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Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) has increased the number of independent prescribing training places for community pharmacists from 50 to 60, C+D has learned.
26/05/2021 1 News
Two patient group directions (PGDs) to support the treatment of shingles and skin infections will be added to the NHS Pharmacy First Scotland service next month.
25/05/2021 0 News
The GPhC launched its inspections website in September 2019
The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) will introduce a more “risk-based and proportionate routine inspection programme” later in the year, it has said on its website.
25/05/2021 2 News
The number of full-time equivalent (FTE) pharmacists reported to be working for PCNs was 1,929 as of March 2021, experimental data from NHS Digital has shown.
24/05/2021 42 News
Laura Buckley has a lot of questions that need to be answered about the hub-and-spoke dispensing model. Will it mean patients will lose that connection to local pharmacists?
24/05/2021 6 Views
The 100g tube of Diprosone Ointment will be discontinued from July, but the 30g tube will still be available, manufacturer Organon Pharma has told C+D.
24/05/2021 0 News
Boots UK was allocated £136 million in advance funding “from the NHS” last year, the multiple has reported.*
21/05/2021 6 News
As of April 23, there were 339 pharmacy-led vaccination sites
The MHRA’s decision to extend the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine shelf life should enable more pharmacies to join the vaccination programme, pharmacists have told C+D.
21/05/2021 0 News
ASA: These conditions must be treated under the supervision of a qualified medical professional
The ASA has told a charity to remove claims from its website that homeopathy can help with conditions including depression, diabetes, infertility, psoriasis and asthma.
21/05/2021 0 News
NHSE&I has an alleged underspend after being given extra funds during the COVID-19 pandemic
The Association of Independent Multiple pharmacies (AIMp) is calling for an alleged NHS underspend of “billions” to be used to write off pharmacy’s COVID loans.
21/05/2021 10 News
Patients who demand to know whether Calpol is good chambré are turning pharmacists into salbutamol sommeliers, says Xrayser
21/05/2021 19 Views
What advice can you give patients with intermediate injuries and when should you advise them to seek immediate medical attention?
20/05/2021 0 CPD
Matt Hancock first mooted the pharmacy "on-the-spot free heart health-check" service in 2019
The DH still intends to commission a nationwide pharmacy heart health-check service and awaits the results of a hypertension case finding pilot in selected PCN areas, it has said.
20/05/2021 1 News
Two Lloydspharmacy branches located in Sainsbury’s supermarkets are taking part in a trial aiming to spot irregular heartbeats through sensors fitted on shopping trolley handles.
20/05/2021 3 News
Under the pilot, pharmacists give patients a heart age score
Fifty Numark member pharmacies and Rowlands branches are offering a free heart health-check service as part of a pilot service, Numark has announced.
20/05/2021 12 News
NPA chair Andrew Lane standing in front of the campaign van in the Prime Minister's constituency
C+D joined the NPA as it drove a van from Boris Johnson’s London constituency to Westminster campaigning for the government to cover pharmacy’s COVID-related costs.
19/05/2021 7 News
Jane Lambert: Pharmacists have been essential to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Nurse Jane Lambert tells C+D some of the common injection technique mistakes healthcare professionals make when giving COVID-19 vaccinations
19/05/2021 1 Features
The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) for Northern Ireland has said it will start recouping £35 million in advance payments for COVID-related costs from this month.
18/05/2021 2 News
Although PSNC must be careful in its approach to contract negotiations, we can be clear: no deal should be struck until the government settles COVID costs in full, says Andrew Lane
18/05/2021 4 Views
GHP: Pharmacists have used video appointments to meet their patients’ needs during the pandemic
The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) has joined calls urging NHSE&I to reconsider its position on mandating face-to-face GP practice appointments.
18/05/2021 9 News
Members of the new RPS national boards: (clockwise from top left) Paul Summerfield, Thorrun Govind, Mike Maguire, Claire Anderson, Erutase Oputu, Alisdair Jones and Omolola Dabiri (Credit: C+D/Twitter)
With the newly elected Royal Pharmaceutical Society board members announced last week, there are familiar faces as well as new ones. What are their hopes for the next three years?
17/05/2021 3 Features
The number of new buyers looking to own pharmacies in England increased 56.9% in the 12 months to March 2021, compared to the previous year, brokers Hutchings Consultants has said.
17/05/2021 7 News
Pharmacies can dispense Nilemdo and Nustendi following the Daiichi Sankyo and NHS agreement
Pharmacies needing to fill prescriptions for 180mg bempedoic acid (Nilemdo) or 180mg/10mg bempedoic acid with ezetimibe (Nustendi) can order the medicines via Alliance Healthcare.
17/05/2021 0 News
PSNC: General practice cannot be expected to represent the views of all primary care providers
The inclusion of LPCs should be “mandatory” at integrated care system (ICS) governance level, the CCA has said in response to proposals to overhaul pharmacy service commissioning.
14/05/2021 2 News
Pharmacy dispenser: The past year will continue to affect me and my colleagues
Pharmacy technicians and dispensers have reported feeling unsupported and underappreciated after a year of increased stress and workload, the C+D Salary Survey has revealed.
14/05/2021 2 News
In the past year, pharmacists have had more work, more stress and fewer opportunities to relax. Ali Sparkes explains how she and her team kept spirits high
14/05/2021 0 Views
NHSE&I is “identifying funding” for an independent prescribing course for community pharmacists, England’s chief pharmaceutical officer Dr Keith Ridge has said.
13/05/2021 10 News
Kyle Rowe: We want to make our pharmacies a consumer destination for OTC products
Lloydspharmacy has partnered with marketing company Ecrebo to offer customised coupons to help its pharmacies become a “consumer destination for over-the-counter (OTC) products”.
