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Pharmacies profiteering from the COVID-19 outbreak could face serious sanctions for unfair pricing, says solicitor Susan Hunneyball
26/03/2020 5 Views
Xrayser questions how pharmacists and patients benefit from the GPhC, and asks what the proposed £103 premises fee increase would really pay for
25/03/2020 6 Views
Preparing a list of key phone numbers and limiting the sale of products like paracetamol are some of the ways pharmacy teams can combat the pressure of COVID-19, says Reena Barai
24/03/2020 5 Views
Despite the insult of being called a “distributer of medicine”, C+D clinical editor Naimah Callachand says she will overcome her concerns to return to work in a pharmacy
20/03/2020 12 Views
Community pharmacists have stepped up to the front line in the war against COVID-19
18/03/2020 1 Views
Giving online pharmacies access to patient records would improve safety, says Jana Abelovská
17/03/2020 5 Views
Coronavirus means the government must reconsider pharmacy funding to help independent businesses tackle the crisis, NPA board member Olivier Picard says
16/03/2020 1 Views
Pharmacy closures are impacting more than business owners as workload pressure in branches that have survived the cuts remains high says C+D digital reporter Eliza Slawther
12/03/2020 0 Views
Offering more services in pharmacies is a good idea, but ineffective without an increase in staffing levels and funding to match, says the Multiple Manager
11/03/2020 0 Views
GP Toni Hazell is a fan of the new medicines service (NMS) but has found that medicine use reviews (MURs) can add to her workload
10/03/2020 7 Views