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Pharmacy funding cuts hit the headlines

Reporter Annabelle Collins explains C+D's role in raising national awareness of the 6% funding drop

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Chemical Mistry, Information Technology

I think she is great like the other reporters can't help they work in nice offices.

M Yang, Community pharmacist

The 6% cuts are getting a LOT of media attention. The Daily mail published a pretty sensationalist article a couple of days ago-  - This is quite unusual since it would normally be decided by closed door meeting and swept under the rug. No doubt people within the profession are making themselves heard, but I think some person in Westminster leaked a story...

Shaun Steren, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Very nice office, very nice view, lovely diction and I assume a fine education. Unfortunately, will never understand what it means to work in a back street chemist, a place where ordinary people of great expertise (pharmacists), help ordinary people (most patients) make best of their limited opportunities (the NHS). Keep grandstanding, but don't ever think you are making any genuine connection with the people on the shop floor. 


Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Thank goodness Annabelle Collins speaks for community pharmacy and not you Mr. Steren. Grandstanding? The C&D have been helping right from day one. What is the sum total of your contribution?

James Waldron, Editorial

I think our Clinical Editor, who edited this video and continues to locum in pharmacies across the UK on a regular basis, would disagree with you there. As would the rest of the editorial team, who pride themselves on setting aside time each month to visit pharmacies and meet with all levels of pharmacy staff as a key part of their role.

James Waldron, C+D Editor

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