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An ICS launched in Somerset officially in December 2020
Somerset LPC tells C+D how it forged bonds with its ICS through years of working with PCNs and CCGs
23/04/2021 0 Features
What is the best method to approach pharmacoeconomic calculation questions?
22/04/2021 0 Features
Nat Mitchell's pharmacy-led hub received approval to administer vaccines in mid-March
One pharmacy in Cumbria explains in a C+D podcast how it refused to give up its mission to create a COVID-19 vaccine service despite four months of delays
21/04/2021 0 Features
The Lancet: The number of stillbirths at one London hospital shot up during the pandemic
How has the infant mortality rate been affected by COVID-19 and what can pharmacists advise patients about it?
16/04/2021 1 Features
UKBPA president Elsy Gomez Campos reveals how she worked her way up in pharmacy after moving to the UK from Cuba in the latest A Coffee With...podcast
14/04/2021 0 Features
Rishi Bhatia: "Care homes were crying out for PPE"
One contractor ran the equivalent of five marathons over a month to buy PPE for care homes
12/04/2021 0 Features
Pharmacies are limited to providing four boxes of test kits per transaction
A pharmacy lateral flow device distribution service has been launched in England. C+D unpacks what the Pharmacy Collect service entails.
09/04/2021 3 Features
Yasmine Haq has worked in pharmacies since the age of 16
A provisionally registered pharmacist reveals how starting her pharmacy degree two years after she originally planned was the right move for her
07/04/2021 2 Features
Pharmacy teams provided much needed support and advice for patients during the pandemic
From bespoke delivery services to running a food distribution hub from the consultation room, meet the pharmacy teams who became COVID heroes during the pandemic
07/04/2021 0 Features
An NHS inclusivity plan should help to tailor pharmacy services more effectively to the needs of communities, says Dr Mahendra Patel in a C+D podcast
31/03/2021 0 Features