13/05/2021 7 News
Alliance Healthcare – and Phoenix for Rowlands pharmacies only – had been the sole supplier
Pharmacies will now be able to order lateral flow device test kits for the Pharmacy Collect service from Sigma Pharmaceuticals, as well as Alliance Healthcare.
13/05/2021 0 News
Can you provide basic first aid assistance to customers who have come into the pharmacy for help?
12/05/2021 0 CPD
"Pharmacists have a role to play in the long-COVID health crisis"
Brain fog, listlessness and headaches are just a few of the symptoms experienced by a hospital pharmacist in her fight against long-COVID
12/05/2021 0 Features
Butec patches are included on the list of medicines that are now only supplied via Phoenix or AAH
A pharmacist has told C+D of a month-long ordeal to secure pain relief medication for terminally ill patients – after the manufacturer’s reduced wholesaler model disrupted supply.
12/05/2021 3 News
Community pharmacy contractors can apply for a £20,000 grant to install automated systems at their premises, the Welsh government has announced.
11/05/2021 5 News
Public understanding of how and when different COVID tests should be used is poor. Pharmacists can give patients good advice at the same time as their free tests, says Toni Hazell
11/05/2021 5 Views
GSK and other generic suppliers of paroxetine broke competition law with a “pay for delay” deal on antidepressant paroxetine, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has concluded.
11/05/2021 1 News
Noel Wardle: What do patients think about their prescription being assembled at a 'hub'?
As HubRX pledges to make hub-and-spoke work for all independent pharmacies, C+D rounds up sector experts’ experience and thoughts on the dispensing model.
10/05/2021 7 News
Boots has launched a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID-19 self-testing kit, priced at £65, which can be purchased online or from more than 500 of its branches.
10/05/2021 0 News
PureGym offered all their sites up for the COVID-19 vaccination programme effort
Three pharmacies have been making the most of vacant gyms, sports clubs and a dance studio to provide COVID-19 vaccines
07/05/2021 0 Features
RPS: Pharmacies cannot run without a pharmacist
The RPS has pledged to be “directly involved” in any discussions around proposed changes to pharmacy supervision, as sector bodies resume talks.
07/05/2021 5 News
PSNC: The high claims may be due to contractor error
The NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) is writing to 44 pharmacies that submitted a higher-than-expected number of claims for the pandemic delivery service, PSNC has said.
07/05/2021 8 News
Devon LPC: Engagement levels plummeted after first COVID-19 lockdown
More than 90% of community pharmacies in England now offer the CPCS, but only a minority are receiving referrals from GP practices, LPC chiefs claim.
06/05/2021 5 News
Northern Ireland's chief pharmacist Cathy Harrison receives her first COVID-19 jab from her predecessor Mark Timoney (r) in his pharmacy, joined by health minister Robin Swann (l)
A total of 340 community pharmacies in Northern Ireland have administered more than 35,000 COVID-19 vaccinations since being given the go-ahead at the end of March.
06/05/2021 1 News
What are the key takeaway points for community pharmacists in the new Nice guideline for the assessment of all chronic pain and management of chronic primary pain in over 16s?
06/05/2021 0 CPD
NHSE&I is widening the eligibility criteria for the NMS to allow guardians to provide consent on a patient's behalf, following an enquiry into the management of chronic asthma.
05/05/2021 2 News
AIMp, the CCA and the NPA have formed a cross-sector group to “refresh” discussions around changes to supervision in pharmacy, C+D has learned.
05/05/2021 24 News
Juggling the usual GP surgery workload while administering 975 COVID-19 vaccines a week is difficult but manageable, says Danny Bartlett
04/05/2021 4 Views
The vice-chair for HIV and AIDS on the all party pharmacy group and the NPA chief executive have urged NHSE&I to allow community pharmacies to provide PrEP to patients.
04/05/2021 1 News
Liverpool Crown Court
A locum pharmacist has pleaded guilty to writing a false prescription for codeine, while another who stole £45,000 of medicines over a 10-month period has been jailed for 18 months
04/05/2021 7 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed on concessionary prices for the following 22 items for April 2021 prescriptions.
03/05/2021 0 News
CPNI: There's a worrying and unacceptable increase in the frequency of attacks on pharmacies
Police in Northern Ireland are investigating a robbery of a pharmacy in Portadown earlier this week involving a man who threatened staff with a claw hammer.
30/04/2021 3 News
Cohens: Anwer had an incredible presence, which made anyone that he spoke to feel important
Cohens Chemist has paid tribute to Anwer Patel, the group’s owner and co-founder, after his sad passing aged 66 this week.
30/04/2021 2 News
Hutchings Consultants oversaw the sale of 22 branches to various buyers
The Midcounties Co-operative group has so far sold 28 of its 30 branches for an undisclosed sum, it has told C+D.*
29/04/2021 4 News
When is it appropriate to prescribe an unlicensed medicine or use a medicine outside its terms of licence?
29/04/2021 0 CPD
Register for free on the C+D Community or sign up via LinkedIn to join the discussion
Join five pharmacy experts to discuss how a hub-and-spoke dispensing model could work for the whole sector.
29/04/2021 0 News
GPhC: A total of 2,063 (90.4%) of prov-regs who sat the registration exam passed
The pass rate for the first online GPhC registration assessment has risen to 88.2%, the highest since June 2016, the regulator has announced.
29/04/2021 7 News
After a turbulent year, pre- and provisionally registered pharmacists have now received their March exam results. Pharmacist Thorrun Govind gives her advice on next steps to take
29/04/2021 0 Views
Thorrun Govind: It has been a really difficult year for prov-regs
Community pharmacist Thorrun Govind shares her advice on what to do after receiving your registration exam results
29/04/2021 5 Features