Amit Sahdev, Well Pharmacy 

Amit Sahdev is leading the way and redefining the role of a pharmacist. He is best known for showcasing pharmacists’ talents and representing the community pharmacy workforce on a national scale. He’s widely recognised by pharma bodies in showcasing the vital ways community pharmacists offer value to their communities and are a dynamic part of the healthcare infrastructure and service.

Dipti Soni, Village Pharmacy Group 

Dipti Soni is deeply committed to going above and beyond for her patients, the local community and her fellow team members to make their lives as stress-free as possible. She understands that delivering person-centred customer service is of the utmost importance, but also recognises the need for the Village Pharmacy team to strengthen their relationship outside of work and participate in a little team bonding with frequent social outings. 

Doris Ugha, Day Lewis  

Doris moved from Stoke Newington branch of Day Lewis to Walthamstow; ready to start fresh and work on both herself and building the business, Doris came into her own and really excelled. Her regional support manager can’t stop singing her praises – Doris is not only a fantastic pharmacist, but a great human being, truly caring for her patients and not just ticking boxes.

Faheem Ahmed, Ahmeys Pharmacy 

Faheem Ahmed believes that to improve healthcare, reduce health inequalities and develop a workforce for the future, healthcare professionals must upskill and work at a more complex level. His education and training service – MEDLRN – aims to develop pharmacists who are holistic, safe and competent to deliver future services. Comprised of a multidisciplinary group of registered healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, nurses and doctors, MEDLRN is in line with the objectives of the NHS workforce strategy.

James Tibbs, AR Pharmacy 

James is a pharmacist with many hats, not only working in the pharmacy and dispensary, but he also launched one of the first COVID-19 vaccination centres in the UK – more than 40,000 people have been vaccinated to date. He has also extended his pharmacy’s services to include a travel and sexual health clinic, a health hub for advice, and online and in-clinic consultations with medical professionals to allow patients to be treated without having to see a GP.

Louise Lydon, Chemcare/Lydon Pharmacy Group 

Louise has cooridanted and organised one of the most essential services in South Tyneside, ensuring that more than 1,500 vulnerable housebound patients and carers were given the opportunity to receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. If this wasn't enough, Louise has also set up a COVID-19 vaccination centre operating out of one of her pharmacies. Louise worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure that patient safety never suffered, while also keeping her staff safe and motivated.

Michael Howes, Paydens  

Michael is an enthusiastic independent prescribing pharmacist who has risen to the challenge of providing excellent patient care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He has made several important clinical interventions in the short time he has been qualified as an IP and is dedicated to keeping his knowledge up-to-date.  His "no problem is too small" attitude and approachable nature encourages patients to ask for help and he is always looking for ways in which pharmacy services can be improved.

Rashid Mahmood, Yew Tree Pharmacy 

Rashid Mahmood serves his local community in Solihull through his role as a pharmacist and as a police officer. Both roles have allowed him to remain resilient and confident in ensuring public safety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As a pharmacist, he has provided vital pharmacy services and advice for the safe and wellbeing of patients, and in his policing role, he has ensured government guidance is followed to keep the public safe.