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Careers: What does a practice pharmacist actually do?

Following the announcement last month that NHS England will fund an extra 1,500 pharmacists to work in GP practices, C+D spoke to Ravi Sharma about what these roles involve.

Mr Sharma is both lead GP practice pharmacist and head of primary care integration at Green Light Pharmacy in London.


Will you consider applying for one of the new practice pharmacist roles?

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Alan WHITEMANN, Communications

I watched this and the impression I got is that  we have to educate this person, that person , help another person. Aren't these other people supposed to be professional as well and generally get paid more than pharmacists . This guy is portraying pharmacy as the " clean up the other professionals mess" or have we steered it to that position??

Ravi Sharma, Community pharmacist


That guy is me. Please feel free to contact me regarding your comments. I have done lots of work in this area and a short edited interview does not  portray the full picture as you can imagine. 

Email is [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you 

Best wishes

Ravi Sharma 


Alan Whitemann, Communications

Hi Ravi,    please accept my apologies if you feel offended in any way by my comments, as that wasn't my intention . After all takes a brave man to do a video like that to try to portray a profession in afew minutes. My "gripe " is with the profession as a whole , we always seem to be subserviant to everyone else and don't say to others, " this is how its gonna be" , spoken with a voice of authority and not on the back foot. Does that placate any of your concerns?


Ivor Hadenuff, Primary care pharmacist

Could you give a transcript please? Can't see videos in work...


M Elnemy, Non healthcare professional

stick a label on a box?

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