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Accounts of racism in the pharmacy raised during C+D’s webinar highlight the urgent need for ways for victims to report racism, says Naimah Callachand
13/08/2020 0 Views
How pharmacists should handle a coroner’s request for information about a death, revealed by Thorrun Govind and James Down
10/08/2020 4 Views
The CMA and GPhC have warned pharmacies against profiteering during COVID-19, says Susan Hunneyball
06/08/2020 1 Views
Now is the time to start a conversation in earnest around racial discrimination faced by many in the sector, says Beth Kennedy
05/08/2020 3 Views
The new service in Scotland for treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) and impetigo could help pharmacists get recognised, says Rose Marie Parr
04/08/2020 2 Views
Pharmacy staff are not happy with the awkwardness of personal protective equipment (PPE), despite knowing its importance, says Xrayser
03/08/2020 1 Views
The shift to 24-hour online pharmacy exams will help some students during a stressful period, says Chau Nguyen
29/07/2020 1 Views
The CCA is working to increase flu vaccination uptake from community pharmacies despite the accompanying challenge of COVID-19
28/07/2020 3 Views
Without locums, the NHS test and trace service could wipe out whole teams in pharmacies that have to stay open, says Laura Buckley
24/07/2020 6 Views
More pharmacists should be available to the public, not fewer, which is why the PDA doesn't support remote supervision, says Mark Koziol
22/07/2020 16 Views