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The 2D barcodes on packaging required under EU law could empower patients to access the most recent medicines information online via their smartphones, says Accord’s Tony Cordrey
18/09/2019 4 Views
Toby Anderson: The government has made it clear it thinks there are too many pharmacies
There will “definitely” be more closures across the sector, Lloydspharmacy’s CEO has told C+D, but he could not confirm if this would include more of the multiple’s branches.
23/08/2019 13 News
The government expects the funding for dispensing to reduce
The five-year funding settlement for England pledges to shift the focus from dispensing to clinical services. C+D unpacks how this could affect your pharmacy
02/08/2019 9 Features
Around 10,000 community pharmacies are FMD compliant, according to SecurMed data
Pharmacists can expect to see “many” error messages “for a considerable period” as they scan medicines in line with EU anti-counterfeit legislation, C+D has learned.
15/07/2019 4 News
An anonymous contractor explains he has been forced to refinance his company, cut staff wages and stop saving a pension due to the crippling financial conditions
02/07/2019 11 Views
"The decision to implicate community pharmacies without evidence was, in my view, irresponsible"
Last night’s Channel 4 show uncovered a tale of organised crime and diverted medicines, but C+D digital reporter Eliza Slawther disputes its implications for Lloydspharmacy
18/06/2019 14 News
TraceLink’s Graham Smith outlines some of the challenges pharmacies face as a result of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and offers advice on how to navigate them
29/04/2019 1 Views
Many of the multiples are rolling out FMD software integrated with their PMR systems
Not all Boots, Well, Rowlands and Superdrug pharmacies are compliant with the EU’s medicines scanning law more than a month after the deadline, C+D has learned.
28/03/2019 3 News
Sector bodies have advised pharmacies to continue to dispense medicines as normal
Up to 167,000 packs compliant with the EU’s medicines scanning law have been dispensed across the UK, but pharmacies are still dealing with false alerts.
25/03/2019 5 News
Lloydspharmacy: We are confident the IT issues are now resolved
Two Lloydspharmacies are now compliant with the EU’s medicines scanning law this morning – more than a month after the deadline – following IT issues at the multiple.
21/03/2019 8 News