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It’s important to read the small print in the £20,000 payment for pharmacists partnering with GP practices, argues GP Toni Hazell
18/02/2020 8 Views
Not all patients may be willing to pay for private urinary tract infection (UTI) tests in community pharmacies, says GP Toni Hazell
13/01/2020 8 Views
Ranitidine shortages are triggering collaboration between pharmacists and GPs through reviewing medication, says GP Toni Hazel
21/11/2019 5 Views
C+D's survey found hormone replacement therapy products were most commonly in short supply
C+D’s exclusive survey on the impact of medicine shortages on pharmacy teams featured on BBC Radio 4’s File on 4 and You and Yours programmes yesterday.
20/11/2019 0 News
Flu vaccinations are no better when delivered by GPs, but if surgeries don't deliver enough they may not be able to afford to offer the service at all, says GP Toni Hazell
11/11/2019 40 Views
Online pharmacies complicate communication between GPs and pharmacists and take much-needed footfall away from the community, says GP Toni Hazell
31/10/2019 12 Views
The fluoxetine shortage powers are a step in the right direction for pharmacists, but GPs’ time is still being wasted unnecessarily, says Dr Toni Hazell
16/10/2019 7 Views
Benzoyl peroxide will be reclassified from P to GSL, but what do you know about this acne treatment?
02/10/2019 0 CPD
Community pharmacists can save GPs time spent dealing with medicines shortages by suggesting appropriate alternatives, says GP Toni Hazell
01/10/2019 14 Views
Pharmacies should receive referrals from GP surgeries, but patients may be reluctant to pay for over-the-counter (OTC) items, says GP Toni Hazell
09/07/2019 11 Views