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Syncope has many causes, but do you know which conditions have similar symptoms?
08/10/2019 0 CPD
What advice can you give this patient starting treatment with an antidepressant?
03/10/2019 0 CPD
Benzoyl peroxide will be reclassified from P to GSL, but what do you know about this acne treatment?
02/10/2019 0 CPD
What can you advise for a patient who has not responded to conservative management options for pregnancy-induced nausea and vomiting?
26/09/2019 0 CPD
Vitamins are essential for growth and nutrition, but do you know the role of water-soluble vitamins and the symptoms of deficiency?
25/09/2019 0 CPD
A patient needs an alternative cream for her knee pain. What could you recommend?
19/09/2019 0 CPD
Childhood infections are a common occurrence, especially during term time. What advice can you give parents with young children in school?
17/09/2019 0 CPD
In the first of a new series, C+D gives you the key takeaway points from the latest Nice guidance
12/09/2019 0 CPD
PSNC has just released its guidance for the national flu service 2019-20. Do you understand the requirements for the provision of the service?
05/09/2019 0 CPD
A Muslim parent is concerned that her child will be receiving a vaccine containing pork gelatine. What advice can you give?
05/09/2019 0 CPD