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John Nuttall has led the business since 2002
After 17 years in the role, Mr Nuttall will leave Well Pharmacy to spend more time with his family and “transition into future non-executive director...
26/06/2019 0 News
The panel spoke on the importance of community-based healthcare in the NHS
Pharmacies provide a “shop front” into communities, which some of the most “vulnerable” communities rely on for access to healthcare services, Andrew...
26/06/2019 1 News
The product can be used by adults to “facilitate sleep onset” and improve “quality of sleep”, the manufacturer said. “Prior to this launch, licensed...
25/06/2019 0 News
The Co-operative Group is trialling the lockers in five of its food stores in north-west England
The Co-operative Group re-entered the pharmacy market last month with an app that allows patients to order prescriptions direct from their GP and...
25/06/2019 11 News
The chain is comprised of 58 18-carat gold panels (credit: Royal Pharmaceutical Society)
Allan Tierney was found guilty of burglary at Snaresbrook Crown Court last Friday (June 7), after he “targeted” and stole the president’s chain of...
25/06/2019 0 News
GSK has extended the audience for its ‘health partner portal’ for healthcare professionals to include pharmacy teams, it said. The website offers...
24/06/2019 0 News
Ade Williams and Olutayo Arikawe are in the running for NHS Parliamentary Awards
Ms Arikawe, superintendent pharmacist at The Priory Community Pharmacy in Dudley, has been shortlisted in the Excellence in Healthcare category, for...
24/06/2019 1 News
The unbleached bags are made from recycled brown paper with water-based inks
The multiple's single-use plastic retail carrier bags and standard white paper medicine bags will be replaced by unbleached, Forest Stewardship...
24/06/2019 5 News
Seema Kennedy made her first pharmacy appearance at the NPA annual conference
Ms Kennedy had “seen and heard” the calls from community pharmacy to do more to support patients with a wide range of health issues, and “this is a...
21/06/2019 3 News
Matt Hancock: NHS should draw on pharmacists' invaluable human connection with patients
Mr Hancock wants “to trust and empower community pharmacists to provide more urgent care services, like they do in France”, he said in a video...
21/06/2019 11 News