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A mail-order pharmacy model may be handy for patients, but it might spell the end of community pharmacy without adequately replacing the care they provide, cautions Leyla Hannbeck
10/06/2021 23 Views
The myth that GPs shut during the COVID-19 pandemic only serves to widen the divide between surgeries and pharmacies – and the NHS isn’t helping, says the GP Pharmacist
07/06/2021 18 Views
I instantly regret sharing my religion with those I work with. That’s why when I walk into the pharmacy, I leave parts of who I am at the door, says The Dispenser
04/06/2021 9 Views
Proposals for a pharmacist apprenticeship may have been kicked into the long grass for now, but pharmacists’ concerns will have to be addressed if they come back, says Toni Hazell
28/05/2021 11 Views
Laura Buckley has a lot of questions that need to be answered about the hub-and-spoke dispensing model. Will it mean patients will lose that connection to local pharmacists?
24/05/2021 6 Views
Patients who demand to know whether Calpol is good chambré are turning pharmacists into salbutamol sommeliers, says Xrayser
21/05/2021 19 Views
Although PSNC must be careful in its approach to contract negotiations, we can be clear: no deal should be struck until the government settles COVID costs in full, says Andrew Lane
18/05/2021 4 Views
In the past year, pharmacists have had more work, more stress and fewer opportunities to relax. Ali Sparkes explains how she and her team kept spirits high
14/05/2021 0 Views
Public understanding of how and when different COVID tests should be used is poor. Pharmacists can give patients good advice at the same time as their free tests, says Toni Hazell
11/05/2021 5 Views
Juggling the usual GP surgery workload while administering 975 COVID-19 vaccines a week is difficult but manageable, says Danny Bartlett
04/05/2021 4 Views