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Digital healthcare is part of the solution to bricks-and-mortar pharmacies’ capacity challenges, not a threat, says Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor managing director Andy Sloman
12/11/2019 2 Views
Flu vaccinations are no better when delivered by GPs, but if surgeries don't deliver enough they may not be able to afford to offer the service at all, says GP Toni Hazell
11/11/2019 40 Views
After burglars drove through the door of Xrayser’s pharmacy three times in a bid to steal toiletries, he learned a lesson about fear that he applies to the new pharmacy contract
07/11/2019 0 Views
Rising employment and drug costs combined with poor remuneration have led to an overall loss of £7,000 a month for one disillusioned owner of three pharmacies
06/11/2019 10 Views
Making your online pharmacy safe while being user-friendly is a balancing act, but the CQC can help, says Frost Pharmacy Group’s managing director Stuart Gale
05/11/2019 0 Views
C+D clinical editor Naimah Callachand asked pharmacy professionals on both sides of the Irish border about the potential impact of Brexit on their businesses
04/11/2019 0 Views
Online pharmacies complicate communication between GPs and pharmacists and take much-needed footfall away from the community, says GP Toni Hazell
31/10/2019 12 Views
Intrepid intruders set the alarm off by breaking through the roof of a pharmacy not once, but twice, says manager Paul Knapton
30/10/2019 6 Views
An anonymous contractor explains how his pharmacy group went £1 million into its overdraft following the funding cuts, leaving him on the verge of bankruptcy and a mental breakdown
29/10/2019 6 Views
In an exclusive article for C+D, Lloydspharmacy chief executive Toby Anderson explains the philosophy behind the rollout of the Echo repeat prescription app last week
28/10/2019 11 Views