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DH: The hub-and-spoke provisions will be subject to public consultation before being implemented
There are “some issues that need to be thought through” before pharmacy adopts a hub-and-spoke dispensing model, a lawyer has said.
15/02/2021 6 News
One respondent said that if pharmacy was the Titanic, "we struck the iceberg five years ago"
They say that laughter is the best medicine. After a year like 2020, pharmacists have been dispensing it in heavy doses via the C+D Salary Survey
11/02/2021 3 Features
Contractors in Britain can turn off their FMD systems after December 31, but the directive will still apply in Northern Ireland for “at least four years”, it has been highlighted.
17/11/2020 14 News
ABPI: Having a phased process is “absolutely critical” for Northern Ireland
The UK and EU have agreed a “phased process” for the implementation of medicines regulations in Northern Ireland, to give businesses time to adapt, the government has announced.
12/11/2020 0 News
The NPA is calling on the government to prevent medicines shortages in Northern Ireland
The government should implement “robust” plans to ensure patients in Northern Ireland can still access medicines once the Brexit transition period ends, the NPA has said.
03/11/2020 0 News
RPS: UK will “cease to benefit” from FMD once the Brexit transition period ends
The government must put “robust plans” in place to ensure counterfeit medicines don’t enter the supply chain as FMD ceases to apply across the UK post Brexit, the RPS has said.
14/10/2020 23 News
Lord Clement Jones: The bill “considerably broadens" the original FMD data collection
Proposed legislation to ensure falsified medicines do not enter the UK supply chain risks broadening the use of sensitive data, a Liberal Democrat peer has warned.
10/09/2020 0 News
The products are thought to have left the legitimate supply chain before being reintroduced
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is investigating circumstances under which multiple medicines left the supply chain before entering it again.
09/09/2020 5 News
Community pharmacy staff reported shortages across all 30 brands of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medicines included in a C+D survey between October 2019 and March 2020
21/05/2020 0 Features
Four items from the Evorel range were out of stock in February 2020
C+D asks manufacturers why hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medicine shortages have become such a problem
27/02/2020 9 Features