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Patients should moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise again, according to one expert
From the right amount of sunlight to lathering on the moisturiser, there are many lockdown-related skincare tips that pharmacists can give to patients
11/11/2020 1 Features
From left clockwise: Ade Williams, Andrew Lane and Ali Sparkes
During COVID-19, many pharmacies have forged stronger links with their NHS colleagues to ensure patients have access to their medicines
04/11/2020 3 Features
Mohammed Anwar: "We’re seeing a lot of weird things we would not normally see"
Pharmacies in lockdown areas including Manchester have seen worrying trends in patient requests as GP surgeries remain difficult to access
30/10/2020 9 Features
Tom Cooper is lead cardiology pharmacist at an NHS trust in London
A cardiology pharmacist reveals ways for pharmacists to keep abreast of the rapidly changing COVID-19 clinical recommendations
29/10/2020 0 Features
Toby Anderson: Hub-and-spoke dispensing is not the final answer to efficiency challenges
Lloydspharmacy's CEO Toby Anderson reveals how the multiple is fighting to prevent as many closures as possible – despite COVID-19 pressures
23/10/2020 21 Features
Pharmacy teams should have a disaster plan to combat the impact of a second wave of COVID-19, says a mental health expert
22/10/2020 5 Features
Oksana Pyzik says pharmacists can debunk dangerous myths about COVID-19
Pharmacists will be “critical” in delivering the COVID-19 vaccines to patients when they become available, a global health expert says in a C+D podcast
15/10/2020 6 Features
Rowlands managing director Mark Bather reveals how the UK's fourth-largest pharmacy is adapting after weathering the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
14/10/2020 0 Features
Gareth McCabe: "Should it have taken a pandemic to get support?"
One pharmacy in Northern Ireland is still handling stress from increased workload after the COVID-19 pandemic despite the relief of extra funding
09/10/2020 0 Features
A panel of experts reveal what symptoms pharmacy professionals may see among patients suffering the long-term effects of COVID-19
08/10/2020 4 Features