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New NHS regulations allow contractors to halt other services to “prioritise the administration” of flu and COVID-19 vaccinations in an emergency, PSNC has said.
21/10/2020 9 News
Think tank Transform suggests a pharmacy-style packaging for drugs for non-medical use. Pic credit: Transform
Pharmacists with specialist training could sell cocaine and other stimulants for non-medical use from pharmacy-like “licensed outlets”, a drugs policy reform group has mooted.
21/10/2020 3 News
Leaving the EU without a trade deal could spell trouble for patients and the pharmaceutical industry, leading to medicine “supply shocks”, healthcare associations have warned.
21/10/2020 1 News
Ridge: More should be done to increase the recruitment of pharmacy technicians
On Pharmacy Technician Day, England chief pharmaceutical officer (CPO) Keith Ridge has published an open letter praising the work of pharmacy technicians.
20/10/2020 6 News
McKesson UK had originally planned for 900 pharmacies to use the hubs
Lloydspharmacy has revaluated the number of branches suitable for its hub-and-spoke model after finding that it only works for “some” pharmacies, C+D has learned.
20/10/2020 7 News
PharmaDoctor has launched a package to enable pharmacies to offer an allergy ‘test and treat’ service with a recommended price for patients of £150
19/10/2020 0 News
Industry bodies have welcomed news that pharmacists can administer COVID-19 vaccines but called for clarity on their part in such a roll-out and assurances on access to vaccines.
19/10/2020 2 News
NPA: Pharmacists could reinforce COVID-19 public health messaging after tests.
The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has called on Public Health England (PHE) to “iron out discrepancies” in its guidance that stop pharmacies from conducting COVID-19 tests.
19/10/2020 2 News
Pharmacists will be able to administer licensed or unlicensed COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they are approved by the MHRA, following a change in the law.
16/10/2020 14 News
Online pharmacy Phlo hit its crowdfunding target of £1.65 million within a day of launching its campaign, its CEO and founder Nadeem Sarwar has told C+D.
16/10/2020 9 News