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What’s your biggest EPS issue?

Reporter Annabelle Collins took to Twitter to gather reader gripes and suggestions for change


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mukesh patel, Community pharmacist

When EPS token/script arrives on system desktop-- It would be handy to hover the cursor and be able to acertain -HOW many items and a Brief abbreviation of items or CD or Extemp prep etc.  At present the whole Token needs to OPENED and in practice most pharmacies print +download it then.

I would like to see what has arrived briefley before actioning the script.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

For me, it's more of an issue of pharmacies I visit not having a fully comphensive understanding and training regarding the system. Knowing how it works from start to finish would go a long way for both pharmaceutical and surgery staff into getting the most out of it.

Diane Lopez, Pharmacy technician

Our biggest problem is with the time it is taking for the scripts to get to us. Patients are being told by the surgeries that they have sent them to us and the time they sent them. We do not appear to be getting some of these for anything up to 6 hours. This is annoying for patients who collect, we cannot tell them how long they may have to wait. This happens daily. We are now asking patients to wait an extra day before collection. EPS has slowed down the service we offer not made it faster as patients have been led to believe.

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