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Why I moved from a community to a practice pharmacist role


Practice pharmacist Hala Jawad explains the importance of "bridging the gap" between the two sectors

Hala Jawad is a GP practice pharmacist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society public health network moderator and a member of the Surrey local practice forum steering group.

She spoke to C+D at this year's Pharmacy Show about the different and new responsibilities she has been tasked with as a practice pharmacist, including analysing blood test results.

Watch the video to find out why Ms Jawad made the move, and how a conversation on Twitter opened up new career possibilities for her.


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Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

What's your opinion on the funding situation for practice pharmacists when the NHS pull the plug after the initial 3 years? Are you optimistic that practices will fund a pharmacist out of their own pockets?

Draye To, Community pharmacist

Valentine Trodd

I agree with you. I am trying to urge people to realise their potential via we are providing alternative careers.

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Lucky you getting out of community pharmacy.

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