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Labour MP Paula Sherriff shares her top tips for contacting local politicians
05/02/2016 0 Video
Zohib Sheikh reflects on a recent GPhC inspection and his struggles with time management
05/02/2016 0 Video
RPS Scotland chair John McAnaw says he will keep pushing for pharmacy's access to patient records
04/02/2016 0 Video
Two senior Scottish GPs comment on the government's review of extending NHS flu jabs into pharmacies
02/02/2016 0 Video
Reporter Annabelle Collins explains C+D's role in raising national awareness of the 6% funding drop
29/01/2016 5 Video
Kristoffer Stewart and Samuel Horti discuss the fallout of the 6% cut to the global sum in England
21/01/2016 2 Video
RPS president Ash Soni discusses why funding is moving from primary to secondary care
15/01/2016 0 Video
RPS president tells C+D that worries over hospital waiting lists draw funding away from primary care
15/01/2016 8 Video
C+D asked Dr Dianne Aitken if she is concerned cuts could affect pharmacy's ability to support GPs
13/01/2016 6 Video
The English Pharmacy Board chair says RPS will "campaign hard" for read-write access
11/01/2016 9 Video