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Anna Maxwell: Embrace switches to encourage investment in pharmacy
C+D deputy editor Grace Lewis spoke to Anna Maxwell, CEO of medicines switching company Maxwellia, about what makes a successful POM to P change
08/03/2019 3 Features
A bomb disposal robot was deployed to move the suspicious package (credit: Khalid Khan)
Pharmacy staff tell C+D how they dealt with a suspicious package filled with bolts – and the resulting controlled explosion
06/03/2019 0 Features
Did you have enough HR knowledge to correctly answer this workplace dilemma?
27/02/2019 9 Features
C+D revealed stress levels among community pharmacists rose six percentage points in two years
The RPS has used C+D’s Salary Survey data as evidence that NHS England should fund a community pharmacy stress service. So what difference could this make to the sector?
26/02/2019 16 Features
Malcolm Harrison: My career advice is to try different things and really stretch yourself
C+D news editor Grace Lewis spoke to Malcolm Harrison, chief executive of the CCA, about his long-spanning career in community pharmacy
25/02/2019 2 Features
NHS England will make 20,000 roles available in primary care, including for "clinical" pharmacists
Following NHS England's publication of a funding deal dubbed the "biggest boost to primary care in 15 years", C+D sets out what it means for community pharmacists
22/02/2019 6 Features
"My focus is to show a different side of pharmacy and what we can provide beyond just medicines"
The Community Pharmacist of the Year Award 2018 went to an individual who claims to just be doing her job – but who stood out for the impact she's made in pharmacy
15/02/2019 1 Features
23% of adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not visit the dentist every two years
It has often been left to dentists – but the results of a pilot study suggest there are many opportunities for community pharmacies to improve dental outcomes
14/02/2019 0 Features
Olutayo Arikawe: All of the staff have the opportunity to contribute their ideas
C+D’s Pharmacy Team of 2018 reveals how ideas such as a vegetable patch for patients are helping transform their premises into a “community hall”
11/02/2019 2 Features
The Community Pharmacy Referral Service won the Health Initiative of the Year Award
How did the Community Pharmacy Referral Service grow from a local initiative to a national, award-winning scheme?
07/02/2019 1 Features