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Wales to end face-to-face enhanced services accreditation

WCPPE: Streamlining accreditation is in line with Welsh government requirements
WCPPE: Streamlining accreditation is in line with Welsh government requirements

Welsh pharmacists will receive their accreditation for enhanced services online from April 2018, according to the Wales Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education (WCPPE).

The new ‘certification’ process for providing enhanced services – such as emergency hormonal contraception (EHC), flu vaccinations and smoking cessation – will remove the need for face-to-face training and assessment fees, Community Pharmacy Wales said in a statement on its website.

Instead, a "generic skills assessment" is being introduced which will "cover all enhanced services", WCPPE said. "Our aim is to introduce a streamlined process, making it easier to obtain accreditation, in line with Welsh government requirements."

The process is the "first step towards a self-declaration of competence model", and will "allow pharmacy professionals to tailor the learning process to suit them, while focusing on CPD".

A "re-certification form will be required every three years, without mandatory assessment", it added.

No more live training

As part of the pilot phase, from October 1, 2017 there will be no more live training events for EHC and smoking cessation services, WCPPE pointed out.

The pilot will then be evaluated between January and March 2018, but WCPPE stressed there will be no accreditation available for these enhanced services during this period.

Three-step process

The first step of the new certification process requires pharmacists to pass the generic skills assessment.

The second stage is an assessment of clinical knowledge for the enhanced service, while the third involves completing and submitting a statement of competence.

All health boards in the country will be holding launch events to update pharmacists on the details of the process, WCPPE added. Pharmacists can apply for the pilot until September 27 via the organisation's website.

Does pharmacy services accreditation need change?

Stelu Grama, Information Technology

Any practical aspects of the training such as vaccinations has not been removed. Trainig for vaccinations is already done outside of the accreditation process that is being changed, and there will still eb a requirement for that training to be done. 

The only aspect replaced by online training is the need to attend compulsory events for Smoking Cessation and Emergency Contraception. The format of the process is now different and focuses on the skills and competencies required alongside clinical knowledge to provide enhanced services. 

Pharmacy professionals will have access to learning content, assessments and tailored feedback, which they wouldn't have had until now.

JOHN MUNDAY, Locum pharmacist

Not sure about this at all. Yes I get that EHC etc can be done online but practical training for say vaccinations cannot be self-taught. Could you learn to drive a car solely using online training? Absolutely not! Where is this all going? Not thought through is it?

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