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C+D spoke to Dr Mahendra Patel about the risk assessments required to protect BAME pharmacy staff
02/07/2020 3 CPD
Wearing personal protective equipment can increase the risk of heat stress in the pharmacy
02/07/2020 0 CPD
C+D speaks to an expert on how pharmacists can identify patients who have poor asthma control and intervene to reduce the risk of severe symptoms of COVID-19
24/06/2020 0 CPD
Dexamethasone identified as the first drug to improve survival rates in certain hospitalised COVID-19 patients
24/06/2020 0 CPD
Which smoking cessation products are appropriate for patients with COPD during the pandemic?
18/06/2020 0 CPD
What are the goals for this year’s flu vaccination service given the COVID-19 outbreak?
18/06/2020 5 CPD
Pharmacist Ade Williams explains the importance of risk assessments in the pharmacy to help better protect some staff from COVID-19 infection
11/06/2020 1 CPD
Eating disorders thrive when people feel isolated and anxious, making pharmacy teams key in supporting these patients during the coronavirus pandemic
11/06/2020 0 CPD
What does the Early Access to Medicines Scheme mean for the use of remdesivir to treat COVID-19?
04/06/2020 0 CPD
How is COVID-19 testing regulated?
03/06/2020 0 CPD