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Coronavirus: COVID-19 outbreak


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E.g., 19/04/2021
Coronavirus: 2019-20 outbreak

The latest news and information about the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic as it relates to community pharmacy.

Access C+D’s coronavirus hub to stay up to date with the most recent COVID-19 developments, and community pharmacy’s role in tackling the outbreak.

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Coronavirus: 2019-20 outbreak

Avicenna has expressed interest in delivering COVID-19 vaccines
Avicenna is training pharmacy technicians in its own branches and member pharmacies to offer vaccinations and has filed interest in delivering COVID-...
17/12/2020 5 News
Shilpa Shah: “Proud” LPC supported involvement of community pharmacy in COVID vax administration
Independent prescribing (IP) community pharmacists in Kent last week became among the first in England to help in the rollout of COVID-19 vaccination...
17/12/2020 1 News
A campaign calling on the government to waive the need for English pharmacies to repay the £370 million in advance COVID-19 funding has gained nearly...
16/12/2020 3 News
Applications to register temporary pharmacy premises from which COVID-19 vaccines will be administered are likely to be prioritised by the GPhC, the...
14/12/2020 0 News
More than half of pharmacy professionals (56%) who answered a C+D poll say they will not get a COVID-19 vaccine.
11/12/2020 52 News
Rowlands: Pharmacies will play a “central role” in the future delivery of COVID-19 vaccines
Rowlands pharmacies will not be involved in vaccinating patients with the recently-approved Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 jabs, the company has told C+D.
10/12/2020 2 News
The Well in-pharmacy and at-home tests are both priced at £120
Well and Lloydspharmacy have followed in the footsteps of Boots and launched private COVID-19 swab test services, the multiples have confirmed.
07/12/2020 1 News
Superdrug has become the latest multiple to support the Oxford University COVID-19 clinical trial, raising awareness in its pharmacy branches and...
04/12/2020 1 News
Pharmacies in Scotland will receive an additional £4.5 million as a “financial support payment” to help with COVID-19-related staff costs, the...
03/12/2020 3 News
Sturgeon: “Vaccination has traditionally been voluntary”
People eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, including health and social care staff, will not be forced to get their vaccination, the UK governments have...
03/12/2020 22 News