Rowlands opens outpatient dispensary

Business Rowlands Pharmacy has opened its first outpatient dispensary at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Merseyside, following a "competitive” tender for a seven-year dispensing-services contract.

Rowlands Pharmacy has opened its first outpatient dispensary at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Merseyside, after securing a seven-year contract to provide its dispensing services.

Rowlands, part of the Phoenix Group, won the "competitive" tender for the contract in March and its facilities were officially opened this month by hospital trust chairman Ron Watson.

The multiple said it had worked "closely" with the trust to develop the outpatient dispensing model. The strategy included the adoption of the trust's PMR system, Ascribe, which enables pharmacists to see a full list of the patient's medicines.

Rowlands said it had worked "closely" with the trust to develop the outpatient dispensing model

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"Not only did this make clinical sense, from a reporting and financial point of view, it has meant that we now have a completely transparent service for both parties," said Rowlands outpatient dispensing project manager David Young.

And Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust chief pharmacist Adrian Brown said partnering with Rowlands had led to "greater efficiencies and cost-effectiveness".

"In common with many local trusts, we decided some time ago to identify a suitable partner to deliver outpatient dispensing services," he said. "Not only has this development led to greater efficiencies and cost-effectiveness to the trust, but it has enabled my team to focus on improving our services to inpatients."

What can community pharmacy businesses bring to hospital dispensing?

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Gerry Diamond, Pharmacy

Anything that helps reduce barriers to seamless care is to be welcomed across sector boundaries and helps develop community clinical pharmacy services needs the professions full support.

Niall Kealy, Pharmacy

I have posted this previously, community pharmacies taking over hospital out-patient work do nothing to deliver seamless care. The patient is still getting their medicines from a dispensary that they will most likely rarely visit so from a professional point of view there is no advantage at all. If the patient went to the hospital community pharmacy every month then maybe....but how likely is that?

The only way that seamless care could be achieved is if patients had their medicines dispensed at their usual community pharmacy, where their pharmacist knows them and has a COMPLETE medication record, not just what has been dispensed at the hospital previously.

Lets stop dressing this up as some advancement in pharmacy practice, it is budget shifting from the NHS which in general is just going to the chains (I am aware of one independent who has one of these pharmacies).

We to start gettign real and pushing for real advancement in the sector.

Gerry Diamond, Pharmacy

Perhaps, but my feeling is that more pharmacy practice research needs to be done such as a service evaluation before drawing conclusions. It may not be too long before specialist clinical pharmacy services are provided by community clinical pharmacists on the ward. Who knows, be open minded and lets see what happens x


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