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After a manufacturer refused to accept responsibility for a broken inhaler, Xrayser explains why he was ethically bound to replace it himself
06/03/2020 2 Views
To celebrate International Women’s Day, Boots director of stores Anne Higgins offers her top three pieces of advice for women starting their career in pharmacy
04/03/2020 15 Views
Pharmacists are not obligated to provide new devices to patients who have returned faulty ones, lawyer David Reissner says in response to one of Xrayser's blogs
02/03/2020 13 Views
Community pharmacists are best-placed to help patients with lifestyle changes, so why are medicines reviews moving from pharmacies to practices, the GP Pharmacists asks
02/03/2020 5 Views
The problems with CPCS confirm how government apathy towards community pharmacy has not changed much over the last few years, says C+D’s new editor Beth Kennedy
26/02/2020 7 Views
Time-consuming shortages of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medicines and other drugs require better protocols, says PCN pharmacist Danny Bartlett
25/02/2020 6 Views
Community pharmacies can fill more pre-registration placements by sending trainees to visit GP surgeries and care homes, as Khalid Khan reveals he has done at Imaan Healthcare
24/02/2020 0 Views
An anonymous pharmacist looking for a new career imagines how Donald Trump might advise him to use his skills in acquiring medicines elsewhere
19/02/2020 0 Views
It’s important to read the small print in the £20,000 payment for pharmacists partnering with GP practices, argues GP Toni Hazell
18/02/2020 8 Views
Every pharmacist must report adverse drug reactions using the yellow card scheme, says chair of the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group Janice Perkins
17/02/2020 1 Views