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Coronavirus: 2019-20 outbreak


E.g., 08/04/2020
E.g., 08/04/2020
Coronavirus: 2019-20 outbreak

The latest news and information about the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic as it relates to community pharmacy.

Access C+D’s coronavirus hub to stay up to date with the most recent COVID-19 developments, and community pharmacy’s role in tackling the outbreak.

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Coronavirus: 2019-20 outbreak

Pharmacies in England are required to be open from 2pm to 5pm on 10 April 2020 and 13 April 2020
Pharmacies in England must open to the public for a few hours on Good Friday and Easter Monday – a decision that has been met with disappointment by...
07/04/2020 26 News
Having NHS volunteers deliver medicines is not straightforward, so legal expert David Reissner suggests a statement for them to sign to ensure things...
07/04/2020 0 Views
Additional costs of opening during the Easter bank holiday will be met "in full"
Pharmacies in Scotland will receive “an initial package” of £5.5 million to help them cover the costs of COVID-19, health secretary Jeane Freeman has...
07/04/2020 4 News
Simon Dukes: Lack of clarity on delivery service is "extremely unhelpful"
NHS England’s use of volunteers to deliver medicines to patients could be exploited by “fraudsters”, the PSNC has warned.
07/04/2020 4 News
NHS England’s plan for well-meaning volunteers to deliver medicines for pharmacies puts patients’ lives at risk, says Mike Hewitson
07/04/2020 9 Views
Jo Churchill: “I have been listening to your concerns about capacity in community pharmacy”
Pharmacy minster Jo Churchill has written an open letter to the sector commending its “outstanding response to patients” during COVID-19.
06/04/2020 16 News
The GPhC said it recognises the “important role” of locum pharmacists in the fight against COVID-19
Locums should not to try to profit from the COVID-19 outbreak by colluding to “inflate their hourly rate”, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)...
06/04/2020 51 News
RPS Wales: Being abusive towards pharmacy staff is “totally unacceptable behaviour”
Welsh pharmacists are reporting an increase in abusive behaviour from patients as they deal with the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, RPS Wales...
06/04/2020 0 News
The measures will increase access to controlled drugs amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Priti Patel said
Emergency measures have been proposed to give pharmacists the power to supply certain controlled drugs to patients without a prescription during the...
03/04/2020 11 News
With staff numbers depleted and the ability to run services drastically reduced, juggling salary costs is a pressing challenge for many contractors
03/04/2020 0 CPD