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The government announced in May that it...

Left to right: Deep Patel, Jugraaj Sangha, and Laila Ahmad

Jugraaj Sangha, Deep Patel and Laila Ahmad attended a registration exam crash course held by training provider Team...

The pharmacy chain launched the three-year diploma to better prepare its “most talented and proactive pharmacists”...

Aside from the letter from the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) to candidates outlining how they did in the...

With students reeling from the lowest June registration pass rate for six years, and universities under attack for allegedly dropping their entry standards, C+D will ask experts and readers whether the pharmacy education system needs an ovehaul.

This C+D webinar, funded by Actavis and chaired by C+D deputy editor Emma Weinbren and news editor James Waldron, will take place from 4-5pm on Tuesday December 8. You'll be able to listen in live via the C+D homepage and can use your email or Twitter to quiz the panellists and share your own thoughts. 

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Title: Is pharmacy facing an education crisis?

Date: Tuesday December 8, 2015 – update your calendar NOW

Time: 4-5pm GMT

Time Duration: 1 hour

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C+D will be gathering readers’ views in advance; if you want to share your thoughts or have a question you’d like us to put to the panel, please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Webinar’, or tweet @ChemistDruggist. Spread the word to your fellow colleagues by using the dedicated hashtag: #PharmExamFail

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