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E.g., 16/07/2020
E.g., 16/07/2020
Denise and Yasmine Haq in August 2018 after the palliative chemotherapy
Many students struggle to get through exams, but one aspiring pharmacist had to overcome a far greater test when her mother was diagnosed with cancer
24/10/2019 4 Features
With less than a month until the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registration exam, Buttercups Training’s Paul Johnson outlines key preparation...
29/05/2019 1 Features
Some pharmacy professionals say students will welcome the reduced loan burden
Could a five-year pharmacist apprenticeship reduce student loans or erode the profession? C+D gathered views across the sector to find out
25/04/2019 19 Features
Simon Harris explores whether pre-regs can benefit from social media and if there are any pitfalls
Green Light's Simon Harris discusses how to prepare for the 26-week appraisal and the second half of your pre-reg placement
31/01/2019 2 Features
Do you know how many days’ supply of antibiotic this patient should receive?
22/11/2018 7 Features
As pre-registration trainees receive their GPhC exam results today (July 27), C+D asks how should those who passed prepare for life as a pharmacist?
27/07/2018 4 Features
As pre-registration trainees receive their GPhC exam results today (July 27), C+D asks how can those who failed prepare for their next exam?
27/07/2018 0 Features
Part one of the GPhC pre-reg assessment is made up of 40 calculation questions
Are you able to help your pre-reg with these revision calculations?
26/06/2018 7 Features
The registration exam will take place on June 28
What should pre-registration pharmacists and their tutors be prioritising in the weeks leading up to the General Pharmaceutical Council's (GPhC...
06/06/2018 5 Features
Harvinder Mann: Pre-regs can pick up leadership skills from tutors and teams
Team PreReg offers tips and advice for a successful placement
24/10/2017 2 Features