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National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) president James Kingsland says pharmacists working in GP practices is a "good start" but more needs to be done
16/09/2016 1 Video
Dr Andrew Buist tells C+D why giving community pharmacists more responsibilities will ease pressure on GPs.
14/09/2016 0 Video
<p>Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) chairman Martin Green outlines the top two developments he would like to see</p>
09/09/2016 0 Video
Alliance Healthcare managing director Jeremy Main discusses the challenges – and benefits – of expanding hub-and-spoke dispensing
02/09/2016 4 Video
C+D's short video explores where England is falling behind its northern neighbour when it comes to pharmacy.
26/08/2016 1 Video
With the government having gone silent on its plans for pharmacy funding in England, C+D's short video explores what we still need to know
19/08/2016 0 Video
Pharmacist Antonio Monachello shares his tips on how to achieve flu jab success after his pharmacy carried out 1,682 vaccinations last flu season.
12/08/2016 0 Video
C+D spoke to Dr Ishaq Abu-Arafeh at a Nurofen event on childhood headaches last week (July 29).
01/08/2016 0 Video
Former RPS president Ash Soni shares his thoughts on Brexit, Jeremy Hunt and the future of pharmacy.
22/07/2016 0 Video
Self Care Forum co-chair Dr Selwyn Hodge spoke to C+D about how impending cuts could impact on pharmacy's public health role
18/07/2016 4 Video