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Updated: GPhC reveals pre-reg exam pass list

The names of pre-registration pharmacists who passed this year's pre-registration exam have been published by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

A total of 2,014 students passed the exam, around 85.5 per cent of the 2,357 candidates who sat the papers on June 24.

The results are available in full here.

Guidance for pre-registration students who failed the exam, including information on re-sits and how to appeal, is available on the GPhC website.

The exam was the first set of pre-registration exams run by the GPhC since its formation last year.

More to follow.

Hanif Umar, Community pharmacist

i am trying to access the the results but i am not able to do so and i am reliably informed that the results are not out until friday 26th july

Carrianne Hill, Pre-reg graduate

This is for the 2011 pass list not the 2013 one. the results for that are out tomorrow Good luck!


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