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Drug Strength Form Price Betahistine 16mg tablets (84) £2.99 Cyclizine 50mg/1ml solution for injection ampoules (5) £15.93 Escitalopram...
16/08/2019 0 News
The former Jhoots pharmacy in Smethwick caught fire on August 13 (Credit: Handsworth Community Fire Station)
West Midlands Fire Service was alerted to a fire in Cape Hill, Smethwick at 12pm on Tuesday (August 13), which seems to have originated from an ice...
16/08/2019 6 News
Professor Claire Anderson: It is of vital importance that we support pharmacists' wellbeing
RPS English pharmacy board chair Professor Claire Anderson congratulated Ms Churchill on her appointment as pharmacy minister and asked her to...
15/08/2019 7 News
Source: FemSeven Conti patient information leaflet, 2017
BMS was prompted to produce guidance on the availability of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products last week (August 9), due to a surge in...
15/08/2019 10 News
Despite other NHS providers, such as GP practices and dental surgeries, having their business rate tax reimbursed by the NHS, “pharmacy is...
14/08/2019 16 News
Ms Churchill was one of 305 MPs who voted in favour of pharmacy funding cuts in 2016
Ms Churchill was appointed parliamentary under-secretary of state at the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) on July 26, following a cabinet...
14/08/2019 14 News
CMA: Aspen will commit to ensuring that there will be at least two suppliers of fludrocortisone
In 2016, Aspen entered into an illegal, anticompetitive arrangement with two rival unnamed manufacturers regarding the supply of fludrocortisone...
14/08/2019 3 News
Manufacturers have told C+D about ongoing shortages of certain nifedipine products
The 5mg and 10mg Adalat capsules were the only form of IR nifedipine available, as well as the only licensed treatment for Raynaud’s syndrome, until...
13/08/2019 0 News
Rekha Shah: Moving towards a service-based future is a positive step for pharmacy
Up to £2 million a year has been set aside from April 2019 to March 2021 for a pharmacy hepatitis C testing service in the funding contract to...
12/08/2019 4 News
NHS CFA: Pharmacy owner fraud is estimated to cost the NHS £108m annually
Last year, the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) said it would crack down on alleged pharmacy contractor fraud, which it claimed was “...
12/08/2019 4 News