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The number of enquiries made to Pharmacist Support increased by 35% to 1,099 in 2016, with growth expected to continue this year, the independent...
25/09/2017 0 News
Mr Rudkin: People being inspected may be more aware of these issues
Asda pharmacy manager David Gallier-Harris told C+D earlier this month that during a recent inspection, he was asked “direct questions” about any “...
25/09/2017 6 News
nicotinell stoptober
Nicotinell will feature the Stoptober logo on its patch, lozenge and gum products and host Stoptober-themed digital banners on its Facebook account,...
25/09/2017 0 News
14 Dr Reddy's products are currently not being dispatched to the UK
PSNC is seeking “immediate action” from the DH following inspections by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which found last month that a Bristol...
22/09/2017 8 News
Clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart told newly-qualified pharmacists the theme was "opportunities"
The C+D event – in association with C+D Jobs – brought newly-qualified, pre-registration and student pharmacists together, to hear from leading...
22/09/2017 3 News
As a journalist, I believe in openness and transparency. But I also understand the need for off-the-record conversations, which allow individuals to...
21/09/2017 8 News
In its new vision for the sector – launched at a CPS event yesterday evening (September 20) – the representative body said it "recognises the need to...
20/09/2017 3 News
DH: Only after consultation will proposals go to ministers
The DH programme board responsible for "rebalancing" medicines legislation and pharmacy regulation "will consult...a range of pharmacy stakeholders,...
20/09/2017 35 News
CPA's letter was signed by pharmacist representatives in four Commonwealth countries
C+D exclusively revealed last week (September 13) that detailed proposals for pharmacy technicians to be handed legal responsibility for supervising...
20/09/2017 16 News


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