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Revealed: Location of 3 Cohens pharmacies the multiple is closing

Cohens pharmacy on 5 Kingsway, Manchester is closing. Credit: Local Data Company
Cohens pharmacy on 5 Kingsway, Manchester is closing. Credit: Local Data Company

Three Cohens branches in Bolton and Manchester are closing or have closed, C+D has learned.

The multiple closed its branch on 456 Cheetham Hill, Manchester last week (May 25) to merge with a pharmacy along the road, at number 287, staff confirmed.

A second branch in Manchester, at 5 Kingsway, is closing to merge with a Cohens pharmacy on an adjacent street, at 56 Briarfield Road, staff confirmed. C+D understands a branch on 395 Tonge Moor Road, Bolton is also closing.

Cohens – which operates more than 200 pharmacies across England and Wales – declined to comment on why it is closing the branches or when they will close.

The closures follow an acquisition by Cohens of eight Lloydspharmacy branches across England and Wales last year.

Last week, the government revealed that 156 pharmacies have closed in England in the wake of the funding cuts.

Are you aware of any pharmacies closing in your area?

P M, Community pharmacist

so two pharmacist checking 4000 items per branch now one checking 8000.. great business sense. 

Andy Burrells, Community pharmacist

Maybe they're moving an ACT in with the mix? 8000 isn't really that much

O J, Community pharmacist

Super Pharmacist needs to stop moaning and start Checking. By the way expect a wage freeze for double the work. Oh and staff cut as well.
Now let's get cracking....

C A, Community pharmacist

It means they only need to pay one pharmacists wage so they are quids in.

Andrew Martin, Primary care pharmacist

Not surprised 395 Tonge Moor Road is closing as they have another branch within Crompton Way Health Centre just round the corner.

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