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Say Rescue and many people will think of that small yellow bottle for use in stressful situations. The name Arnicare attracts similar recognition. These are just two brands in the industry that are helping spread the natural health message to a wider audience. Yet Nelsons, the company behind Rescue and Arnicare, and other brands such as Teetha, Bach Original Flower Remedies and Spatone, also boasts a rich heritage going back some 150 years that is rooted in homeopathy. Today, Nelsons is one of Europe's oldest and the UK's largest manufacturer of homeopathic remedies.

Early days
Nelsons' history begins with Ernst Louis Armbrecht, a disciple of Samuel Hahnemann, who is considered the founding father of homeopathy. In 1860 Ernst moved to London where he opened a homeopathic pharmacy. In 1866 he married Charlotte Nelson and began trading as Armbrecht, Nelson & Co, which was later abbreviated to A Nelson & Co.

In 1930, Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy was approached by Dr Edward Bach who wanted help making and selling his products. He had created 38 flower remedies to rebalance emotions and later created an emergency remedy, a combination of five flower remedies that became Rescue. The relationship between Nelsons and the Dr Edward Bach Centre, based at Dr Bach's former home at Mount Vernon in Oxfordshire, continues to this day and both the Bach Original Flower Remedies and Rescue are key ranges for Nelsons.

The history of Nelsons was forced onto a different path in the early 1970s when the last of the Nelsons descendents was killed in a plane crash. Dick Wilson, who had a long-standing passion and commitment to complementary medicine, was approached to take over the company.

During this time, Dick appreciated increasing customer demand for homeopathic remedies and so pioneered production of the first Nelsons range of over-the-counter homeopathic remedies in 1981. He stepped down as Chairman seven years ago when his sons Robert and Patrick took over. Robert is currently Chairman and both are heavily involved in the company.

Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy remains in London's Mayfair, which is considered the centrepiece of the company's heritage.

Strategic vision
In recent years Nelsons has focused on growth areas, expanding into some 70 countries worldwide. Nelsons now has subsidiary offices in Boston in the US, and Hamburg in Germany, which also benefits from a sales force.

Nelsons has plenty of resources available for retailers. There is a field sales force and a sales manager covering the UK, supported by a telesales operation. This is backed up by a customer service team handling product queries. Retailers can also benefit from a trainer who visits stores.

Building the brands
The Nelsons portfolio of products continues to grow, with each range performing well. For example, Teetha homeopathic teething granules has seen massive growth, despite the recession. The most recent additions to the Nelsons portfolio include the Pure & Clear skincare range and Spatone Apple, which contains vitamin C.

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Nelsons is the UK's leading manufacturer of natural healthcare products, with a long-standing commitment to supplying the highest quality natural healthcare products that meet all regulatory and quality standards.

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