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A bomb disposal robot was deployed to move the suspicious package (credit: Khalid Khan)
Townfield Pharmacy in Birkenhead, Merseyside, was quiet when its staff heard about a suspicious package. At around 2.30pm on Wednesday, February 13...
06/03/2019 0 Features
You are struggling to recruit staff for your pharmacy. You need a pharmacist, a dispensary assistant and a manager for the sales team. The right...
27/02/2019 9 Features
C+D revealed stress levels among community pharmacists rose six percentage points in two years
Last month, C+D revealed that stress levels among UK community pharmacists rose six percentage points between 2016 and 2018. The Royal Pharmaceutical...
26/02/2019 16 Features
Malcolm Harrison: My career advice is to try different things and really stretch yourself
It was his mother’s passion for being a midwife that encouraged Mr Harrison to seek a job in healthcare, but it was the “buzz” of an eight-week...
25/02/2019 2 Features
NHS England will make 20,000 roles available in primary care, including for "clinical" pharmacists
Last month, NHS England announced its multi-billion pound, five-year GP funding deal, which chief executive Simon Stevens called "unarguably the...
22/02/2019 6 Features
"My focus is to show a different side of pharmacy and what we can provide beyond just medicines"
Elizabeth Lawless stepped up as full-time pharmacist manager at The Health Dispensary in Neath, South Wales – after four years working there part-...
15/02/2019 1 Features
23% of adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not visit the dentist every two years
Poor oral health costs the NHS. The British Dental Association (BDA) estimates that 150 procedures to extract teeth are performed each day under...
14/02/2019 0 Features
Olutayo Arikawe: All of the staff have the opportunity to contribute their ideas
When pharmacist Olutayo Arikawe joined The Priory Community Pharmacy in 2012, it had just one other full-time member of staff to serve a deprived...
11/02/2019 2 Features
The Community Pharmacy Referral Service won the Health Initiative of the Year Award
In 2016, NHS 111 call centres in the north-east of England received more than 300,000 calls over a six month period. Many of these calls were for...
07/02/2019 1 Features
Pharmacies in England can earn funding through the Quality Payments Scheme, which is part of the community pharmacy contractual framework. This ...
06/02/2019 0 Features