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In a heartfelt article, community pharmacist Harpreet Chana explains the toll depression and insomnia took on her personal and professional life – and why she now helps others
13/09/2019 6 Views
An anonymous contractor is inspired by C+D’s parliamentary event on pharmacy pressures to describe how tough life has become for her family business
11/09/2019 20 Views
Read editor James Waldron’s full speech from C+D and Pharmacist Support’s parliamentary event yesterday to raise awareness of growing pressures on pharmacy teams
10/09/2019 2 Views
Community pharmacies should return to their chemistry roots by dispensing safe chemicals to encourage young people to carry out experiments, says Malcolm Brown
05/09/2019 14 Views
The government should recognise the essential role pharmacies play in communities by repaying their business rates, says the National Pharmacy Association's Raj Patel
04/09/2019 6 Views
Community pharmacists can join a healthcare nerd tribe on social media to promote the profession, but they must remain ethical, says Laura Dowling aka the Fabulous Pharmacist
03/09/2019 4 Views
C+D's editor gives his initial take on the rollout of the latest advanced service for England's community pharmacies to deliver
02/09/2019 5 Views
Pharmacists need mentoring and clinical experience to reach the necessary level of competence to provide services, says prescribing pharmacist Faheem Ahmed
30/08/2019 1 Views
With more pharmacies considering reducing their services to survive, legal expert David Reissner sets out the issues to consider
29/08/2019 29 Views