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In a letter sent to the new pharmacy minister today, C+D editor James Waldron urges Seema Kennedy to positively influence the funding negotiations
24/04/2019 0 Features
Pharmacists would train as apprentices on placements hosted by pharmacy companies
Following the revelation that a five-year pharmacist apprenticeship is under consultation, C+D sets out what we know about the proposals so far
18/04/2019 12 Features
Patients with hayfever can download an app to track symptoms
Allergic conditions seem to be becoming more common in the UK. What’s behind the rise, and how can pharmacists help this growing number of patients?
18/04/2019 2 Features
Superintendent pharmacist Dipak Nandha outside Kanset Pharmacy in Ham, south-west London
C+D talks to three community pharmacists about their experiences of investing in digital signage to promote their services and health messages
08/04/2019 3 Features
Ms Kennedy visited a pharmacy in her constituency in 2017. Credit: Joan Mary Burrows
New pharmacy minister Seema Kennedy voted in favour of pharmacists’ shortages powers as well as the pharmacy funding cuts in England.
05/04/2019 1 Features
“Type 1 diabetes is manageable, but this boy has a life-long condition to live with"
A 12-year-old’s visit to a community pharmacy ended in hospital for diabetes type 1 treatment, following the astute observations of a pharmacist
04/04/2019 3 Features
Former pharmacy minister Steve Brine having a mock blood test for hepatitis C in London
C+D follows up on the progress of three community pharmacy pilot schemes to see whether they have a viable path to a permanent future
29/03/2019 0 Features
Mr Brine visited a pharmacy delivering a hepatitis C service last year
Following his resignation from the government over Brexit, C+D looks back at Steve Brine's highlights as pharmacy minister
26/03/2019 1 Features
Researchers: Promote pharmacy services via national campaigns on TV and radio
Unique research has examined how different groups view pharmacy’s services for long-term conditions – and whether they need a marketing overhaul
22/03/2019 7 Features
"The PDA Union has won a big prize with the outcome of the Boots ballot"
What does the outcome of the Boots ballot mean for pharmacists across the sector? C+D speaks to lawyers and pharmacy insiders to find out
12/03/2019 3 Features