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Public spending hawk slams Hunt’s 'clusters' blunder


The chair of the government committee responsible for critiquing how the government spends public money has criticised Jeremy Hunt’s reference to “clustered” pharmacies.

Meg Hillier, Labour and Co-operative MP, and chair of the Public Accounts Committee, has criticised the health secretary for using "such simplistic comments" and "accusing pharmacies of clustering in certain areas".

She visited superintendent pharmacist Raj Radia at his Spring Pharmacy in her constituency of Hackney South and Shoreditch, London earlier this month (January 13), where she spoke with C+D digital reporter Thomas Cox.

Watch the video to find out more on:

  • Why the funding cuts continue to be a hot topic for government
  • What the Public Accounts Committee is doing to tackle excessive drug pricing and oversubscribing in the NHS...
  • ...and why pharmacists like Mr Radia have an important role in “making sure MPs are doing their job”.

John Urwin, Community pharmacist

Slightly puzzled why Mr Hunt would bother with a job with a 6 figure salary having recently sold the business he created for north of £15million.

Amal England, Public Relations

While there is no leadership and a fragmented and blind workforce, Jeremy will do and can do what he fancies. The facts are simple, he wants about 3000 pharmacies to close, he wants Mrs' Boots and Lloyds to take on the workload left by the 3000 closures and to aid Betsy Boot and Lolly Lloyd, Jeremy will change laws in their favour- eg hub factories. This will help Jeremy when he wants a 6-figure sum, executive job in healthcare.

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