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An anonymous pharmacist looking for a new career imagines how Donald Trump might advise him to use his skills in acquiring medicines elsewhere
19/02/2020 0 Views
It’s important to read the small print in the £20,000 payment for pharmacists partnering with GP practices, argues GP Toni Hazell
18/02/2020 7 Views
Every pharmacist must report adverse drug reactions using the yellow card scheme, says chair of the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group Janice Perkins
17/02/2020 1 Views
New advice for pharmacies on selling products containing cannabidiol (CBD) leaves few patients to buy them, says lawyer Noel Wardle
14/02/2020 0 Views
Manufacturers should learn from malfunctioning medical devices to make them more user-friendly and avoid wastage, argues Xrayser
11/02/2020 3 Views
The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is proposing an unnecessary increase in premises fees so it can fund itself despite a reduced number of pharmacies, argues The Contractor
06/02/2020 3 Views
More pharmacies were on the market last year despite a drop in value across the UK, pharmacy consultant Paul Steet says
04/02/2020 2 Views
Plans to offer a fast-track course for pharmacists to become doctors insult the profession and could create a workforce crisis, says Laura Buckley
03/02/2020 17 Views
Pharmacists can expect 2020 to bring more opportunities and difficulties, but Laura Buckley is confident that the sector can rise to the challenge
28/01/2020 3 Views
The Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) could land a pharmacist in legal trouble if red flag symptoms are missed, warns lawyer Noel Wardle
27/01/2020 27 Views