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Kevin Barron: I am not passing the buck. That is the reality of the situation
Pharmacists and their representatives need to develop a “single voice”, as greater recognition for the sector will not come from “the centre”, APPG...
21/11/2017 3 News
Warburton's, Fleetwood; one of O'Brien's six branches. Credit: © 2017 Google, image capture: July 2016
Fylde and Wyre CCG announced on October 31 that it will stop pharmacies from ordering repeat prescriptions for most patients, in a bid to save an...
21/11/2017 32 News
Lloydspharmacy: Independents may choose to follow our lead
The multiple is also “planning a pilot for charging all customers” for deliveries, it added. Update: Costs confirmed The delivery charges for new...
20/11/2017 26 News
The lowest Lloydspharmacy bonus reported to the PDA is £1,000
The PDA has apparently received 33 reports of bonuses from its Lloydspharmacy members, following the announcement last month that 190 of the multiple...
17/11/2017 6 News
The service – which went live yesterday (November 16) – is available to men aged 18 years and above and “covers most aspects of men’s sexual health...
17/11/2017 9 News
Keith Ridge made the comments at an NHS England Pharmacy Integration event in London
The Department of Health (DH) set aside a £300m Pharmacy Integration Fund in May 2016, to be invested over five years, with £42m eventually allocated...
16/11/2017 21 News
Boots: We respect our colleagues' rights to be represented by union of their choice
Six Boots pharmacists launched a legal challenge in July to formally "derecognise" Boots' own union, the Boots Pharmacists’ Association (BPA). The...
15/11/2017 6 News
Jay Badenhorst: Drug prices are changing on an hourly basis
Jay Badenhorst – who is also managing director of the 35-branch Whitworth Chemists – told C+D on Monday (November 13) he had identified 221 items...
15/11/2017 48 News
The Home Office is consulting on three options to reclassify pregabalin and gabapentin
The 10-week Home Office consultation – which launched on Monday (November 13) – proposes three options for the reclassification of the two drugs....
15/11/2017 13 News
C+D has asked for a time frame now that the order has been placed before parliament
The Pharmacy (Preparation and Dispensing Errors – Registered Pharmacies) Order 2018 includes new defences relating to preparation and dispensing of...
14/11/2017 5 News


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