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Michael Smith: "Go and have a look at the data, it’s quite good data.”
A hospital pharmacist describes how a little research allayed his apprehension about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine
05/01/2021 0 Features
Jay Badenhorst: “Community pharmacy is perfectly located to participate in the PRINCIPLE study”
The first COVID-19 vaccinations are being administered across the UK but finding a treatment for those who contract the virus remains paramount
22/12/2020 0 Features
If you are unsure how to approach dilutions and compounding calculation questions, try our worked examples to help you prepare for the exam
17/12/2020 6 Features
Nathan Raymond says he has only had two days of holiday since February
Welsh pharmacies are “exhausted” after weathering the COVID-19 pandemic, despite being better prepared for the second wave, and are looking for more funding, insiders reveal
11/12/2020 5 Features
Pharmacists are essential in easing patient safety concerns about the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines, a global health expert says in a C+D podcast
08/12/2020 14 Features
Professor Mahendra Patel says COVID-19 vaccines will have the "gold standard" of approval
Professor Mahendra Patel says pharmacists can tackle patient misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines by reassuring them about safety concerns
03/12/2020 4 Features
NHSE&I has released several documents on how pharmacy can prepare to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine
Pharmacies who want to help deliver the COVID-19 vaccine must submit a form to NHS by December 6. C+D unpacks everything you need to know from the national guidance documents
02/12/2020 11 Features
What is the best way to approach exam questions that include resources to help you answer the question?
19/11/2020 1 Features
Patients should moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise again, according to one expert
From the right amount of sunlight to lathering on the moisturiser, there are many lockdown-related skincare tips that pharmacists can give to patients
11/11/2020 1 Features
From left clockwise: Ade Williams, Andrew Lane and Ali Sparkes
During COVID-19, many pharmacies have forged stronger links with their NHS colleagues to ensure patients have access to their medicines
04/11/2020 3 Features