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Some pharmacies report that patient demand for medicines has tripled
Pharmacies across England are questioning their future after seeing a surge of demand from panicked patients following the COVID-19 outbreak
09/04/2020 2 Features
NPA: Some pharmacies have reported an increase of 300% for home deliveries
Community pharmacy saw a 25% increase in dispensing volume between February and March and a 300% increase in home deliveries, the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has said.
09/04/2020 0 News
A mock summary patient record. Picture credit: NHS Digital
NHS Digital has added a “vulnerability flag” to the summary care record (SCR), alerting pharmacies to which patients are on the list of “shielded” individuals.
09/04/2020 3 News
NHS England: Pharmacies that are open on those days can claim the money on the MYS portal
English contractors will be able to claim £1,500 for the three hours they are required to open on both Good Friday and Easter Monday, NHS England has said.
09/04/2020 12 News
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has recalled Emerade 300mcg pens due to “a higher risk of activation failure than was previously understood".
09/04/2020 1 News
Advice for patients on improving your immune system in the face of the pandemic
09/04/2020 0 CPD
There will be a second wave of unprecedented demand on community pharmacies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Avicenna chair Salim Jetha.
08/04/2020 2 Features
Emergency measures set to give pharmacists the power to supply certain controlled drugs to patients without a script could be exploited, a government advisory group has warned.
08/04/2020 7 News
NHS England: Trained volunteers will offer psychological support over the phone or via text
Pharmacy teams in England will be able to access a free mental health hotline during the pandemic, NHS England has announced.
08/04/2020 3 News
PDA: The resources given to pharmacies in England to fight COVID-19 are “woefully inadequate”
The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) is calling on NHS England to match the support given to Scottish pharmacies to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.
08/04/2020 0 News