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A month after the MUR allegations, what's next for the PDA?

Chair Mark Koziol speaks to C+D about what has happened since the Guardian article

A Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) survey on working conditions across the sector was used by the Guardian as part of its allegations that target pressures are affecting patient safety at the multiples.

One month after the article was published, PDA chair Mark Koziol tells C+D what the organisation has been working on since.

C+D will releasing its full interview with Mr Koziol as a podcast later this month.

Find out what C+D learned from the PDA’s safety survey here, and read one anonymous pharmacist’s stories of target pressures here.


What action would you like to see the PDA take next?

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Pill Counter, Pharmacy

another example of the lovely treatment of an experienced pharmacist -

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

Does Mr Koziol, while his crusade is laudable, not realise that it is by the very nature of this vertical integration that he is so keen to denigrate, that many loss-making pharmacies can still be operated in order to provide services where they would otherwise be unviable?

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

This is NONSENSE. Pharmacy owners would shut them down without a blink of an eye (especially the vertically integrated multiples who would not care one fig about closing down any such "loss" making pharmacy). I challenge you to provide ANY evidence to support your comment.

N A, Non healthcare professional

The RPS board elections are currently taking place. To my astonishment, not one single candidate standing for the English, Scottish or Welsh boards mentions pharmacy working conditions, let alone runs on that issue. Not even one. That really means there's only the PDA who will fight for pharmacists on the ground. The RPS boards are going to be ineffective in challenging those issues for the foreseeable future and the RPS itself will be affected long after the next board has been and gone. Access to RPS candidate profiles here

John Urwin, Community pharmacist

I would have said Ben Merriman's first paragraph commitment to he well-being of all pharmacists includes that. He is an employee pharmacist.

Pill Counter, Pharmacy

Boots won't like this

Bal Singh, Locum pharmacist

Why not report the whole thing here? Why wait and Bury it as a podcast? You could easily release both.

James Waldron, Editorial

This is intended as a taster for the full interview. Whether we publish that interview as a long-form written feature or as a podcast (we will probably choose a combination of the two) it will take time for us to edit and upload it. When this happens, we will make sure it is promoted across our website, magazine and e-newsletter to ensure it is not buried.

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist


To date the C&D has not carried one single article about mechanisms other than the silly ones proposed by the PSNC as to how savings could be made to the drugs bill. Mark is totally correct in that the internal price mechanisms used by the corporation tax avoiding vertically integrated multiples and the distibution of the Global Sum are TWO areas where the Government can make HUGE savings without affecting the Pharmacy Network.

Can we have more on alternative proposals to the silly PSNC ones so that the whole profession can engage in this ?


After all the profession belongs to US and not the PSNC.

Mike Jarrett, Community pharmacist

Agree with what he says, but also look at the profiteering around companies that have bought licences and then inflate the price way above anything that might be considered reasonable . 

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