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The COVID-19 outbreak worsened existing funding problems for community pharmacy, forcing the closure of a branch of my independent pharmacy group, says Stuart Gale
03/06/2020 7 Views
Female pharmacists with children should not feel guilty for working part-time so they can balance kids and a career, says Nadira Callachand
02/06/2020 13 Views
GPs and pharmacists should work together to manage patient expectations and explain why healthcare has been disrupted during the pandemic, says Dr Toni Hazell
01/06/2020 22 Views
Transitioning as a pharmacist from the community into a primary care network (PCN) role helped Laura Buckley tap into her unused knowledge
27/05/2020 3 Views
NHS England must provide community pharmacy teams with the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need or there will be more deaths, says Graham Phillips
26/05/2020 8 Views
Locums should be allowed to negotiate higher hourly rates of pay because of the pressures of COVID-19, says locum Shahir Afser
20/05/2020 68 Views
While contracting COVID-19 could spell disaster, we mustn’t forget about the impact of social isolation on the mental wellbeing of shielded elderly patients, says Nadira Callachand
19/05/2020 1 Views
Only a few patients have been asked to shield from COVID-19 by staying home at all times, so it’s important that pharmacists know who these people are, says GP Toni Hazell
18/05/2020 6 Views
Pharmacy summer placements have been cancelled following the COVID-19 outbreak, but there are some silver linings to the downtime, student Chau Nguyen says
13/05/2020 13 Views
Is now the best time to be easing lockdown measures, ponders NPA chair Andrew Lane
12/05/2020 8 Views