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Revealed: The 68 Boots stores offering £300 HPV jab to boys

Boots aims to help raise awareness that HPV is a male, as well as a female, health issue
Boots aims to help raise awareness that HPV is a male, as well as a female, health issue

Boots UK has revealed the areas that will offer the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to boys aged 12-16, who are not covered by the NHS scheme.

The 68 locations offering the private vaccination are all "main urban areas" across the UK, Boots told C+D on Tuesday (April 11). They range from Plymouth to Glasgow East and Southampton to Sheffield (see map below).

The multiple launched the HPV vaccination for both genders aged between 16 and 44, in January. It is now extending the offering by lowering the age limit to 12 years, the health and beauty giant said.

The service "complements" the current NHS cervical cancer vaccination offered to 12-13-year-old girls, it added.

The vaccination service is available in these 68 stores at the cost of £300 for 12-14-year-olds, for two courses of the vaccine. A series of three vaccinations for those aged over 15 years is available for £450, Boots added.

Service "complements" the NHS programme

The cervical cancer vaccination has been available at Boots for women aged 18-44 since 2009.

By extending the offering to include boys, Boots aims to "help raise awareness" that the virus is a "male, as well as a female, health issue", it added.

Boots said the service will be provided with a "specially trained pharmacist on hand", to provide the vaccination and additional advice on sexual health.

Tom Kallis, a pharmacist at Boots in Plymouth, said individuals who are sexually active will still benefit from the vaccination, as it will help protect them from infections in the future.

"However, it will have no effect on active infections and established or previous disease," he stressed.

View the map, and the full key, in a new window here.

In January, Boots rolled out a pneumonia vaccination pilot service at the cost of £70 per vaccination. Read the full story here.

What do you make of this extended vaccination service?

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

I suppose it's diversifying its services to offset DH funding losses and others will follow.

Dave Downham, Manager

Thank goodness that Boots are only charging £300-£450 to protect the public against this epidemic. We should give thanks that they will be "raising awareness" to complement the research by users of Dr Google and and protect the male population from this insidious disease that is ravaging the teenage population while charging a token sum.

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