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The survey was completed by 330 employee pharmacists working at the three largest multiples
Click on the images to compare the pay rises, bonuses, work-life balance, stress and workload at Boots, Lloydspharmacy and Well, according to the C+D Salary Survey 2019
12/12/2019 0 Features
Enter your details into the calculator to compare your pay to the average pharmacist, branch manager, superintendent, dispenser or pharmacy technician salary across the UK
11/12/2019 0 Features
The C+D Salary Survey 2019 found the average UK locum pharmacist rate rose to £21.99 – but 75% reported high levels of stress
05/12/2019 2 Features
Only Labour and the Green party refer specifically to community pharmacy in their manifestos
C+D reveals what – if anything – each political party has pledged to do for community pharmacy in their manifestos for the general election on December 12
04/12/2019 3 Features
Use C+D’s interactive map to see locum pharmacists’ average hourly rate, satisfaction levels and ability to find work across the UK
03/12/2019 1 Features
Ahmad Sadiqzai says pharmacy is behind other sectors digitally
A pharmacist has helped independents get an edge over their competitors through cutting-edge websites and marketing, winning a C+D trophy in the process
27/11/2019 5 Features
Sunil Kochhar: The point of the service is not for profit making
An independent pharmacy’s “amazing” service has identified three patients at high risk of melanoma
22/11/2019 1 Features
Siraaj Bukera is pharmacy manager at the age of 23
When he didn’t get the grades he wanted, one pre-registration pharmacist scored a greater success by linking together a pharmacy, a GP surgery and a care home
19/11/2019 4 Features
One pharmacy dealt with the aftermath of flooding, snow, and power failures to keep its doors open every day for almost seven decades
15/11/2019 0 Features
From vocal exercises in the dispensary to being "nerdy" about prescriptions, C+D’s Pharmacy Team of the Year reveal the secrets of their success
13/11/2019 3 Features