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Coronavirus: COVID-19 outbreak


E.g., 26/09/2020
E.g., 26/09/2020
Coronavirus: 2019-20 outbreak

The latest news and information about the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic as it relates to community pharmacy.

Access C+D’s coronavirus hub to stay up to date with the most recent COVID-19 developments, and community pharmacy’s role in tackling the outbreak.

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Coronavirus: 2019-20 outbreak

DH: Patients can still access medicines through the NHS Volunteer Responder Scheme
LPCs and pharmacy contractors in England are worried the pandemic delivery service ended with too “short notice” and that the decision has not been...
31/07/2020 5 News
Mr Hancock outlined the government’s intention to “burst bureaucracy” to support collaboration
The health secretary has praised community pharmacies for showing “how much more” they can contribute to the health service during the COVID-19...
30/07/2020 13 News
The shift to 24-hour online pharmacy exams will help some students during a stressful period, says Chau Nguyen
29/07/2020 1 Views
Humankind, Change Grow Live, and We Are With You praised contractors' work during the pandemic
Three charities have opted to pay pharmacies the full fees for supervised consumption, even if they were forced to pause the serviced due to COVID-19...
29/07/2020 6 News
Indira Panchal (centre) with two members of the team outside her branch on Harrowden Road
One pharmacy found wholesalers were delivering the wrong medicines and refusing to take returns
27/07/2020 1 Features
It is recommended but not mandatory for pharmacy teams to wear face coverings
It is recommended that pharmacy staff wear face coverings if social distancing cannot be maintained, Public Health England (PHE) said in updated...
27/07/2020 9 News
The flu vaccination programme will open to people aged over 50
The government has expanded the flu jab programme to “ready the NHS” for winter pressures and a potential second peak of COVID-19 by extending...
24/07/2020 7 News
Without locums, the NHS test and trace service could wipe out whole teams in pharmacies that have to stay open, says Laura Buckley
24/07/2020 6 Views
The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has received more than 1,600 applications from pre-registration trainees to join its provisional register,...
23/07/2020 7 News
Pharmacies should stop "any current provision” of COVID-19 rapid response antibody tests
It is “not appropriate” for community pharmacies to sell or recommend COVID-19 rapid response antibody tests, following current public health advice...
22/07/2020 10 News