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What advice can you give patients on the national screening programmes for breast and cervical cancer?
04/03/2021 0 CPD
What advice can you give a mother of a newborn baby who is worried about her low mood and not being able to bond with her baby?
04/03/2021 0 CPD
What advice can you give parents or carers about breastfeeding and the use of infant formula milk?
25/02/2021 0 CPD
What advice can you give patients who may be concerned about the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines?
17/02/2021 0 CPD
With many updates to the vaccination programme as it progresses, this article highlights the latest evidence and guidance regarding the COVID-19 vaccines
11/02/2021 0 CPD
Eyelids perform a number of important functions that can be impaired by a range of disorders, some of which are commonly encountered in the pharmacy
04/02/2021 0 CPD
From reconstituting the vaccine to staffing the car park, a senior clinical PCN pharmacist shares his learnings and tips from the first weeks of administering COVID-19 vaccinations
04/02/2021 1 CPD
Do you know which pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments are recommended for use in Parkinson’s disease?
28/01/2021 0 CPD
Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, progressive neurological disease that is thought to affect one in 37 people in the UK. Do you know the causes and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?
21/01/2021 0 CPD
Pharmacy teams are ideally placed to advise patients on symptoms of reflux. In our latest podcast, a gastroenterology expert reveals how reflux should be managed in the pharmacy
18/01/2021 0 CPD