIRS online system to record patient information during consultations
As community pharmacies begin to receive their first patient referrals from GP surgeries under the DMIRS pilot, C+D examines its potential benefits and pitfalls
12/07/2019 3 Features
Eye drops
A pilot proved how community pharmacies can play a vital role in eyecare by transforming how more than 100 patients with glaucoma managed their condition
11/07/2019 0 Features
James Waldron interviewed Anne-Hélène Lebec at the PharmacyForum conference on June 12
C+D's editor James Waldron spoke to an expert on French pharmacies to find out why the UK’s health secretary is such an admirer of this model
05/07/2019 4 Features
With primary care networks (PCNs) going live across England next week, C+D reviews what we know so far about the opportunities for community pharmacy
28/06/2019 4 Features
Nat Mitchell vaccinating Labour MP Sue Hayman in September 2018
When vaccine shortages boosted demand for flu jabs, the overordering by one pharmacy helped it to carry the extra workload – but it wasn’t easy
26/06/2019 0 Features
CBD products in a glass-fronted cabinet in Bannside Pharmacy, Northern Ireland
With more patients coming to pharmacies for cannabidiol (CBD) and possibly even with prescriptions for medical cannabis, what should your staff tell them?
21/06/2019 6 Features
Pharmacists may be keen to expand their roles, but they are restrained by technology, funding and collaboration with the wider healthcare network, say three interested parties
20/06/2019 1 Features
Andrew Evans: The Welsh government is going to keep investing in service commissioning
Wales is forging fundamental change in community pharmacy through pumping millions more into services, the country’s most senior pharmacist reveals
12/06/2019 1 Features
What do you need to know before advising patients on this commonly dispensed proton pump inhibitor?
12/06/2019 0 Features