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The GPhC handling of the pre-registration exam this year has been unfair, unsafe and careless, says Imani Asi
10/03/2021 6 Views
From doubled apprentice incentives to damaging corporation tax increases, Umesh Modi reveals how the 2021 budget affects pharmacy professionals
05/03/2021 1 Views
The GPhC has had so long to organise the registration exam it is difficult to excuse the problems with it, says Thorrun Govind
03/03/2021 7 Views
Xrayser feels he has abdicated his responsibility as a pharmacist by not fully treating the underlying conditions causing demand for over-the-counter products containing codeine
02/03/2021 6 Views
Pharmacies deserve to be paid the unavoidable extra costs of serving patients during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Department of Health and Social Care, says Andrew Lane
01/03/2021 3 Views
Pharmacists having to conduct services remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced issues with obtaining patient consent, says lawyer Susan Hunneyball
24/02/2021 1 Views
Community pharmacy must own the change that is required to overcome its wellbeing crisis among staff, says Ade Williams in response to the C+D Salary Survey 2020
22/02/2021 0 Views
Pharmacists could reduce their high stress levels by using pharmacy technicians and locums, says Reece Samani
19/02/2021 3 Views
Pharmacies have not received the recognition they deserve after suffering a nightmarish year of non-stop work, The Contractor says in the wake of C+D Salary Survey 2020 findings
12/02/2021 20 Views
The odd grant won’t make a dent in the losses sustained by pharmacy due to funding cuts over the past few years, says Xrayser
08/02/2021 3 Views